Tybee Island VS Hilton Head [Who Wins For Next Trip ]

Are you confused about choosing your destination between Tybee island vs Hilton Head? Really both are so amazing places that one easily gets confused to pick one. But we can assure you you will have a different experience when you are there. 

tybee island vs hilton head

So, come on, we will share our experience of visiting these places now. Just don’t miss the points mentioned below. 

Tybee Island VS Hilton Head Overview

As tourist destinations, both Tybee Island and Hilton Head are great. They have some different types of features, but they are both enjoyable.

You will enjoy both the places when you are visiting alone or with your family. According to cost issues, Tybee is less costly than Hilton. 

tybee island vs hilton head overview

On Tybee Island, you can enjoy watching historical places and beach activities. There are lots of open restaurants where you can enjoy food. Similarly, there are good shops around to do your shopping.

If you love kayaking, you can enjoy it, but be careful, do not go too far. The cost is affordable here and you can move around with or without any guide. 

In Hilton Head, you can come here to have a good time. The most amazing thing here is the playgrounds around. You can play golf, tennis, golf and other games here. If you love outdoor games then here you will find a lot of them.

Moreover, you will find dolphin watching, sightseeing, helicopter rides, and many more. From the variation of amusement, Hilton Head is a perfect place to visit. 

Popular ActivitiesTybee IslandHilton Head
Climb a lighthouseYes——
Visit historical placesYes
Kayaking on SeaYesYes
Frolic with dolphinsYes
Enjoy local cuisineYes
Bird watchingYes
Find historic fossilsYes
Happy cyclingYesYes
Enjoy beachesYesYes
Spa activitiesYes
Outdoor gamesYes

Both places are full of activities and enjoyment. You should try all of them and better engage your family members.

As a beach town, you will love shopping and beach activities, wherein in Hilton Head the experiences are different. You can enjoy a lot of outdoor games and restaurants here. 

Hilton Head VS Tybee Island– Cost Comparison Chart

CostTybee IslamHilton Head
daily Cost$20$27
Dolphin watching$35
Guide Cost$30$35
Kayak Tour$35$40
Helicopter Ride$43

Hilton Head is a little bit costly compared to the cost of Tybee island. But in Hilton Head, you will find a lot of variation in enjoyment. There are helicopter rides, dolphin watches, and many more.

Tybee island is low-cost, and here you will be enjoying beach activities the most and hanging out with shopping. 

You can also compare the cost between Hilton Head or Amelia island. Or, you can check the cost of Tybee Island vs Kiawah. But you can enjoy the ferry ride traveling from Tybee Island and Hilton Head. 

Weather In Hilton Head & Tybee Island

WeatherTybee IslandHilton Head
Temperature26 to 3023 to 28

The temperature of Tybee Island is comparatively higher. But in that case the humidity is less. We will find the average temperature from 26 degrees to 30 degrees, all over the year in Tybee.

On the other hand, the average temperature in Hilton Head is from 22 degrees to 29 degrees. The humidity is higher, but the weather is cooler. 

Tybee Island And Hilton Head Accessibility

The way to reach both Tybee Island and Hilton Head is different. Now we will tell you the ways to reach there easily. When you want to reach Tybee Island, you can follow the route mentioned below:

  • You can reach the Savannah Historic District by Air. Tybee island is just 15 miles away from the airport. 
  • You can drive from Savannah, by I-95 and I-16 and it will take a few hours to reach here. 
  • You can also find buses and trains that reach Tybee island easily. 

There is an airport in Hilton Head which is very near to the Hilton Head resorts. But the flight schedules are limited to this place, so you need to wait to visit.

But most of the people come through Savannah Airport, which is 45 miles away. The travelers come by road from that airport. 

You can use a local taxi to travel around. You can also get a bicycle to move around the island. All over, Hilton Head is perfect for moving around in a small place. 

Tybee Island Or Hilton Head- Which One Is Best For a Honeymoon Or Family Trip

If we see from that view, then we have to analyze it properly. Tybee Island is a place where you can enjoy visiting historical places and beach activities. You can visit this place alone or with your family.

tybee island for honeymoon

You can enjoy open food cuisine and gift shops with your family. Additionally, the sightseeing and historical places around are perfect for a family trip. The cost is also friendly for a family trip. 

If you are newly married and want to go somewhere to have a good time, then Hilton Head is a good place. This is a small island to pass time and enjoy different activities.

