Mohamaya Lake, A New Shrine for Beauty Seekers

I have recently made a tour to Mohamaya Lake near Shitakunda, sir” after a meeting, one of my favorite students Rajib who is completely mad about the outing shared his excitement.

Mohamaya Lake
Boating on Mohamaya Lake

“Is it really beautiful” I tried to be ensured more.

“It is second to Kaptai Lake, a complete package for boating amid the green. Even there is a gorgeous fall inside the lake” he assured me adding more information.

As a lover of nature, I was thinking about a trip to Mohamaya. Who can resist you if you have a strong desire? Nobody. It was a day after Eid. My wife and I were thinking about an outing but the place was not definite. Suddenly I offered for Mohamaya.

“Really!!!” my wife exclaimed.

“Why not?” I opined in response to her exclamation.

“Seriously?” my toddler also asked me for being confused.

“Seriously baba, take breakfast and get ready early” I ensured him responding to his excitement.

“Hurrah!!! We are going to Mohama (Mohamaya)” what he could say with his newly learned language.

Mohamaya Lake
Both are making eye contact

Maddening Struggle for the Bus

We hurriedly got ready and rushed to the Jangalia Bus Stand (Comilla Bus Stand) but we were disappointed by the huge crowd of passengers.

Failing to get the bus ticket, we headed to Chawk Bazar Bus Stand and a similar case was there. What can I do now? We were waiting for a while.

Then out of our rigorous desire, we got into a local bus for Feni. After reaching Feni, I was completely bewildered to see the flood of passengers. What a maddening crow!!!

The stand looked as if it were a form of human beings. Nobody was in the house of that region. They all have come out to crowd the bus stand.

Every bus was overcrowded.

In the meantime, Mr. Sun began to scorch. It was unbearable. We were waiting. There was no way to go back or forward. We were exhausted.

Suddenly a complete blank bus appeared on the scene as a savior. After a maddening struggle, I could manage two seats with a high fare. Fare does not matter.

We have got a way of moving forward. It was about 4.30 pm when we got down at ….Then boarding CNG, we reached Mohamaya Lake.

Enjoying the Magical Beauty of Mohamaya Lake

It was a sunny afternoon and the lake view was simply impressive. At the very first sight, we fell, into its love.

Mohamaya Lake
Sunset view of Mohamaya Lake

Since we could not take lunch, we were badly hungry. It does not matter. Taking some snacks, we got ready for boating.

With a fare of 50 takas per one, we boarded on a shared boat.

The reflection of the blue sky dotted with golden and foamy clouds over the crystal water of the lake created an Ariel view. We were smoothened by the serenity of Mohamaya lake.

Mohamaya Lake
Sunset view of Mohamaya Lake

After 30 minutes of mesmerizing boating, the boatman took the turn. Now we are heading to the waterfall inside the lake.

The lake water assumed the crimson color because of the reflection of the golden rays of the setting sun.

Mohamaya Lake
Sunset view of Mohamaya Lake

“Wow!! What a beauty!! What a beauty!! All the tourists could say.

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 Falling into a Sudden Terrible Storm

How whimsical nature is!!!

In a wink of eyes, the southern sky became crow black.

Mohamaya Lake
Storm approaching

Yes, the sky was overcast with black clouds. We were engulfed by unfathomable darkness.

Mohamaya Lake
Storm approaching but my son making fun
Mohamaya Lake
My son and wife are stuck with approaching storm

Immediately the messenger wind of approaching storm began to blow.

Mohamaya Lake
Cloud made all-around black

“Turn the boat to the ghat” all the passengers, being horrified, cried out with a chorus. The wind was blowing terribly.

Panic seized us all. It was really unbelievable. The boat was rushing to the ghat but the maddening wind created an obstacle to the way of the boat. Somehow we were on the bank.

It was already storming with heavy rain. The weather turned more than the worst. Rushing to the ahead, somehow, we could take shelter in a tea stall. We were already soaked. We were shivering.

Since we took the spare dress for my toddler, we could protect him. Who knows when the rain and storm will come to an end?

None!!! It totally depends on the mercy of Nature.

After about one and a half an hour rummaging, Mr. Storm and Mr. Rain took pity on us. Now it was just drizzling.

Only three or four CNG Auto Rickshaw was available there. The crowd flopped upon them in such way as if they would crash the CNG as well as their drivers.

I tried my level best to get a CNG but every effort went in vain. So, what we could do without waiting? It was about 8 pm.

The Greatness of the CNG Driver Manik

Suddenly a CNG driver stepping forward summoned me.

When I was near him, he told me “Sir, I have come back only for carrying you because the helpless staring of your baby touched me”.

I could feel a shaking in my mind. What does he say? It made me speechless. We were heading to the High Way.

“What’s your name? I could ask him.

“Manik” he answered Shivering.

Yes, he is the real Manik (Diamond) of Golden Bengal. “You are really great. Allah will certainly bless you” I tried to show my gratitude to him.

“The previous was my last one as I was soaked. I was thinking of going to my nest but suddenly I could remember your baby”, he told from his simplicity.

“I have no words in my dictionary to thank you. You are a simply awesome being of Mighty Allah” I could just comment. Getting down, I offered him 50 takas more as fare.

“No, sir. 100 takas is enough”, refusing 50 takas, he took just his actual fare.

I tried my level best to pay him 50 takas more but everything went in vain before his strong honesty and responsibility.

So, without thanking him what I could do for him!!! Yes, I can do one thing for him. To make my mind his abode is my duty. Rightly, he has been in my mind and hope, will be in my mind as a real Manik of my life forever…..!!!

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