My Toddler’s Trip Story to Cox’s Bazar and Saint Martin

“Will you go to Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach and Saint Martin Island (the best tourist place in Bangladesh), baba(dear son)”, whimsically I asked my little Toddler.

“Hoom!! I go Mati, I go Mati,(I will go to Saint Martin) Baba says, Baba says, I go Mati, I go Mati ” what he could say stammering.

 Saint Martin
My toddler sitting on the coral at Saint Martin

Jumping into the air, he rushed to his mother with his newly walking skilled waving right and left as he would fall down.

He was just learning to speak. So, he failed to convey his feelings to his mother. He just could say “Baba says I go Mati, Baba says I go Mati” which made his mother come to me enjoying his excitement and laughter.

“What has happened? Mahir is repeating Baba says I go Mati, Baba says I go Mati” asked my wife taking my son into her lap.

“Ha…! ha….!! ha…..!!! Nothing. I only asked him if he would go to Saint Martin”, I made clear my Toddler’s feelings to his mother.

Already I made a trip to Cox’s Bazar for tow times, Bandarban and Rangamati taking my baby.

So, outing calls him always I think like me. Even I happened to forget that a child is made to play and go out, designed to pay and go out and forced to play and go out by Nature.

What he could say round the clock after that day was ‘Baba says, I go Mati, Baba says, I go Mati’ with his grandfather and grandmother even whom he met or found.

There is a saying that God smiles with the smile and joy of an infant.

So, I did not miss the opportunity to please my Toddler.

Making Plan for the Trip

I assured my baby that we are going to Saint Martin. My wife also did not disagree with me.

“What fun! What fun!! I go Mati, Baba goes Mati, Ammi(mother) go Mati” leaping and dancing began to sing out my sweet Toddler.

I fixed a date adding Cox’s Bazar with Saint Martin on my winter vacation of that year and began to make the plan.

Day and night, all the time whenever my toddler finds me inquires about the journey date. It is as if time became the foster child of slowness and laziness to him. Indeed, waiting is a very tough job. Moreover, he was a mere child.

The beginning of our journey

Finally, the day came. We began our journey for Cox’s Bazar on 17th December 2013 at 9.30 pm.

The excitement was going on in him as if he were going to discover a new planet.

Yes, a new place means a new experience. The world is a book. If we stay at home we will remain at the very first page of the book.

Thousand of questions from my son I had to absorb. When will we reach? Where is Saint Martin? What is it? Where is Cox’s Bazar? What is a sea beach? And so on.

This is an instinctive nature of a child. I am really proud of my child for his inquisitive nature.

At once he fell into a deep sleep.

We reached Cox’s Bazar early in the morning. Goddess of Dawn began to raise the morning sun as if she did it to welcome us. The view of the morning under the golden rays of the morning sun with the gentle breeze was simply breathtaking.

“Baba, wake up. We are already Cox’s Bazar”, I tried to wake up my son getting down from the bus but it was in vain.

He was in deep sleep. My wake-up call could not disturb his heavenly sleep.

We got into the hotel Sea World near Laboni Beach.

When my Toddler woke up, it was quite 8 am.

“Baba, where are you?” my little Toddler was stammering.

I took him in my lap responding to his call.

We got into the Hotel Sea World, the best one for me in Cox’s Bazar Hotel because it is affordable covering the standard.

“We are already Cox’s Bazar, baba. We are at the hotel. Get up, baba. We will go to Sea Beach after taking breakfast”, I tried to prepare my baby-stepping onto the veranda.

Stepping for Laboni Beach

After taking breakfast, we headed to the laboni beach point.

“Baba, I go, I run” losing from my grip, running away, he spoke out with his broken language.

He was running over the dry sands as if he were an athlete. I also began to run after him.

“Baba, don’t run. You will fall down”, I tried to stop my Toddler.

Who cares for me? Falling and getting up, he was running.

Somehow I could join him taking his land hand in my right grip. His mother was enjoying every atom of my son’s fun. I also.

Now we are on the beach. Since there was a huge crowd of tourists, I tried to take my toddler into my lap but every effort was in vain.

Enjoying my Toddler’s Beach Activities

“I will touch water, baba. I will play with water, baba” somehow he could explain his feelings with his newly learned language.

“What you say, baba? You are too little to play with water” I tried to convince him seriously.

Now he is busy collecting seashells coming with the waves. He was so absorbed in collecting shells as if he were collecting diamonds. Yes, to a child, every particle of nature is precious.

Cox's Bazar
My toddler searching for seashells

Then he indulged in playing with wet sands. He made everything with the sands what he could.

What a blissful scene it was for parents. Nothing can bring such pleasure to parents. Only a child’s joy can do this. We enjoyed…..!! enjoyed……!! end enjoyed!!! my Toddler’s every joy and excitement. I Hope Allah will bless him.

Under the reddish light of the morning sun, the beach sands were shinning.

