Meeting An Incredibly Helpful Doctor On My Vellore Trip

You may be wondering why I have rewarded Dr. Tanvir Zafar the credit of the best doctor in rheumatology, above all, the best doctor I have ever met in my life. 


Wait… I am telling you all about the reason.

best doctor in rheumatology

Here it needs to tell you,  to know why I have credited Dr. Tanvir Zafar as the best rheumatology doctor, you need to know my memorable treatment story with CMC Hospital and Dr. Tanvir Zafar. 

I believe, after reading the story, you will feel why I have declared Dr. Tanvir Zafar as the best doctor in rheumatology.

So, keep reading……

The Story of My Treatment Days in CMC 

Frankly, I wasn’t happy with the first impression of Dr. Tanvir Zafar in a nutshell. When I entered OPD, he received us coldly.

It made me a little bit disheartened because I could hear many proud stories from many men about the sincerity of doctors from CMC hospital.

Moreover, I could hear many amazing stories about the service of CMC hospital and its doctors from my two Ex-Colleagues who took treatment from this hospital.

Plus, I was before my doctor after a long and tiresome journey of about 2000 miles. So, it was natural, I was hoping for more than this.


But surprisingly,  it didn’t take much time to break down my first impression with my doctor. Very soon, I began to notice my doctor’s sincerity. He began to investigate my student’s younger brother with questions after questions.


It was simply amazing! 

What a try from our doctor’s side to have the idea with the patient’s problem!  

My impression began to change. I was wondered. I was marveled! 

Now, you might be wondering what’s there to get so excited about it.

Here, I tell you, to know the reason for my excitement, you should learn a few of my past experiences with all other doctors from whom I could take service.

I believe, then, you will feel well the reason for my excitement.


So, let’s know in detail…..        

One Year Back before Meeting Dr. Tanvir Zafar

If my memory is okay, it was 6 January 2019. On this day, suddenly, I could discover severe pain in my two knees.

It was terrible!

Yeah, it was unbearable!

Gradually, I found I was feeling pain in every joint of my body. Especially, it was more than worst in my heap joints.

My mind wasn’t allowing me to get treatment from the doctors of Bangladesh because my experience with them was not good enough except for Dr. Minhazul Abedin Tarek, an orthopedic from my town.

And another one is Dr. Mohiuddin Araf from Dhaka Apollo Hospital who could save my mother’s life as she was getting paralyzed. 

Best Doctor in Physical Medicine (Paralysis, Pain Management in Bangladesh)
Dr. Md. Mohiuddin Araf, Best Doctor in Physical Medicine (Paralysis, Pain Management in Bangladesh)

Both of them are sincere and honest I can say from my experience. 

A salute for them! 

Without these two exceptional guys, I had to face a rat race with all other doctors in Bangladesh for my mother, sister, and my previous treatment purposes. The experiences with them were like in hell.   

However, as my pain was getting severe, I decided to meet first Dr. Minhazul Abedin Tarek. Because I had a good experience with him and also he was an Orthopedic specialist.  

After meeting Dr. Minhazul Abedin Tarek, he advised me to consult with a Rheumatologist, Dr. Nasim Reza from my own town.

I met him but his treatment procedure couldn’t make me happy.

So, I planned for Kolkata. 

Consulting Dr.Ranjan Kamilya- Kolkata Apollo Hospital

Reaching Kolkata, I got consultation from Dr.Ranjan Kamilya, Orthopedic Surgeon, Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata.

Orthopedic Doctor
Dr.Ranjan Kamilya- Orthopedic Surgeon – Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals Kolkata

After doing some investigations, he prescribed me a few medicines besides some exercises and advised me to revisit him after 3 months.

I took the medicine for 3 months and went through all the exercises but there was no improvement. 

Rather, the pain in my hip joints took a terrible look.

It was horrific!

Nobody has the capability to realize the pain except those who are suffering from the same problem I can say.

After 3 months, I again met him. That time, he referred me to a rheumatologist.

Taking Treatment From Dr. Santosh Kumar Mondal

I got consultancy from Dr. Santosh Kumar Mondal, a rheumatologist from Narayan Health, Mukundapur. 

And after many more blood investigations, X-Ray, and finally MRI procedures, I was diagnosed that I was suffering from Seronegative Spondyloarthritis.

He prescribed me a few medicines, some exercises and advised me to meet him again after 3 months.

Dr. Santosh Kumar Mandal
Dr. Santosh Kumar Mandal

I got frustrated and googled for knowing all about this disease. I could discover the reason for my frustration.

The disease hampers the immune system of the patient and makes him depressed and weak with fatigue.

