My Sreemongal and Jaflong Trip Story-Best Tourist Places to Visit in Sylhet

My Sreemongal and Jaflong Trip Story-Best Tourist Places to Visit in Sylhet

Darkness was all around. The sky was clouded. The fox was howling. There was a smell of raw tea leaves. I could feel drowsy as I took Opium.

Then it was raining in torrents. It was jingling. We were playing cards. Now rain seized. Again the fox was on the scene. The cricket was singing.

Again it was jingling. Again rain took a break. It was calm and quiet except for the howling of the fox from their hidden place.

I think this is enough to make Sreemongal one of the best tourist places to visit in Sylhet.

“Let’s go for a stroll around the tea garden” one of my friends Jahid offered.

“It is a nice idea. Let’s go”, I joined him.

We were walking through the road amid the tea garden near ‘Tea Research Institute’, Sreemingal, one of the best places to visit in Sylhet.

 Tea Garden in Sreemongal
 Tea Garden in Sreemongal

Now we could hear the hushing of owls with the howling of the fox. The sound was floating all around the tea garden. It was an adventurous stroll of about 15 minutes at midnight. Again the rain began its race. We were forced to go back to our room in the Barrack of ‘Tea Research Institute’. It was simply amazing to pass such a dreamy night amid the tea garden.

Started our day for the best places to visit in Sylhet & Sreemongal

The tender morning sun had woken up us peeping through the window curtain. Outside the room, we could see green all around us. Even we smell green; we could taste green as if we became the component of green tea leaves. Getting fresh and taking breakfast, we got out for our mission.

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Hiking amid the Lowacherra Rain Forest

We were winding towards Lowacherra Rain Forest through the greenish tea garden. The golden rays of morning sun spreading over the tender leaves of tea plants were breathtaking.

It took about 30 minutes by bus to reach Lowacherra.

“Hey! Do you need a guide?” at the foot of the gate of Lowacherra Rain Forest, some young inquired for our need.

Since we were interested to explore ourselves, we refused them. We were rummaging through the deep forest. Since Lowacherra Rain Forest is the abode of many animals and birds species, we were in the hope of meeting a rare one.

“Monkey” suddenly my friend Jahid cried out.

Lowacherra Rain Forest
Lowacherra Rain Forest

A cyber shot was occupied by him. So his eyes were sharper than ours. Yes, now we can see many monkeys jumping from one branch to another. Then we became more alert with the hope of advance one.

“Look! Look!” my friend Kawsar whispered.

We were scared. Anything wrong!!! We were still as well as calm. We all joined him. Yes, we could see the rare one Ulluk(Gibbon). It was moving slowly as if it was in search of anything, may its better half.

We were motionless so that we could enjoy its presence for a long time. Now we could see only its tail. So, we stepped forward. At once we were inside the deep forest we could feel. The sun was heating with his utmost effort. No sign of a human being was there. It seemed to be a little bit horrific.

“We should go back. It’s no safer to go ahead” the most coward with us Kawsar offered.

Initially, I opposed him but later on seeing his squeezed face, we turned back.

Visiting a Khashi Tribal Village

We met two police members on our back path who were on their duty.

“Hello! What can we enjoy anymore here?” I asked them.

“You can visit tribal village here” one of them answered.

Getting directions from them, we were in search of a tribal village. At once, crossing a creek inside the forest, we found a tribal village. We entered the village. How nicely the yard of every family is decorated!!

Tribal village in Lowacherra Rain Forest
Tribal village in Lowacherra Rain Forest

What a beauty!!! Every family was busy with processing betel leaves. We headed to a family in which members were also busy with processing betel leaves.

“Hello!! How are you? What are you doing?” I asked them though I could see what they were doing.

“Hey! Fine! We are making the betel leaves ready for bazaar (market) to sell” the senior of the family answered.

There was a pumelo tree in the yard bounty with juicy pumelos.

“Are you the owner of the pumelo tree?” I asked her.

“Yes, will you buy pumelo?” replying the senior asked us.

When she ensured us that she would help us to process it, we bought two pumelos. How juicy!!! I have never tasted such juicy pumelo in my life. Passing an enjoyable time with that tribal family, we took our back way to Sreemongal. But I could not leave the family from my mind. Back to Sreemongal, we took a savory lunch at Kutum Bari restaurant with the renowned menu of Sylhet region beef Satkora.

Sipping the Renowned Seven Color Tea

Then we stepped for enjoying the renowned seven-color tea of Sreemongal discovered by Romesh Ram Gour, a local one.

 Seven color tea in Sreemongal
 Seven color tea in Sreemongal

There was excitement among us about the seven-color tea and its taste. When we reached before the stall of Romesh Bhai, it was the time of the virgin evening. With the light of different colors, the yard seemed to be Ariel.

“Romesh Bhai, where are you?” we asked for him before the counter.

“Hoom! Bhai, I am here” peeping from the inside Romesh Bhai responded.