My angel began to collect now the shining sands. What a fun he was enjoying! His gesture and posture could not but make me flooded with a rare joy.

“What are you collecting, baba? I asked him.

Cox's Bazar
My toddler playing with sea sands

But he did not show much interest in my question. He was busy with his job.

His mother somehow could manage a polyethene to preserve his collected particles.

“Every precious thing is in the polyethene” my wife spoke out showing the polythene.

It made us burst into laughter. However, it may be trivial to us but not my angel. So, we tried to preserve every collected thing by him.

Cox's Bazar
My toddler playing on the sea beach

“Will you drink green coconut, baba?” I asked him.

Since he was tired enough of playing with every element of the beach, he did not refuse it.

“I drink baba. I drink baba” he said impatiently.

The heat of the sun was enough to make him thirsty collaborating with tiresome sandy games. Moreover, it was about to mid-noon.

So, we could not but enjoy the blessed sweet water of the green coconut with my baby.


My toddler and the better half enjoying the green coconut

“Let’s go, baba. We will get fresh and then take our lunch. Afternoon, we will come again”, I proposed to him.

Though, at the very first, he refused my proposal to play more, later on, somehow, he was managed. We took a hot shower and got out for lunch.

“What will you eat, baba, Chicken, Coral fish with rice?” I asked about his desire.

“Chingri(lobster) and chicken” he replied without any confusion for his favorite menu.

We enjoyed a delicious lunch with the menu of coral fish, dhal, and alo vhorta.

But my toddler took his chosen menu.

Starting for Himchari water Fall

Then we were on our way to Himchari Water Fall.

On the way, we could see a drama shooting was going on. For the curiosity of my wife and toddler, we had to stop.

“Please, save me. Please, save me”, the hero was crying holding the hand of the heroin while he was falling from a hill slope.

drama shooting
A scene of drama shooting

“Hold my hand firmly. Don’t leave. Don’t leave” what was the heroin said.

Oh, my Allah!! What a fatty hero!!

How did the heroin save that baby elephant like a hero!!! Quite impossible!!!

Viewing the vast blue ocean from Hilltop Near Himchari Water Fall

After visiting the paralyzed waterfall of Himchari, we were getting up to the hilltop through a stair.

Himchari water Fall
Before Himchari water Fall

I tried to take my toddler on my back but he did not agree.

“I will get up myself, baba” my little boy tried to show his heroism.

He was getting up. Suddenly my toddler cried out “Baba, Pishab karbo, baba, pishab (I will urinate. Baba, urine)”

I hurried to him but before reaching to he was on the action.

Wow!!! His piss was showering better than the Himchari Fall.

Bravo!! Dam care!!

Again he was riding like a victorious. Indeed he has defeated The Himchari….

The sea view from the hilltop was breathtaking. The sea seemed to be a blue carpet. The sun was about to set.

The reddish color of the setting sun created an Ariel view.

Himchari water Fall
Hilltop near Himchari water Fall

“Baba, where is the sun going?” suddenly asked me for his curiosity.

“To another country, baba” I answered.

“Which country?” again he asked me.


“Where is the country?”

“Behind the sea”

Thus I had to answer question after question.

After passing an awesome moment, we got back to the hotel.

Himchari water Fall
Hilltop view near Himchari water Fall

Starting for Saint Martin Island

The next day morning, we were off to Saint Martin Island, the only Coral Island in Bangladesh.

Getting into Micro-Bus from Cox’s Bazar Bus Stand, we were heading towards Teknaf. Tender morning sun began to peep from the eastern horizon.

The golden rays of morning sun with orange and blue-violet contrast spreading over the misty surroundings was simply majestic and brought a calm feeling in me.

It took about two hours to reach the ship ghat at Teknaf.

We took breakfast at ghat. Then with a fare of 550 Taka BDT, we got tickets on the Deck of Kutobdia.

The ship began to move. My son’s excitement knew no bound. A Flock of Seagulls began to follow our ship. The view was really breath-taking.

A flock of Seagulls following our ship

My Toddler feeds the Seagulls

“Baba, I will feed the birds chips” my son wished.

A flock of Seagulls
A flock of Seagulls following our ship

It was a great idea I think. It would be a fun factor for all of us. So I got a chips packet from the ship’s canteen.

My toddler indulged in feeding Seagulls chips. We could not but join him. It completely took us to a world of rare joy far away from the hustle and bustle of so-called life.

We were cruising over the blue carpet of the Bay of Bengal and after about two hours’ mesmerizing cruising, we were at Saint Martin Island.

Breathtaking sea view
Breathtaking sea view all around the ship

Reaching Saint Martin Island and checking into Hotel

Rickshaw is the only passenger vehicle on Saint Martin Island. It is a nice idea to save our beloved Saint Martin Island from further pollution.

But we preferred on foot to reach our hotel Lagon, one of the best hotels in Saint Martin Bangladesh. It will help my toddler becoming self-reliant.

So we were walking amid the crowd of tourists. We enjoyed it a lot and my toddler so.

