Scottsdale VS Sedona: Where To Go On Vacation?

Planning for a trip between Scottsdale and Sedona but in confusion to pick one Yes, it’s really tough to choose from Scottsdale vs Sedona. These places are full of fun factors and you will have a good time. However, to turn it easy for you, we will make a detailed comparison between the two.

scottsdale vs sedona

So, let’s dive in…

Overview Of Scottsdale And Sedona

You can enjoy a grand canyon in both of these places. There are historic places to visit and so many other activities. You can enjoy it alone or with your family. From UTV riding to Golf carts, you will enjoy it a lot.

ovetview of scottsdale vs sedona

We will also share the activity details and cost issues with you as you can save some money. But if you give time to know the facts, you will be 

Sightseeing, shopping, and food are the most enjoyable things in Scottsdale and Sedona. But you will find variation in both places. So, why are we waiting? Let’s see the things in detail.  

Popular ActivitiesScottsdaleSedona
Wildlife WatchingYes
ATV/UTV tourYes
Hot Air balloon ridingYes
Great diningYesYes
Grand CanyonYesYes
Antelope CanyonYes
Horse RidingYes
Oak Creek CanyonYes
Scientific TourYes

The most amazing thing about both of these places is the Grand Canyon. You can both enjoy sightseeing, nightlife and lots of activity here in these places. The above chart will give you an idea, of which things you can enjoy here. 

Cost Comparison Chart

daily Cost$80$67
Grand Canyon$250
Ebike Tour$135
Segway Tours$61
Desert jeep tour$125
ATV Tour$186
Railroad Adventure$111
Scientific tour$73

The cost is higher than other tourist spots. So compared to the cost in both places, you will see that going to Scottsdale will be expensive. Similarly, you can enjoy Sedona, but the cost is a little bit lower. 

Weather In Sedona And Scottsdale

Temperature20 to 3715 to 32

When you are planning a tour, the weather is a very important matter. You might not love to go somewhere very hot and shiny. You will not be able to enjoy them. On the other hand, the humidity will also give you trouble. So,  based on the weather report you can visit both places in winter. 

Scottsdale And Sedona Accessibility

Here we will tell you about reaching these two places. You can choose any of them to reach here. 

To reach Scottsdale, you can use both planes or drive to Arizona. 

  • You can reach Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and take a car to drive 10 miles to reach Scottsdale. There you will find your accommodation easily. 
  • You can drive to Arizona from another state, using the freeway but be sure that you will need a few hours to reach it. 

You can reach Sedona by plane or by road. 

  • You can reach Flagstaff Pulliam Airport near Sedona and get a taxi. 
  • Similarly, you can reach Sedona by car. You can use I-17 North, ext 298, go over SR-179 and then move to SR-89A. You will need to just drive a few hours to reach Sedona. 

When you are there, you can hire a Golf cart or an e-bike to move around in both Scottsdale and Sedona. 

Scottsdale VS Sedona– Which One Is Best For Sightseeing Or Canyon Adventure

In both of the places, there are several canyon adventure and sightseeing places. But if we analyze both places, we can find which place is right for sightseeing.

Scottsdale has both nice sightseeing places and the Grand Canyon. So, you can enjoy both of them. But in the case of Sedona, which one is right?

sdcottsdale vs sedona

In Sedona you will find a lot of Canyons around, it is the perfect place to enjoy canyon tours. You can also enjoy ATV tours and horse riding here. You can move around the place and have fun.

There are a lot of nice restaurants and shops where you can spend quality time. Enjoying the nightlife in both Scottsdale and Sedona is awesome. So, now you decide you need to visit a place for sightseeing or a canyon adventure. 

1. Wildlife Watching- You can roam around the natural places here. You see nature around and wildlife animals who will amaze you. 

2. Museum- The museum here is full of amazing historical things. You will get to know a lot about the history here. 

3. ATV/UTV Tour- Riding an ATV/UTV is really exciting. You can enjoy an adventure ride with this. 

4. Hot Air Balloon Riding- It is almost a lifetime achievement to ride a hot air balloon. We can guarantee you will love it. 

5. Nightlife – Passing the night in the open sky will change your mind. You will see the moon and stars in front of your eyes. 

6. Grand Canyon – Visiting the grand canyon and having a canyon adventure here will refresh you from your worries. 

You will just love to visit Scottsdale. 

