9 Tricks What Makes a Good Husband from My Personal Experience

Are you struggling to be the best husband & looking for what makes a good husband?

You are in the right place. Go on reading the article and learn easy and simple tricks of becoming a great husband discovered from my personal life.

I know you were used to hearing the words “You are my sweetheart!” “You are my soul!” “And you are my love!” 24/7 from your beloved or girlfriend, not just out of emotion but truly for the soulful love for you. Isn’t it?

Yes, you were also used to your beloved’s soulful love, best appreciation.

But after marriage, now what is used to listen? Ass! More than 100 times per day. What has happened?


Just your role to her has changed but you haven’t changed yourself.

Before marriage, you were playing the role of a lover but now. Now you are of her husband. Totally two different roles. Am I right?

From my own experience, I can say, a big difference is found between these two roles. If you fail to differentiate the roles, you will be proved as the worst husband.

Maybe, you were the master of lover’s role, but now you may have the lacking of a better husband.

But don’t be scared! A simple initiative will make you the best husband.

9 Simple Tricks What Makes a Good Husband 

Here my 9 easy tricks from my personal experience and perspective to help your initiative to become the best husband. But never mind till now I am far away from to be the best husband but trying and the result is positive.

Be Compromising

Yes, I could notice some disagreements with my wife after 6 months of our marriage, sometimes more than worst.

My wife wished sometimes to take dinner outside the home which I completely disliked. I could not permit it thinking that outside food is not good for health.

The situation was deteriorating. I had to think about what I should do.

Then the word compromise peeped into my mind.

Without any prior hint, one day I suddenly offered her an outside dinner. She could not believe her eyes. Her eyes were dazzling. Her excitement knew no bound. Out of her excitement, she hugged me, kissed me.

I compromised with my wife’s desire but happiness compromised with us.

Even from then, she can also realize the bad effects of taking foods or meals outside the home. Now she is less interested in outside meals than ever before.

So, guys, compromise with your wife’s desire sometimes because it is the best tool to make your conjugal life happy and become a great husband.

Go for Traveling or a Vacation

I am fond of traveling and vacation which I used to do myself or with my friends. But when I did it with my wife, I could feel it made our bond stronger. When we go for a vacation, we get ample time to share with each other and it makes us happy.

Traveling with my wife
Traveling With My Wife

Each time when we return from a vacation, I can notice a positive change in her attitude to me. She looks more loving, more kind, and soulful to me. Besides, the benefits of traveling are many to make your life perfect.

So go for a vacation and pass sometimes out from the maddening world. Just feel each other and be a great husband.

Celebrate Special Days

A few months later after our marriage, I got the opportunity to celebrate my wife’s birthday. I did so and it made her more than happy.

Celebrating My Wife's Birthday
Celebrating My Wife’s Birthday

I was too busy with my work and job and unintentionally I forgot the date of her birth date. So, on her next birthday, I missed wishing her let alone the celebration. She also did not remind me. May be hoping for a surprise.

After returning from my workplace, at midnight, I could notice a gloomy expression on her face. I was so tired that I could not inquire about the cause.

The next day morning I found her in a mood off.

I asked her “What has happened?”

“Nothing” she replied with a tone of bitterness and frustration.

I was in a hurry. I left for my office. Before lunch, I got an SMS with the following words…

“What stupidity! In one year, you have completely forgotten my birth date”

I could realize the problem and from then I never miss celebrating the occasions like her birthday, our engagement day, first meeting day, marriage day, and so on and it makes her extremely happy.

So, celebrate these special days. It will fuel her inner passion and move the corner of respect and love for you.

Listen, Never Interrupt

Listening to others’ words attentively is the best way to win others’ minds and learn the situation.

After returning from my working place, I took my meal generally when I cast my sights on the TV screen.

My wife had many things to say and she did so.

But I could pay little attention to her words. Rather I was busy grabbing the breaking news.

Later on, I could feel it made her dishearten. She got fed-up which would worsen our relationship sometimes.

One day she made a special dish for me. When I returned home, she served the dish and was narrating how she made the dish.

I was busy with the TV remote. It hit her in such a way that she began to cry and did not speak to for three days.

After that day, I began to change myself. I tried to listen to her words with deep attention which made her warm.

So, listen to your wife minutely and warmly when she speaks. Listen just not her verbal words but her inner words, her eye signal. Certainly, it will lead you to the path of the best husband.

Never Criticize, Give a compliment

Human beings cannot bear the load of criticism. And if it is in the case of a woman, there is no argument. Moreover to criticize anybody is not a good job. It hits directly the ego of the human being and causes emotional pain.

My wife always tries to make a good dish for me but one day out of her sense, she made a dish but the taste was not good enough.

And I also, like a fool, did not forget to criticize her prepared dish.

It made her cry. She was severely shocked.

But I could notice that when I made the complement of her dish, good works or anything else she did or does, I find her completely new one.

She looks smiling, more enthusiastic, more surrendering, softer, and more loveable.

So, never criticize your wife. Rather, appreciate her a lot. Certainly, life will be the bed of roses.

Be Kind and Respectful

“To err is the human being” a wise saying goes. This is the law of nature. Man will make mistakes and they learn from mistakes.

When your wife will make mistakes, be kind to her. Remember you are not above mistakes. It will help her to correct her mistakes. Otherwise, it will kill her slowly.

My wife has a habit. She cannot get up early in the morning to make my breakfast.

I also never call-up her. I try to make breakfast. Then, I can feel this kindness showing to her makes her ashamed and respectful to me. She feels guilty and tries her level best to get up early to make my breakfast though most of the time she fails.

But my kindness to her has made our relationship stronger and sharper.

Never Hit Your Wife

Your wife can do wrong. You can also. You may be bored and excited when you return from your working place or facing some troubles.

Then you may have thousands of causes to be excited with your wife if she does any wrong at that time.

But never hit her. It will bring you just disgrace. Nothing else. It a is kind of brutality. Even don’t yell to your wife wrongs. She is not a guard dog.

I can notice some events from my neighbor’s families. It just worsens their relationship.

Remember the man becomes angry about causes. But the real man knows if he loses his temper, he will be lost in-game.  The real man how to control his temper and keeps himself calm and quiet when it is the time of the battle.

Be Responsible

One thing I can do successfully in my conjugal life. I always try to meet up with my wife’s necessities before her needs and wants.

The result is magical. I can satisfy her with little. She is too pleased with the responsibility that she always desires little and simply satisfied with what she gets.

But if sometimes I fail to perform my responsibility, it makes her shocked.

So be responsible, be the best husband.

Surprise Sometimes

I am never habituated to say I love you verbally. Rather I like to convey to her that I love you.

One day while returning from jogging, I brought a rose for her. She never thought that I can gift her a rose. She was so pleased with this surprise that she preserved that rose till it became withered.

Sometimes, without any prior ideas, I phone her while returning from my office to get ready for a short outing. Then I can notice it makes her more than happy.

So reward your wife’s surprise sometimes. It is one of the best tonics to be the best husband.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you know all the tricks that makes a good husband. So, go for a try. I can declare you will get an amazing result on your way to become an outstanding husband.

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