Saint Martin Hotel
My toddler at the hotel
A naughty gesture of my toddler

Enjoying a palatable lunch with sea fish

Taking a shower, we stepped for taking lunch. It was really looking alluring to see the exhibition of sea fish in front of every hotel.

My son wished to get a fish fry, his favorite menu. So why we not.

We enjoyed lunch with flying fish fry, alo vorta, vegetables, and dhal. The taste of fried fish was awesome.

After getting lunch, we took a short rest. Then we set out for a sea beach which is full of corals.

Saint martin
My toddler sitting on the coral at Saint Martin

Enjoying the Ariel view of the beach

The afternoon sea beach view was breath-taking. The setting sun collaborating with the blue sea created a magical view. Now my better can realize why Saint Martin Island is called the best tourist place in Bangladesh.

We enjoyed a brisk stroll along the sandy beach.

Saint Martin Beach
My wife with a photographic pose

What an enjoyable stroll it was!! How I can portray my feelings!!

Now we are before the ‘Somodra Bilash Bari’ built by Homayon Ahmed, the most reputed writer, and playmaker from Bangladesh.

Somodra Bilash Bari' of Homayon Ahmed
Before “Somodra Bilash Bari’ of Homayon Ahmed

What a nice idea for enjoying the actual test sea beach!!! Indeed he enjoyed his life chewing every bone of it. Great one!!!

What a savory fish fry!!

“We can enjoy fish fry sitting on the beach” my wife offered.

“Yes, Baba” my son also supported his mother.

“Hey!! Chacha (Uncle) what about your fry fish?” I asked uncle frying fish on the beach.

“Hoom!!! The taste is awesome. Take one with piajo (a kind of food made of dhal)” he replied with a smile.

Sea fish
Exhibition of sea fishes for fry

We ordered two Rup Chada fry. What a taste of taking the fry sitting beside the beach under chilly weather!!!

My toddler indulged in taking the fish fry with his full heart.

fish fry
My toddler enjoying the fish fry

Magic Moon made us nostalgic

The full moon already made her presence to show her magic. We were waiting for her action. Gradually she was becoming brighter.

Now the queen moon was on her thorn. The silver particles of the bright moon spreading over the Bay of Bengal created an Ariel view.

We could enjoy all the magic of queen moon sitting on the beach lounger. It was a memorable event in our lives to enjoy the play of the moon sitting beside the sea beach.

“Let’s go back” my wife offered.

Mind did not allow but thinking my toddler’s tiredness, we left for the hotel.

Enjoying the songs of foliage

The yard of our hotel was simply beautiful. It was in a remote coconut garden. It was winding.

The blades of coconut trees took the role of singer. What a nice sound coming from all around!!! We enjoyed it sitting in the yard under the different colors of dim lights.

Again we were off for enjoying another brisk stroll towards the bazaar and ghat. The taste of strolling on an Island at night is very rare. One going there should not miss it.

Taking another savory dinner with sea fish, we backed to the hotel. But again the music of coconut blades made me sit in the yard of the hotel till midnight.

Off for Chera Dwip

The next day morning we set out for Chera Dwip (a small island adjusted to the main island and the last southern part of Bangladesh).

We were waiting at ghat for the boat.

“Hey!! Ishaque. When have you come? Will you go to Chera Dwip? suddenly my cousin’s husband called out.

Chera Dwip
With my cousin’s family at Chera Dwip

“Yesterday. Yes, we are going to Chera Dwip” I replied.

“You can join us” he proposed to me.

So we got into their boat.

“You all should wear the life jacket” the boatman announced.

But my toddler did not like this.

“Baba, I will not wear it” refusing the life-saving proposal my toddler said.

Boating to Chera Dwip

Oh, my Allah!! What does he say? How daring my child is!!

“Baba you should wear it. If the boat turns over, then it will help you to float over the water. Moreover, you do not know swimming” I tried to convince him.

Then he took the life jacket against his will.

It was really enjoyable boating under the sunny weather over the blue water.

It took just 30-40 minutes to reach Chera Dwip.

Strolling all around the  Chera Dwip

We enjoyed a pleasing stroll beside the beach. All around us we could see was blue and blue.

My toddler playing with Keya fruit

Small sea fish was playing hide and seek in the crystal water inside the coral. It was fantastic.

“Baba I will catch fish” my toddler wished.

He tried his level best but it was in vain. Being tired, we offered all to take green coconut, the most popular and tasty drink of Saint Martin.

We should not miss it. So, we all took green coconut.

Chera Dwip
My toddler eating coconut

After passing an enjoyable time, we got back to the hotel.

Again we could enjoy another afternoon, evening and pleasing morning before leaving Saint Martin.

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      • Hello! keo nha cai
        It’s my great pleasure you will share my blog. Thanks for your comment. Hope you will always read my article and give your valuable feedback which will help me to write more and more. Let me know if you have shared and what I can do more for you. Have a great day.

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