Taking his prescribed medicine and doing the suggested exercises, I could find a little bit of improvement in my health. 

On my 2nd visit, the doctor also found a little bit of improvement after doing some tests. When he confirmed it, I asked my doctor if there is a final cure for this disease. 

The answer that echoed from my doctor’s part made me frustrated. 

What came from my doctor’s side was exactly it…

“ If there would have any cure for this disease, I would tell you Mr. Ishaque, spend 20 lakhs, you will get cured. There is no final cure. You have to manage it besides taking medicine throughout your life”.

I asked my doctor “What would happen if I fail to manage it?”

The simple answer from my doctor was you would get disabled.

What is he saying?

Is it true?

If it is true, then what would happen to me, to my little kids, my parents, and my wife?

The answer made me speechless. 

A terrible storm began to blow in my inner world. 

But, it was the truth that I came to know after googling and doing deep research.

I was completely broken down. But, I didn’t lose hope and began to maintain all the roles for management. I could feel a little bit of development with my pain.

But, I was looking for more development.

So, at once I planned for CMC Hospital.

1st Impression with CMC Hospital

It was 27 November 2019 when I reached Vellore. On 28, I went to the 900 building of CMC.

CMC Hospital, Vellore
CMC Hospital, Vellore

We found the pre-registration room in the underground of the building. Everything was systematic. We took a serial token. At once, we completed the pre-registration procedure.


I forgot to tell you.

Already, one of my students and his younger brother joined me who was also suffering from the same problem.

It needs to mention here all the officials were helpful and co-operative. And everything was systematic in CMC hospital.

After completing the pre-registration procedure, we were sent to the ground floor. We had to complete our passport registration and get the Dr. appointment there.

I was looking for a private appointment with Dr. Deveshis Panda, the head of the Rheumatology Clinic, or Dr. John Methos.

But, it was in vain as it needed a long time to have their appointments.

So, what can I do now, except taking a general appointment?


Against my mind, as I have the worst experience with general service in Bangladesh, I took the appointment on 9 December. Though, I could change the date with the Tatkal service. 

And it was on 2nd December.

1st Consultation with Dr. Tanvir Zafar, Best Doctor in Rheumatology

We were told to inform the MRO office of IP Block Liver Clinic 600A, just the opposite of the OPD building at 4 pm on the appointment date.

We did so and were waiting for our call. 

OPD Block, CMC
OPD Block, CMC

Our serial was 22 and 23. When we reported at 4 pm, serial number 15 was going on. And I could notice, when our call came, it was about 7 pm.

So, it was only 7 patients the doctor consulted in about 3 hours. It was looking unusual to me.

It surprised me.

Liver Clinic, CMC
Liver Clinic Waiting Room, CMC

Entering into the OPD, we were generally welcomed to take our seats. And began to investigate my student very first with questions after questions. 

Then, he began to consult with me and suggested some investigation. Also, our doctor requested us to meet him the next day in his office after completing the X-Ray.

It was because he wanted to be ensured if an MRI of us is needed or not.

When we left the OPD, I could notice, the doctor spent about 50 minutes for 2 of us. 

It was unbelievable to me as the doctors in our country spend only 2 or 3 minutes with the patients except for a few exceptions.

Even, while taking treatment in Kolkata with private appointments, the doctors didn’t allow me more than 10 minutes.

However, on the next morning, we completed the payment procedure in the ISSCC Building and did the X-Ray task.

Here, it needs to tell you, it took about 1.30 minutes to complete our 2 guys X-Ray.

It was amazing!

ISSCC Building, CMC
ISSCC Building, CMC

We also completed all the investigations on the same day.

2nd Meet with Dr. Tanvir Jafar

As our doctor advised us to meet him in the Rheumatology office after completing X-Ray, we did it. After meeting him, he requested us to meet him again at the OPD building at 12 pm.

We did so.

When we met him in the OPD building at 12 pm, he investigated our X-Ray reports for 15 minutes and suggested us to go for an MRI as it was needed. 

I had the MRI report done previously in Kolkata. He tried to accept it but it was in vain as the system of CMC hospital was not allowing it. 

Dr. Tanvir Zafar
My Student’s Younger Brother with-Dr. Tanvir Zafar

So, again I needed to do the MRI. When I shared our financial problem, surprisingly he could make a concession for us.

We were happy.

And he allowed our next appointment on 9 December.

It was troubling for me as I am a college teacher. There was a job leave issue. I shared the issue with him.

As a result, he made me sure that he would release us on 9. So, I can confirm my return ticket on 10 December.

