Top 3 Things to Do in Cherapunjee

Hey Guys!  Are you in Cherapunjee (Sohra) right now but can’t decide what things you should do?

Don’t worry.

These Top 3 things to do in Cherapunjee will make your Cherapunjee Trip exciting as I am sharing these from my personal experience.

Trekking to Double Decker Living Root Bridges in Nongriat Village

Once you are in Cherapunjee, the very first you should try from these 3 activities is to enjoy the Trekking to Double Decker Living Root Bridge.

If you miss this, your Cherapunjee Trip will remain incomplete.

things to do in CherapunjeeDouble Decker Living Root Bridges

When you start your trekking from Tyrna Village, you can’t but be spellbound by the amazing natural view all around you.

While trekking down through the wilderness, you will get yourself at a fork point. Just at the right hand of the form point, you will get the Longest Single Decker Root Bridge (Jingkieng Ri-Tynmen).

Single Decker Root Bridge (Jingkieng Ri-Tynmen)Single Decker Root Bridge (Jingkieng Ri-Tynmen)

Enjoying Bath

Another breathtaking thing you can do here is to enjoy a bath in the natural spring under the bridge. It would be ever refreshing.

Once you get down for a bath, I am damn sure; the mind will not permit you to leave the bath. It’s simply amazing!

Enjoying bath in natural pool Enjoying a bath in the natural pool under the bridge

Enjoying bath in natural pool Enjoying a bath in the natural pool under the bridge

After completing your bath, now you should again step to Double Decker Living Root Bridge.

Crossing 3-4 bridges across the crystalline stream, you will reach the Double Decker Living Root Bridge.

Enjoying Fish Spa

 double Decker root bridgeEnjoying fish spa in the natural pool under double Decker root

Once you before the living root bridge, ASAP you should get down for a natural fish Spa in the natural pool under the root bridges.

Wow! You can’t imagine the pleasure you will get from that spa. Thousands of fishes in the pool will do the Spa free of cost.

Enjoying the Whole Body Spa under the Gushing Sprung of the spring before the Bridges

You must enjoy a bath under the sprung of the spring just in front of the Bridges after enjoying the fish spa,

 natural pool under double Decker root bridge the bridgeEnjoying whole body spa under the natural pool in front of double Decker root bridge the bridge

Oh my God! Once you under the spring, you will feel, it would not be possible with a cost of million dollars!

The gushing sprung will do the whole body Spa leaving you cool and calm. I am sure it would be difficult for you to leave the natural Spa.

The next thing for your complete satisfaction you can do is to stay near the Bridges. There is a Home Stay near the Bridges which will give the complete taste of the wilderness.

Mind It

Total 7000 thousand steps on your up and down trek will burn you a lot.

So, while trekking down and up, you must carry chocolate and a water bottle for your energy regain. And, when you will trek up on your back way, you must trek with a regular break otherwise you will completely be burnt away.

TrekkingTrekking to double Decker living root bridge

Visiting all the Amazing Water Falls

After visiting the Double Decker Living Root Bridge, you should visit all the amazing waterfalls in Cherapunje.

Seven Sisters

Once you are in Cherapunjee, seven sisters is a must-visit. The monsoon is the best time to enjoy the breathtaking view of the seven sisters.

The fall of seven sisters from thousands of feet above through the floating cloud will give an Ariel and panoramic view.

seven sistersBreathtaking view of seven sisters

But mind it, seven sisters will not allow you all the time her amazing view. It will completely depend on your luck. Sometimes they are veiled under the thick cloud.

Nohkalika Falls

Nohkalika Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in India.  The awesome fall of Nohkalika is simply photographic. The beautiful landscape all around the fall will take away to Scotland I can say.

Nohkalika FallsBreathtaking view of Nohkalika Falls

Kynrem Falls

Then you can go to Kynrem Falls. It is also another one of the tallest falls in India. The fall spreading out in two different streams gets a breathtaking view especially when it is the monsoon.

You can visit many other falls in Cherapunjee like Dain-Then Falls, Nohsngithiang Falls, Wah Kaba Falls, and so on after visiting Kynrem Falls.

Visiting Different Caves

After visiting the waterfalls, now you can get a taste of adventure and thrill visiting different caves in Cherapunjee. You can visit Mawsmai Cave, Mawmluh Cave, Mawjymbuin Cave, and Arwah Cave.

Mawsmai CaveMawsmai Cave

Hope, if you can go for these 3 things to do in Cherapunjee, I confident your Cherapunjee Trip will be an outstanding one & leave you completely satisfied.

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