A Story of Nightmare Experience in Kaptai Lake

It was a nice sunny morning, even calm and quiet when we boarded a boat from Reserve Bazar Ghat to enjoy brisk boating in Kaptai Lake,  one of the attractive places to visit in Rangamati, even in Bangladesh.

Keeping aside the nightmare experience of the previous day, we started our boating but coincidentally we ended our boating with another nightmare experience in Kaptai Lake.

It was simply horrific!! Only Allah saved us, my baby, wife & me.

When we started boating in Kaptai Lake in the morning, the blue crystal water of Kaptai Lake under the rays of the morning sun was breathtaking.

It was as if the water of the lake were under a magic spell. It looked fearfully beautiful.

The whole area was also flooded with the sweet songs of different kinds of birds. It sounded like an angelic choir which transformed me into a fairyland.

Kaptai Lake
Magical View of Kaptai Lake

“Wow!!! How beautiful!!!” my sweet wife excitedly sounded.

“Wow!!! Baba, what a beauty!!! joining his mother, my son also exclaimed.

Their excitements backed me to my sense. In the meantime, we are before the Chakma Raj Bari.

Visiting Chakma Raj Bari Floating on Small Island

My wife’s excitement grew double because she was going to visit Chakma Raj Bari on a small island surrounded by a majestic lake.

Chakma Raj Bari Rangamati
My son with Elephant Statue
Chakma Raj Bari
My wife and son with the Elephant Statue at Chakma Raj Bari

The same happened at the time of my first visit to Raj Bari when Raja Debashish Roy was in his chamber. Out of our excitement, we prayed for his appointment.

And surprisingly he granted our prayer.

Chakma Raja
Chakma Raja with his wife and son

It was like a dream to me. In this so-called democratic world, especially in Bangladesh, to speak with a king lively, was out of my expectation.

What a gentleman the king is!

“How are you all?” smilingly the majestic king greeted us leaving his chair.

“Wow!!! We are fine. How are you?” we jointly chanted out.

“We are really fortunate that we are sitting before a live king where kingship is rare in this democratic world. We are simply amazed at your courtesy.” we all added.

The majestic king tried his level best to entertain us but we did not allow him to think about his business with his office.

So, thanking and saluting the king, we left his chamber.

But now what I can see here!!!

What has happened to our beloved Raj Bari!!!

Oh! I can feel a silent pain in my inner world.

Alas!!! Everything of The Raj Bari has turned to ashes.

What we could learn was nothing but an evil job of some culprits. They had burnt away our beloved traditional Raj Bari.

What kind of villainy it is!!! What kind of brutality!!!

Can it be the job of a human being?

No….! Never….! It was simply an Animality!!!


Being failed to answer my toddler’s question about the damage of Raj Bari, we left the Raj Bari compound. But a storm was going on in my mind.

Visiting Rajban Bihar Pagoda with an Unexpected Funny Event

Nature never allows our mind to remain under grief for a long time and it did happen in the case of me.

We were stepping through the stair of The Rajban Bihar Pagoda Ghat.

My son showing his heroism was before us with a chips packet in his hand.

Rajban Bihar Pagoda
Rajban Bihar Pagoda Ghat

“Baba!!!” he cried out of his panic.

“Ha…! ha…!! ha…!!!” I could not but laugh.

Mr. Monkey was the villain to him. In a wink of eyes, a healthy monkey snatched away his chips’ packet from his hand.

What a naughty monkey!

Monkey at Rajban Bihar Pagoda Yard
Monkey at Rajban Bihar Pagoda Yard

Panic seized my baby. He has really smashed away.

“Cool down, baba. Cooldown. It’s the nature of a monkey. It will not hurt you anymore”, I tried to convince my son.

However, gradually, he got easy. Maybe it was for the spiritual grandeur of the Temple especially to the Buddhist Community and its compound with a quiet nook and green grove.

We headed to the temple. A religious feast program was going on. The mass Buddish were feeding the Monks living there.

 Rajban Bihar Pagoda, Rangamati
Rajban Bihar Pagoda, Rangamati

The way of food serving and receiving was simply impressive.

Yes, it was the teaching of Gautam Buddha which is successfully conveyed by the Captain Monk of Rajban Bihar, Srimath Sadana Nanda Mohasthabir (Ban Vante).

Indeed, he is the true bearer of the principles of Gautam Buddha.


 Rajban Bihar Pagoda, Rangamati
Rajban Bihar Pagoda, Rangamati
 Rajban Bihar Pagoda, Rangamati
Rajban Bihar Pagoda, Rangamati

Enjoying a brisk stroll all around the compound and hide and seek game of monkey community across the complex, we stepped to our boat for Shubalong Fall.