But, we got the MRI appointment on 10 December because there was free time for booking time for MRI.

Now, what can I do as my doctor’s appointment was on 9 December?

It made me tense.

So, I informed my doctor all about the MRI issue through email. He replied to me instantly he was out of CMC and advised me to meet him on 9 and book my return ticket after 10 December.

We did so.

2nd Consultation with Dr. Tanvir Zafar

On 9 December, we informed the MRO office at 4 pm and was waiting for our serial. Here, I need to inform you about one thing. When we informed the MRO office at 4 pm, serial number 10 was going on.

But, when I took the photo, it was 8 pm and then the doctor was consulting the patient with 20 number serials. That means, in 4 hours, Dr. Tanvir Zafar could only consult 10 patients.

Liver Clinic, CMC
Liver Clinic Waiting Room, CMC

Can you imagine it from the general doctor’s service? But, it was the truth. How sincere our doctor was!

When we entered the OPD, it was about 8.30 pm. Our doctor told us to complete the MRI on the next day and meet him on the next appointment date on 12.

But when I remembered my return issue in the afternoon on 11 December, he allowed us a special appointment on 11. He advised me to meet him first in the rheumatology office at 9 am.

Special Appointment by Dr. Tanvir Zafar
Special Appointment by Dr. Tanvir Zafar

The next morning, I mean on 10, I completed my MRI procedure.  

And I met my doctor Tanvir Zafar at 9 am on 11 December in the rheumatology office. With his magnificence, he could allow us a special appointment at 12 pm on the same day in the Nepro OPD (Room No. 340).

The Earnest Try by Dr. Tanvir Zafar 

How can I express my gratitude to my doctor Tanvir Zafar for his heartful try for our better treatment and leave procedure on 11 December?

No way!

What he could do for us is only seen generally done by the great heart of man.

When we met him in the OPD building, he warmly welcomed us. Investigate my MRI report first and talked to a senior doctor whose name was Madhurima, so far I can remember. 

Then he sent me to that senior doctor with my previous MRI CD. I met her in the main building of CMC hospital. 

Main Building CMC Hospital
Main Building CMC Hospital

The doctor was a lady. When I met her, she earnestly took my MRI CD and requested me to wait for 15 minutes.


How great she was! 

I could discover her before me just 15 minutes later. I was simply amazed at her sincerity.

Moreover, her helping ad cordial attitude made me puzzled. 

I asked her all about my physical condition. She also explained everything cordially and informed me she could already send a note all about my health condition to my doctor and he will give me a treatment.

With full contentment as she helped me with her best, I again met Dr. Tanvir Zafar.

Entering his chamber, what I noticed made me happy again. After observing the senior doctor’s advice, he could already complete my treatment procedure and handover my prescription to me.

Dr. Tanvir Zafar Prescription
Prescription 1 for Me by Dr. Tanvir Zafar
Prescription by Dr. Tanvir Zafar
Prescription 2 for Me by Dr. Tanvir Zafar

Moreover, he explained everything step by step. How to take the medicine, how to do exercise and allowed me the next review after three months as my disease requires regular review at least every 3 months.

Most surprisingly, he noted which test should I do on my next review. He does it so that he can complete the treatment procedure on the next visit early, he told me from his generosity.  

Suggested Test for Next Visit

I was happy as it would cost a few days to complete my next review and treatment procedure.  

Also, he tells me we are free to contact him through email if we face any difficulty with our health issues. 

He will instantly reach us with a reply.

And interestingly he is doing it cordially now. He replies to my email instantly whenever I mail him.

With happy mode, I requested him to allow me to get a photo of him. 

He replied smilingly “ I am a general doctor. What will you do with my photo?”

Sir, you aren’t general. Please allow me to have a photo with you. 

Finally, he gave his consent and we took a few more shots. 

Dr.Tanvir Zafar
Me with Dr.Tanvir Zafar

Thanking him, though it’s not enough what he has done for us, we left his chamber but came out with all his memories. And still, I am carrying all the memories with Dr. Tanvir Zafar and will be carrying forever. 

Also, pray to God, “Please, God, shower him with all of your blessings and allow him a long life. We need such a doctor. We need such human beings for the betterment of your earth.” 

Isn’t the above story enough to declare Dr. Tanvir Zafar as the best rheumatologist in India?

I am confident it’s enough to credit him as the best among the best.

And finally, I hope, now you can feel why I have declared Dr. Tanvir Zafar as the best rheumatologist doctor in CMC Vellore, even the best doctor I have ever met in my life whom I am going to meet again on 26 March. Yeah, I believe, now you can feel the truth of my declaration.  

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