Tips For Visiting Scottsdale

Follow the tips below to enjoy your time in Scottsdale.

  • Have a backpack with you with some food, water, and essential things when in the Grand Canyon or enjoying the wildlife. 
  • Do not miss the ATV/UTV riding. Also, you can enjoy the Hot Air Balloon ride here which is amazing.
  • When you want to move around, hire an e-bike or a golf cart. You will feel at home when you visit places.
  • Staying for 2 to 3 days will be fine to enjoy the vacation. 
Wildlife WatchingYes
ATV/UTV tourYes
Hot Air balloon ridingYes
Great diningYesYes
Grand CanyonYesYes
Antelope CanyonYes
Horse RidingYes
Oak Creek CanyonYes
Scientific TourYes

Sedona has many canyons around the city. You will be amazed to see different types of natural wonders around you. 

Sightseeing- You will love to see the natural places around and enjoy your time. 

Nightlife- Passing night under the open sky will just rock you. You will see the falling stars and enjoy the weather here. 

Grand Canyon- This is a place where people from around the world come to visit. You can have an exciting canyon adventure. 

Antelope Canyon– This is another canyon where you can enjoy your daytime peacefully and see nature. 

Oak Creek Canyon– Another good place to visit and move around to have a perfect day out. 

Scientific Tour– Here you can enjoy some scientific projects and places to visit. This is a good place to visit with family. 

Tips For Visiting Sedona

While in Sedona, these tips will help you.

  • Carry a bag to have your food, water, and other necessary stuff when on a canyon tour.
  • When you are outside to enjoy the nightlife, just ensure you have fire and tents with you
  • Never miss the horse riding experience. 
  • Lots of canyon adventures around that will change your mood. 

Accommodations In Scottsdale And Sedona

In Scottsdale, you will find both hotels and resorts to get your room. On the other hand, in Sedona, you have to take shelter in a hotel. But if you are looking for a cheap solution, just try AirBnB, you can get a round around. 

Foods In Sedona And Scottsdale

There are a lot of restaurants in both Scottsdale and Sedona. The common western foods are available here with a few Chinese cuisines. You can enjoy your food here to meet up your appetite. 

Culture In Sedona & Scottsdale

You will find a good collection of historical places and museums in Scottsdale. These places will amaze you with their cultural value. Similarly, the natural wonders also have historical values. On the other hand, in Sedona, there are a lot of natural amazing places. 

Scottsdale VS Sedona-Best Time To Visit 

Visiting these places in summer will not be comfortable. If you avoid the summer and plan for autumn or winter, it will be very enjoyable. You can also plan alone or with your family to visit these places. 

How Long To Stay In Sedona & Scottsdale

Both of the places are perfect to enjoy alone or on a family vacation. If you go there, you must stay there for 2 to 4 days. You can have an exciting vacation, full of enjoyment. You will love the time you have here in nature. 

Decision Time, Sedona VS ScottsdaleWho Wins 

From the view of natural places, we can tell that Sedona is better. But considering the ATV tours, Hot Air balloons trip, all these are exciting to enjoy on your vacation. So, you should not miss them at Scottsdale.

scottsdale vs sedona

On the other hand, the canyon adventures are an added value to your trip. So, it is better you make a decision by yourself, where you should hang out. 


Is Sedona Or Scottsdale Better?

Basically, Sedona and Scottsdale are on the other side of the Grand Canyon and the distance between places is around 95 miles. 

How Far Apart Are Sedona And Scottsdale?

For sea beach activities and other historical places, you for sure come to Tybee Island and enjoy. 

Is Sedona Arizona Worth Visiting?

Yes, it is a nice place to visit. Here you will see a lot of natural places and fun activities that make it worth visiting. 

Can you Do A Day Trip To Sedona From Scottsdale?

Yes, the distance is not too far. You can take a drive from Sedona to Scottsdale and enjoy both places. 

Is Sedona Close To Scottsdale?

The distance from Sedona to Scottsdale is not too far. You can drive a car from one place to another, that is just 95 miles. 


We have shared all the ins and outs with you. You can easily choose any of the places and have a great time in canyons. You will find yourself in a giant maze and pass your time. So, why are you taking the hassle of choosing between two places? Just check the features and set your plan. 

Note: Failing to pick one from Scottsdale and Sedona, you can choose anyone from Tybee Island or Hilton Head.

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