Traveling Develops the Big Five Factors of Personality Marvelously

Have you ever thought about how traveling can develop the big five factors of personality in you? You may think and say that I am okay with my personality. So why I should waste my time thinking about this!

Yeah, maybe you are right. But you should think that there is no limitation in developing your personality.

With tribal people
With tribal people

And this sense can be gained from traveling and reaping the benefits of traveling.

So, let’s know how traveling develops the personality. What are the psychological effects of travel? Why a person who loves to travel is called the happiest man?

You should know that our personality is gained from two sources-genetic and experience.

With genetic factors, you have nothing to do but what about with experience?

Hoom!!! You can do a great deal with the experience.

Hey! Friends!!!

You should know that personality of a human being consists of ‘The Big Five’- Neuroticism, Extroversion, Openness, Conscientiousness, and Agreeableness according to the findings of a paper published in the ‘Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

And travel psychologist says that traveling plays a big role in molding one’s personality developing these five factors. Its influence is universal.

The more you travel, the more your personality will be developed which is proved in the life of the great traveler.

Yes, how? The question can pinch you.

The Big Five Factors of Personality Which can Change Human Life

Traveling is life to me. So, have a look at from my personal perspective on how these “The Big Five Factors of Personality” could change me after beginning to travel to the best tourist places in Bangladesh or India.

Definitely, I think, it will help you a great deal.


Neuroticism means emotional stability. As a man, from my boyhood, I was a hot-tempered guy. Sometimes, I had no control over my emotions.

I used to lose my temper with the slightest excuse.

But when I came out of my comfort zone and began to travel, I could notice a big deal with the change of my temper. Yes, it was amazing. It was a miracle.

I mused and discovered the magical factor. The factor was nothing but endurance which I got to pass in different circumstances while traveling.

Yes, I can remember once while traveling to Mohamaya, a beautiful lake and one of the best tourist places in Bangladesh, I had to wait more than two hours under the scorching heat of the sun for the bus.

No way to escape but I had to wait and negotiate with the unwanted situation and what is the result? The result is my emotional stability. Now I am more cool-headed and steadier than ever before.

So why not you? Get ready and go traveling and reap the fruit of it.


Openness can be altered by the words frankness, freedom, and sincerity.

Yes, when you are out of your four walls, then, there is no way to avoid the meeting of new people, new culture, and a new lifestyle. The more you travel to new places, the more you get to interact with these new things.

Tribal young
With tribal young

So what is the result? The result is you cannot but be more interactive.

From my own perspective, the result is marvelous. As a traveler, I can find a gradual change in myself. I have been traveling since 2005.

And there is a gigantic difference between me of 2005 and me of 2018.

While I was traveling to India for the first time to explore the heavenly beauty of Darjeeling, I could learn how to be oneness with the difficult and nervous zones.

I can remember an event from that tour when I was dropped at Big Mosque, Kolkata. I was badly hungry.

So I was sitting on the bench of a hotel waiting for my dinner.

At the very first of my meal, I was about to vomit. Oh! What a bad taste of the foodies!!! It was more than the worst.

But what I could do with the taste, nothing, but to negotiate to fill my belly becoming one with the menu.

So what is the result? The result is surprising. Now I can get whatever I find. To take the taste of foods from different places has become a fun factor for me.

Moreover, I can be one with anything else which even does not suit my thinking, culture, and so on.


The more you travel to new places the more you communicate with new people. You have to deal with different beliefs, customs, and situations.

Then you need to interact with people which will help you to be an extrovert, the prime factor of success.

Tribal woman knitting
Tribal woman knitting

Yes, from my own case, it is proved. In my student life, I could not match with the new people.

I used to feel shy. Surprisingly until my secondary level, I could not speak to a single girl classmate of mine. It was a tough zone for me to conquer the Himalayas.

But when I began to go out and travel to different places, I could trace my change.

Now I feel less shy to communicate even with the female section as you can see in the above picture which was taken on my Trekking to Naw-Kata & Muppochara, Kaptai, Rangamati.

Now, I am more extroverted than ever before. I can deal with anyone whatever it is a girl or male or any V.I.P. person.


Conscientiousness means prudence and caution. The people with this virtue prefer to follow the rules and regulations and more aware than the general people.

Yes, while traveling, you have to face different rules and customs at different places which you are bound to obey

Trekking rest being tired

For instance, I can share my own experience. When I was in Kolkata for the first time, the 2nd home for Bangladeshi,

I was amazingly impressed by their traffic rules, the tendency of the drivers and citizens for obeying the rules with great respect.

When I was in Darjeeling, I could notice another wonderful thing. Nobody smoke in an open place.

How conscious they are! Simply praiseworthy. All these could not but influence me.

Now I am more conscious not only of these two factors but also of any beneficial rule.


The human being has a tendency that everything should be like what he means. We don’t like to agree with others’ opinions.

Everybody thinks that all human beings are the same as him.


We are created separately with the individual trait. There is no match for one another. We are different from each other.

When you will go traveling, associating, and observing different people from different cultures, your mental horizon will be broadened.

You will be more pleasing and harmonious.

You will be able to distinguish between right and wrong. It will help you to respect others’ opinions and views.

tribal school boys
With tribal schoolboys

Thus you will grow agreeable gradually and feel life more comfortable.

Yes, I can recall my own change. I was a totally disagreeable man. I thought that everything that I say is right.

But it is traveling which taught me I was absolutely wrong. In this perspective, traveling has worked as a touchstone to change my thinking.

Now I am more agreeable than before. I am always ready to accept others’ words and views.

So, everybody, travel more, learn more and enjoy life more.

Please make comment, if you like or dislike my post. It will inspire me.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day.

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