2 Hours Nightmare Experience in Kaptai Lake

Being fascinated by the glowing charm of rippling water of Kaptai Lake created by the golden rays of setting sun with the gentle breeze and the tempting call of the boatman, I responded to enjoy a Dinghy Boat journey from the foot of Hanging Bridge, one of the best places to visit in Rangamati, to Reserve Bazaar with a fare of BD 200. 

The beauty of Kaptai Lake at sunset
The beauty of Kaptai Lake at sunset

The crystalline water of Kaptai Lake became reddish when our boatman made his first dash. 

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Lake water becoming mad under the magic of sunset 
Lake water becoming mad under the magic of sunset 

The boat was moving onward through the vast track of Kaptai main lake. The surrounding gradually became deep purple as if we were in dreamland.

Becoming the lake water wild
Becoming the lake water wild
The lake view when we started
The lake view when we started

It was exciting and adventurous. But after the sunset, suddenly the wind began to rise from the southern horizon. 

Becoming lake water wild
Becoming lake water wild

The ripple was turning into waves. In a wink of eyes, the wind became strong and the water began to behave like boiling water.

Just a couple days ago, a newly married couple from my same district was drowned and vanished away when the villain wind turned out their boat. 

The recall of that horrific accident terrified me because I was not alone. My little toddler and my better half accompanying me did not know swimming.

A tempest was blowing in my mind but a pretending smile was on my face. I was trying my level best so that they can’t realize the dreadful condition created by the sudden wind.

The fear created a panic in my inner world thinking that what would happen if the villain wind turns out our boat.

The darkness of the evening surrounded us.

Just I could trace the faces of my innocent baby and my wife. I couldn’t resist the silent rolling of my tears through the cheeks.

Time was passing but the boat was not moving. The wind was becoming stronger.

What can I do now? Nothing, we, the human beings are really helpless before the riddle of Allah.

I began to pray to my Mighty Allah to save my innocent baby and my beloved wife with the exchange of my life.

Now I can see the Boat Ghat. By the grace of Almighty Allah, we were near the Ghat but it took two hours horrific journey by Dinghy.

How I can show my gratitude to my Almighty Allah for saving us with His kindness. No way. Just I can feel His limitless power and kindness to His creation.

We got down from the boat. I asked my boatman about the condition of the lake at the time of our journey.

“Sir, if knew that the wind would rise and behave in such way, I would never carry you. Only Allah has saved us” replied the boatman.

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