“We are here to take the taste of your seven-color tea from Comilla. Will you serve us five cups? I wished.

“Sure! Brother! Please, take your seat. I am sending” Romesh Bhai politely said.

We were waiting for tea. After a few minutes, a boy served us the amazing seven-color tea. How is it possible!! We could not but be wondered. What a skill!! Simply praiseworthy. I did not bother with the taste of the tea. Just I enjoyed the beauty of the rainbow color and took the seven individual tastes of seven colors.

“How do you make it, Romsh Bhai?” at the time of billing, I asked him.

It’s a secret” smilingly Romesh Bhai replied.

So, thanking Romesh Bhai for entertaining us with his discovered seven-color tea, we headed to a relative house of our friend Kawsar near the stall of Romesh Bhai. After passing a pleasing time with that relative family, we got back to our room.

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Starting for Exploring the Best Tourist Places in Sylhet

The next day we reached Sylhet. This time Jahid was the host who worked as a lecturer at Sylhet Jalalabad Cantonment Public School and College. We got into his flat. Sylhet is famous for fishes and bird species.

So he likes to entertain us with fish and flesh of birds. But thinking about the betterment of the green environment, we chose to have the meat of local duck and fish instead of the flesh of beloved migratory birds.

Oh!!! If everybody could think in such a way! Hope!! This day will come.

Jahid was a bachelor one. So we had to cook ourselves. But the responsibility of the head cook fell on my shoulder. It was really a fun factor I can say.

The dinner was a superb one. We hung out on playing the card until late at night with other merrymaking. We were off for Jaflong the following day morning.

As we were interested to visit Jahid’s college campus, on our way to Jaflong, we entered into his college campus and made a stroll around the college campus. Since it was early morning, we did not have any scope to enjoy academic activities.

But the campus is simply impressive to look at. One can easily realize the outstanding performance and discipline of the college seeing the disciplined campus.

 Losing into the Scenic Beauty of Jaflong

Jaflong zero point
Jaflong zero point

Then we were winding towards Jaflong, another best place to visit in Sylhet. It was a sunny morning.

“Look!! What a beautiful fall!!” suddenly Jahid cried out pointing to the fuzzy fall.

Yes, we could see many foamy falls amid the bleary green of Meghalaya. As we were heading, the green and the foamy falls were becoming brighter. Now everything was clear. We were near the lap of nature.

We got down at the Tamabil border. I was jealous of every atom of beauty on the Indian side.

What kind of division it was! We were just given the pill of fruit instead of the juicy part. Few BDR (now BGB) members were standing at the gate. While we were talking with them, a tone of frustration could be traced.

“We were cheated by our leaders (Bangladeshi) for their own interest,” one of them said bitterly.

Yes, we were cheated definitely. But we did not like to lengthen the issue. So we left for Jaflong. After reaching Jaflong, we crossed the Piyain River by boat.

Wow!! I had never seen such a flow of crystal water before this. We could see everything deep into the water. It was breath-taking. After enjoying a pleasing time, we were heading to Khasi Village on foot.

Visiting the Khashi Village at Jaflong

The lifestyle of the Khasi tribe brought a fascination to me. Most of the houses are built on a bamboo pedestal. Everywhere we could see the grove of betel leaves, the main source of their livelihood.

“Where is the Raj Bari?” I asked for a Khashi pedestrian.

“Go straight” showing the path, he pointed to the west.

Finally, we got the existence of Khashi Raj Bari. It was calm and quiet all around the Raj Bari. Nobody could be traced. So, just enjoying the simple but artistic yard of Raj Bari, we took our back way.

We were tired enough after walking for a long time. So we had to depend on the local vehicle Bot Boti (Just carrying tractor). Within a short time, we were about to ghat to cross the Piyain River.

Falling into a Horrific Accident

Who could know a terrific misfortune was waiting for us at the last step? We fell into an accident. It was horrific. Suddenly the driver took a U-turn reaching the parking zone. In a wink of eyes, the vehicle turned over.

We all fell down. The BoT Boti was falling on us. Jahid and Kawsar could push the tractor with their legs lying on the ground. I could get up and push the body of the tractor though I was severely injured in my hands and knees.

A local crowd rushed to us. They all became busy to rescue us. I could see Awlad was groaning lying on the ground as if he was leaving this beautiful earth. I was horrified about seeing his condition.

The crowd took us to a dispensary near about the spot. We were given the primary treatment by a village quack. We wanted to pay the doctor but villagers did not allow this. Rather they entertained us with soft drinks 7up.

“You are our guests. It’s our duty to help you” one of them spoke out.

What generosity!! Really they are great though they are humble. How can I show our gratitude to them? I could not find any word for this. Just saluting them, I left them. But surprisingly they did not let us leave them.

The next day even, later on, they inquired about our health over the phone. How I can forget them! How I can leave them from my memory! I could not. Even I don’t like to……

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