Quandary Peak Camping [7 Best Camping Sites]

Camp Hale, Heaton Bay, Peak One Campground, Leadville RV Corral, Sugar Loafin, Cow Creek South, and May Queen Campground are the best sites for Quandary Peak Camping.

quandary peak camping

Quandary Peak is a difficult back trail located in Colorado. If you want to enjoy the Peak’s sunset, you should start the hike in the early morning. Thus, camping near the Peak is necessary to begin the trek timely.

Keep reading this article and learn about Quandary Peak’s best nearest camping sites. 

Quandary Peak Camping [7 Best Camping Sites]

The camping site contains various facilities for the hikers, including hiking, camping, biking, boating, fishing, enjoying nature, and many more.

facilities of quandary peak camping

First, let’s discuss the seven best sites for camping near Quandary Peak.

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1. Camp Hale

One of the best camping sites for Quandary Peak is Colorado’s Leadville and Red Cliff point. The peak and camping site’s distance is 12.2 miles. In 1942 the Army training facility founded the camp.

Colorado's Leadville camping site in camp hale

It locates between Colorado’s Leadville and Red Cliff point. Its name came from General Irving Hale’s name. And,  thus it’s called Camp Hale. 

red cliff point camping site in camp hale

The camp’s altitude is above sea level by 9200ft. Onslow S. Rolfe was the Camp Hale commander who contributed to developing the warfare techniques.

In November 1945, the authority decommissioned Camp Hale. 8,000 outdoorsmen and skiers build this camp. The camp building’s approximate total cost was $30 million. 

2. Heaton Bay Campground Frisco CO

The second-best option for camping near Quandary Peak is Heaton Bay Campground Frisco, CO. This camping site’s distance from Quandary peak is 14.3 miles. It’s a great camping location in Colorado.

heaton bay campground frisco co

This site’s altitude is 9,000+ above sea level in the White River National Forest. Here, 81 campsites are available for trailers, tents, and RVs. 

Electric hookups and water are available in 17 campsites. Each campsite consists of a food locker, fire ring, table, and grill. You will get the paved road on the campgrounds way and campsite pads.

Due to the blacktop road, spaces, and location, Heaton Bay is the hiker’s popular camping site choice. It has easy access and attractive surroundings. 

3. Peak One Campground, Lake Dillion

Peak One Campground is another incredible campsite for hikers. This campground near Quandary Peak is 12.9 miles away from it. It is located in Frisco near the Dillion Reservoir and summit country’s heart.

peak one campground, lake dillion

However, the surrounding campsite areas are Swan Mountain, Tenmile Mountain, and dramatic Gore ranges. 

Eighty campsites are available in Peak One Campground. You will get the spectacular surrounding mountains to view almost from every camp. The campsite accommodation is available for trailers, tents, and RVs.

peak one campground, lake dillion

Flush toilets, drinking water, and other facilities are also accessible here. Each campsite consists of a food storage locker, fire ring, and table. Unfortunately, electric hookups are not available here.

4. Leadville RV Corral

Leadville RV Corral is a campsite, sport and recreation, and Caravan park. It’s 14.5 miles away from Quandary Peak. The campsite’s location is the historic Leadville’s heart.

Leadville RV Corral camping site,

This camping site remains open year-round, but you require a reservation to stay here. Additionally, 33 full-service sites are available here. Here you will get coin-operated showers, clean, modern restrooms, and an internet facility as well. 

Grassy sites, water & sewer, Wi-Fi, 30,50,125 AMPs with cable TV, grills, and pet-friendly services are available on this campsite. You will enjoy Colorado’s highest mountain and historic Leadville view through camping on this site.

It offers to abound scenic photography opportunities. Moreover, hiking, camping, biking, skiing, 4-wheeling, fishing opportunities are available here. 

5. Sugar Loaf – Leadville, Colorado

If you want to enjoy the golf course and campground, you should choose Sugar Loafin for camping. This camping site is 16.7 miles away from Quandary Peak. Beautiful lakes surrounded it.

sugar loaf – leadville, colorado

During your camping, you can enjoy the Lake’s scenic beauty and can hike the trails as well. Grassy level, 30- and 50-AMP full hookup RV sites, camp firing ring, tables, comfortable restroom, and warm shower facilities are available on this campground. 

While camping, you can enjoy mountain climbing, hiking, rockhounding, stream trout fishing, and the nation’s highest gold course.

Moreover, the campsite’s beautiful weather, including its clean air, blue skies, blowing off cool breezes, snow-capped mountain peaks, and many more will fascinate you. Turquoise Lake is just one mile away from this camping site. 

6. Cow Creek South Campground

In Colorado, another excellent camping site is Cow Creek South Campground. The campground is 18.5 miles away from Quandary Peak. It’s located on the Green Mountain Reservoir’s northeast shore in White River National Forest.

cow creek south campground

The campsite’s surrounding consists of the Gore Mountain range’s expansive views. Moreover, it offers to enjoy the reservoir’s deep blue waters and the shoreline willows and sagebrush.

reservoir's deep blue waters of cow creek south campground

Five campgrounds surround the Green Mountain Reservoir. And the largest of all is Cow Creek South Campground. A picnic table, grill, fire ring, and vault toilets are available in campground’s each site.

But you will get no other extra amenities there. So if you are looking for a recreational activities multitude on both land and water, this camping site is the best option. 

7. Turquoise Lake, May Queen Campground

This is another best campsite option with incredible Mount Massive Wilderness and Holy cross-view. The Quandary Peak and its distance are 19.2 miles.

 turquoise lake, may queen campground

It’s located in Turquoise Lake’s far western end in the lodgepole pine forest. Here you can enjoy hiking, fishing, boating, etc.

 turquoise lake, may queen campground

9,900 ft is the elevation level of this campground on Turquoise Lake. The nearby surrounding is Mount Massive Wilderness area. 27 campsites are available in May Queen Campground.

The site is so spacious that it can easily accommodate trailers, tents, and RVs. Vault toilets, drinking water, and trash collections are available as the campground amenities. Each site consists of a fire ring, table, and grate. 


Has anyone died on Quandary Peak?

It’s not true that no one dies at Quandary Peak. Yes, the death incident happens. But the fatalities percentage is lower compared to the helicopter extractions. When people reach at summit sometimes, they have cardiac arrest also. 

How difficult is Quandary Peak?

Quandary Peak is rated as difficult. Its 6.6-mile length trafficked out a trail in Colorado. At all the year-round, this trail is easily accessible. Snowshoeing and hiking are the primary use of this trail. Dogs can also use it.

Where can I camp to hike Quandary Peak?

Quandary Peak’s base area mainly consists of vacation homes, so anywhere you can camp. The isolated camping options are 851 and Hoosier Pass. However, Lake Dillon near the four forest service compound is another option. It’s 30 minutes away from the Peak. 

Do you need a reservation to hike Quandary?

If you want to use the Quandary Peak Trailhead Parking, then the reservation is a must. Reservation is available in different ranges. You can reserve for a full day, half-day, or even short-term. From 4. AM to 7.30 PM the reservation is available. 

How long does it take to hike the Quandary?

Quandary hiking takes almost 4-7 hours. However, how much time hiking requires depends on your hiking ability. But 4-7 is the minimum and maximum range. So Moring is the best time to start hiking. And at mid-afternoon, be ready to descend. 


Now you know all the details about the 7 best sites for Quandary Peak Camping. Hopefully, you will now choose from the above best-camping sites for your camping purpose. Before finalizing any site, make sure you know its pros and cons. Comment and let us know whether the camping site guide was helpful or not. 

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