Enjoying the Mesmerizing Beauty of the lake on the way to Shubalong Fall

We were cruising over the lake abound with greenish fauna and flora. The reflection of green emerald over the crystal water of Kaptai Lake was simply mesmerizing.

Majestic View of Kaptai Lake
Majestic View of Kaptai Lake

That’s why Rngamati is rightly called the heaven of beauty in Bangladesh. After pretty boating of one and half an hour, now, we are before the Shubalong Fall.

After enjoying e fabulous boating through the paradise of beauty, the trickling fall of Shaubalong was something a flashy thing to us. It completely failed to judge its name and fame.

“Baba, I will go there” my son wished to go just under the shower like fall.

What a silly desire of my son!

How can I let it not be fulfilled? Never! He should be there.

Shubalong Fall
Shubalong Fall

Wow! My monkey boy simply enjoyed it a lot. Maybe he was infected by the Mr. Monkey of the temple’s compound.

Shubalong Fall
Shubalong Fall

Shubalong Fall

Ha…! Ha…! ha…!

A child’s pleasure doubles his parents’ pleasure indeed. We were flooded with the joy of our son.

Shubalong Fall
Shubalong Fall

Allah will bless him. Joy would be his forever partner! Hope!!!

Now we are on our way to Peda Ting Ting (meaning take your meal filling your belly) and Tuk Tuk, an eco-village.

Passing a Memorable Time with a Chakma Family

But suddenly the lifestyle of the Chakma community inside the lake caught my attention.

“Let’s go for visiting a Chakma village or family” I offered my better half.

“Let’s go” she replied without any hesitation.

Truly she also likes to explore like me. What a matching!

My son also joined us “Let’s go, Baba”.

Oh! Fine! Right production!!!

So, I requested my boatman to land the boat beside a village and he did so rightly.

Getting up a stair, we found a group of boys playing football in a yard.

Chakma Village
Visiting Chakma Village

“Hey!! We have come here to meet you”, I tried to draw the attention of the boys.

“Congratulations! How are you? Stepping to us, a young greeted us with his smiling courtesy.

Knowing our desire, he headed us to his family members. Introducing us to his father (a retired teacher); he vanished away from the scene.

“How are you uncle? We are here to visit you and enjoy your tribal lifestyle” shaking his hand, what I could say.

“Welcome! Welcome! Please, sit down, sit down” offering chairs, he received us.

Chakma Familly
Enjoying Tea with the Chakma Familly

Then he shared some moments from his life. How did he go to school by boating himself? How did he complete his education living amid the green wilderness and water? and so on.

In the meantime, aunt (his wife) became busy making tea. Though we forbade her, she did not care for it.

Being entertained with tea and biscuits, we took some photos of them.

Chakma Family
With a Smart Chakma Family

“Please, these notes” offering the gentleman two notes one hundred takas, I tried to make it a symbol of respect.

Initially, he refused it.

“You would be remembered throughout my life for your hospitality but what about me? I like to be remembered in your life with these two notes” I tried to convince him.

Being convinced that it was not mere money but a sign of respect for his cordial hospitality, he took the notes with a smile.

We were leaving their yard. Again, we found the boys playing.

I summoned the boy to me.

“What is your name and what do you do? I asked him.

“Oh! I am Painsa I am graduating from Noakhali University” he answered with a smile.

Bravo!!! Right son of the right father!

“Can we have a photo with you?” I asked for his permission.

“Oh! Sure!!” giving his consent, he replied.

Chakma Family
With a young University Chakma Boy

Then wishing him a bright future, thanking for their hospitality, and inviting him to my town, we left the family, the yard.

But until today, the mind cannot leave them. The family is always with me. Best of luck to them.

Exploring the yard of Peda Ting Ting and Tuk Tuk Village

Kaptai Lake
Kaptai Lake

Then we were in the yard of Peda Ting Ting restaurant. In the time of my first trip with a gang of my friends, we took a dainty lunch with bamboo chicken in Peda Ting Ting.

But this time I had a plan to take our lunch at Chang Pang Restaurant just to take a different taste of different restaurants.

So, enjoying a brisk stroll around Peda Ting Ting and Tuk Tuk Eco-Village, we took our back path.

“I wish I could make homestay in the cottage of Tuk Tuk Eco-Village” my wife wished taking the back path.

“Next, time. I hope so” I assured my wife.

Taking a Palatable Lunch Ever in my Life

Then we headed to Chang Pang Restaurant with the hope of a savory lunch.

“Wow!!! What a traditional arrangement of the restaurant!” my wife exclaimed out of her excitement.

Yes, it has decorated its yard with many dining cottages. The floor of the cottage is made of bamboo. To take a meal sitting on the bamboo floor amid an eye-catching view of the lake was more than traditional, I think.

Though they had many tribal items like bamboo chicken and bamboo shoot, we preferred lake to fish. So, we ordered kachki fry, several items bharta, vegetables, and dhal.