Hilton Head for honeymoon

You can move around by hiring a boat and see dolphins playing around the island. You can enjoy the food around, they are really awesome. It is a perfect place for you to visit on your honeymoon trip. 

popular activities in tybee island

1. Historical Places- You can visit the historical places on Tybee Island and find old fossils. You will get to know the local history from the local guides. 

2. Lighthouse- It is great to find a lighthouse around. You can climb it here and see around to get a good view. 

3. Kayaking- the sea beside the island is calm and perfect for kayaking. You can enjoy kayaking here for a long time. 

4. Dolphin watching- You can hire a boat and move around the sea to see dolphins playing around. It is amazing to enjoy the view. 

5. Beach activity- You can enjoy the sun and swim in the sea here. The beach is really comfortable and is a perfect place to enjoy your time. You will love having a good trip to Tybee Island.

Tips For Visiting Tybee Island

These tips may help you to visit Tybee. Just check them out. 

  • Carry a bag that will help you to collect shells and put your purchased things
  • Hire a Golf cart and move around. It is really fun. 
  • Ride your surfboard here and must collect your garbage, do not throw them around. 
  • You must stay for 2 to 3 days and can hire a bike to see around.

Hilton Head is a place overloaded with surprises. You must not miss the activities below.

popular activities in hilton head

Kayaking- The sea around the island is friendly for kayaking. 

Beach- You can pass your time at the beach enjoying surfing and the sun. 

Outdoor games- You will find golf, tennis, and a lot more outdoor games here. Never miss them. 

Spa- You will love to have the spa activity. It is awesome here for its hospitality. 

Nightlife– Watching the sky and stars are really awesome here. You can just pass hours by watching the galaxy.

Tips For Visiting Hilton Head

For Hilton Head, you should follow the below tips.

  • Never miss the water activities here
  • SPA is an excellent thing here to enjoy
  • Try all the outdoor games with family
  • Nightlife matters are also a great thing to enjoy

Accommodations In Hilton Head And Tybee Island

The accommodation features in these places are different. On Tybee Island, you will find hotels and paid rooms. But in Hilton Head, you can try their resorts. All these accommodation features are really great and enjoyable. 

Foods In Hilton Head & Tybee Island

When at Tybee Island, you will find around 30 restaurants with different types of food arrangements like Seafood, American, Island Cuisine, and Southern Favorites.

foods in  hilton head

Among these 5 restaurants are on the beach, where everybody loves to have their dinner enjoying the beach view. 

Here you will find a few restaurants that serve Oysters, Gumbo, Shrimp, Pecans, and other foods that you will love.

foods in tybee island

Compared to Tybee island the restaurants are fewer here, But the food quality is awesome. 

Culture In Tybee Island And Hilton Head-

In Hilton Head, you will find a lot of cultural attractions, theatres, and museums to visit and pass quality time.

On the contrary, on Tybee Island, you will find some historical locations and miles-long beaches to pass your time. The experience is a little bit different from the cultural aspect. 

Best Time To Visit Tybee Island & Hilton Head

In summer, visiting places is not enjoyable. So, visiting these places in winter will be great. November to January is the best time to visit these places. So, if you like summer, then you also can go there and enjoy sun tanning. 

How Long To Stay In Hilton Head

And Tybee Island

On Tybee island, you must stay at least 2 to 3 days to enjoy the places. But in Hilton Head, you can stay for 3-4 days to move around and enjoy all activities.

But not any of the places are suitable for weeks. So, you just plan your tour for the days you want to enjoy. 

Decision Time, Tybee Island Or Hilton Head Who Wins 

It is complicated to select one of them. But based on the activities and other features, we will suggest Hilton Head pass a good time.

But the overall experience at Tybee island beach is awesome. You will find the place for your honeymoon or a family trip. The rest you can decide as per the discussion and knowing the activities. 


Is there a ferry from Tybee Island to Hilton Head?

Yes, you will find a ferry service between Tybee Island and Hilton’s head. 

Is savannah safe to walk at night?

It is a secure place to move around in the daytime for tourists, but it is not recommended at all to move out at night. 

Is Tybee Island worth visiting?

Yes, this is a place where you can visit with family and have a good time at the beach. There are lots of activities like kayaking, dolphin seeing, historical places, restaurants, and gift shops around to pass your time. 


You can also compare other places like Hilton head or Amelia Island, Tybee island vs Kiawah, and more. But based on the above discussion you will be able to decide where you need to go on this vacation. So, never get worried at all and just select your holiday trip. 

Note: If you could not pick anyone from Tybee Island and Hilton Head, you may find Killington or Stowe as an exciting place for your next trip.

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