Chang Pang Restaurant
Taking Palatable Lunch Chang Pang Restaurant

It took about 30 minutes to prepare the menu.

In the meantime, my toddler began to rummage every corner of the restaurant yard. He was talking with one of us from the yard.

What a brave and curious boy!

The lunch was also served in a traditional way using kola pata (banana leaf) on the plat. It was artistic and simply impressive. The foodies looked alluring.

 Chang Pang Restaurant
Taking Palatable Lunch Chang Pang Restaurant

Yes, I have never taken such a yummy meal before this. Till today I can feel the palatable taste of that foodies.

If I am again here, I had such a meal, hope.

After lunch, we resumed our boating.

Story of Nightmare Experience in Kaptai Lake Began Here

“Where are you now?

Don’t move ahead. Strong wind has risen over the vast track of Kaptai Lake. Don’t move. Land on the small island near you.

My large boat is coming to pick up you from behind” what I could hear over the phone from the owner of the boat.

It was quite impossible for me to imagine that we are going to face a horrific experience.

The inside lake was totally calm and quiet. So, it was hard to think for us from there where we were what was actually happening amid the vast track.

Kaptai Lake
Calm and Quiet view of Kaptai Lake

Yet, I got stuck thinking about the horrific experience and danger of the previous day. I requested my boatman to land the boat on the island.

“Don’t worry, sir. It will be no problem. I will steer the boat in favor of the wind” he tried to assure me.

He boated slowly for sometimes for the large boat. Seeing the late, he began to head.

Panic seized me again like the previous day. An invisible spirit did not help me to resist the boatman. Rather his courage and skilled boating made me forget the boat owner’s, warning call.

How foolishly I could behave!!! Simply cursed!!! Nothing else!!!

Again the phone began to ring.

“Where are you now? Don’t move I say. Don’t move”, excitedly the owner of the boat warned me.

But, in the meantime, boating straightly to the southern horizon of the vast track, now, my boatman is steering in favor of the wind.

“I know, sir, how to boat at the time of rising wind. Now I am boating in favor of the wind. So, it will be no problem” the boatman again tried to convince me.

By the name of Almighty Allah, we were sitting silently.

What a fool I was!!! I requested my boatman to land on the island but did not force him.

Indeed, I was in a fix. What I did it!!!

Now my boat is heading in favor of the wind.

nightmare experience in Kaptai Lake
Terrific Mood of Kaptai Lake

The water of the lake has already become wild as if it were boiling. I could never think of the horrific condition from the inside lake.

Panic Seized Me

Suddenly a rolling giant wind hit our boat. I could think it was our last breath.

Kaptai Lake
Terrific Mood of Kaptai Lake

Again I, helplessly, looking at my innocent boy holding him firmly at my chest. My wife was in my left hand.

“We are in favor of the wind. It will be no problem. Be seated silently” again the boatman tried to cool down us.

Time was not passing. The path was not ending. What a terrible condition it was!!!

In the meantime, the owner of the boat phoned me several times.

Finally Reaching into Ghat Safely by the Mercy of Allah

Facing at least four giant hits of maddening waves, we could reach ghat after again 30 minutes of a horrific experience.

Till today I get horrified recalling that 30 minutes of horrific experience and the two hours nightmare experiences of the previous day.

And I ask myself what did I do it like a fool? What did I do like a fool?

At the foot of the ghat, the boat owner was waiting for us.

“I was only thinking for you innocent baby. Why did you not stop at the island? Taking my son into his lap, he accused me and the boatman.

I could not answer his question. I was sitting on the bench like deaf and dumb before his battle nut shop while tears rolling over my chick.

“Thank you for your holly care for my son. Pray for us”, Forbidding him and the boatman, we headed to our hotel……..

Tips for You

Interestingly, I fell into another same horrific experience while boating in Mohamaya Lake, a new emerging tourist destination in Bangladesh.

That’s the I have some tips for incase of boating in Kaptai lake or Mohamaya Lake or in any other lake. 

1. Don’t act like a fool (me) and enjoy boating over Kaptai Lake between May-September.

During this time, Kaptai Lake stays in fluctuation and behaves roughly without any prior hints. If you do, it may cost you much which may have no compensation.

2. Hire a comparatively larger boat that is safer than the small one. A large boat will cost you between 1500-2000 Taka BDT. The small one will cost you between 1200-1500 Taka BDT. (Bargaining is a must).

3. Don’t try for Dhingi over the vast track of Kaptai Lake. You can try it around the Hanging Bridge. Never go far.

4. Stay near Reserve Bazar Hotel.

5. Never mind taking Katal Fish, Roi Fish, Kali Bowsh Fish, and Kachki Fish. The test is awesome.

Best of luck to you all.

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