Killington Vs Stowe: Which Is Best For Your Vacation?

Killington vs Stowe, which one to pick for your upcoming vacation? In short, Killington is a perfect spot for a solo tour while Stowe is better if you travel with your partner. The reason behind this verdict depends on many things. We have discussed it all in this article below.

killington vs stowe

So, take a quick read at the opportunities these travel destinations offer and plan your next tour right now.

Popular ActivitiesKillingtonStowe
Trailing YesNo
Water FallYesYes
Skiing  YesYes
Museum YesYes
Hot Air BaloonNoYes

Cost Comparison Chart

Living Cost$65/Day$120/Day
Fooding$27 per meal$18 per meal
Rent Cost$900 per month$1100 per month

Killington & Stowe Overview 

Both Killington and Stowe are marvellous tourist destinations for skiing and enjoying winter to the fullest. 

Killington and Stowe are not so different. They have pretty much the same attractions and similar scopes for enjoyment. But some subtle differences make both individually worthy of your time.

In case, you are wondering where Killington is and where is Stowe, we will be discussing it all in detail here.

overview of killington in vermont

Killington is a town in Vermont. To be specific, Killington is located in Rutland County in Vermont, United States. It is only 35 minutes away from Rutland Southern Vermont Regional Airport.

As for Stowe, it is a town of Lamoille County. Lamoille is located in Vermont as well. Stowe is 75 miles away from Killington. The distance between these two locations basically takes one and a half hours to cover.

overview of stowe in lamoille county

Both of these locations offer the opportunity to ski, visit a waterfall, enjoy theatre, and many more. However, there are some unique attributes to both of these spots. Your taste and convenience will lead you to your suitable option. 

Killington Vs Stowe Accessibility 

While travelling to Killington, you have numerous options available. You can go there by aero plane, train, and even by bus. Though bus is an unrecommended option, it can save a lot of money for a patient traveler. 

travel to killington by aeroplane, train, and even by bus

After reaching Rutland County, Killington is just around the corner. The moment you arrive there, the chilling breeze will make you feel relaxed already.

The air might be the best route to Stowe. Not only it is comparatively cheaper, but it is also less tiresome as well. 

 going to stowe by air route is comparatively cheaper

Stowe is located only 45 minutes away from Burlington International Airport. It is a full-service international airport located in Vermont. After reaching the airport just take a taxi or a reserved car from your hotel. It will be a smooth ride into the beauty of Stowe,

Killington And Stowe- Which One Is Best For Your Tour

Solo travelling and touring with a partner is not always the same. There are different points to consider that can affect the overall experience.

killington can be the best option for a solo traveler

If you are a solo traveler, then Killington can be the best option for you. Here you will get to set on trailing into the woods, enjoy the touch of the waterfall. The scope of visiting the eco-park is also available here. Moreover, the rent is cheaper than Stowe.

waterfall in killington

It means in Killington you can go on adventures without worrying about expenses at all.

On the other hand, Stowe can offer you a romantic experience. Here you will have the opportunity to go to the waterfall with your partner. You can go on a hot air balloon ride and enjoy the sunset from the sky as well.

hot air balloon ride in stowe

The best thing about this place is, you have to pay only a bit more than Killington to cover the expanses of both of you. The food here is cheaper as well. 

Overall, Stowe is a romantic destination, while Killington is perfect for touring alone.  

Killington is the destination of adventure and experiences to remember. Here among the calmness of nature, you will find the thrill of wilderness and skiing. Here are a few things you can do at Killington:


Skiing is one of the most popular activities in Killington. More than 200 thousand visitors come here just to ski.

skiing in killington

You can get a lift ticket for skiing for $130 for a whole day.

Trailing Into The Woods:

Killington is not all about the snow. There are thick forest and tracking opportunities as well. You can spend a whole day roaming around the woods. 

Visiting The Historical Museum:

The Norman Rockwell Museum of Vermont was located in Killington. The building of the museum was a museum itself. It was established in the year of 1976.

norman rockwell museum in st. augustine, florida
norman rockwell museum in st. augustine, florida.

This museum has an impressive collection of more than 2,500 magazine covers by Norman Rockwell. You will find many paintings and illustrations here as well. 

But unfortunately, the museum are no longer called Vermont home. Its new name is Norman Rockwell Museum of the South Which is now located in St. Augustine, Florida.

Tips For Visiting Killington

The idea of touring is definitely exciting. However, to enjoy the journey to the fullest, you have to be aware of certain things. Here are a few tips you must follow:

  • Make sure you have packed everything you might possibly need
  • Keep all the necessary documents near your reach
  • Make a budget but keep some extra bucks as your backup
  • Try to carry cash
  • Don’t forget to pack a first aid kit 

Stowe is one of the best places to go with your partner. This place has so many romantic moments to offer. Here are a few of the most popular activities in Stowe:

Hot Air Balloon:

A hot air balloon ride in Stowe is a thrilling experience. The view of the mountain from the sky is just worth it.

hot air balloon ride in stowe

The ride starts at $10 per person. But if you want the ultimate experience you can get it for $300. 

Visiting The Waterfall:

The temperate atmosphere of the Stowe’s waterfall gives a divine feeling to the visitors. It’s a treat for the eyes.

waterfall in stowe

Traditional Coffeehouse:

Stowe has one of the best coffeehouses in Vermont. Their original coffee has an aroma that goes with the chilling atmosphere. If you go with your partner, a simple coffee date here is sure to be memorable. 

Tips For Visiting Stowe

While you are visiting Stowe, a few things can go wrong. These silly mistakes can ruin your whole trip. This is why here are a few tips for you to follow:

  • Book a hotel beforehand
  • Try to get a reservation for everything from a restaurant to a hot air balloon ride.
  • Take swimsuits, because you may want to dive into the waterfall
  • Try to carry all your money in cash
  • Remember to bring all the documents

Stowe Vs Killington– Accommodations

Killington is cheaper than Stowe. But this statement does not cover everything.  

In Killington, you will find houses with cheaper rent. You can live here for a month, spending less than $1,000. But this is not the case in Stowe.

killington grand resort hotel

In Stowe, you may need to spend up to $1,500 per month. But, in contrast to Killington, the meal here is cheaper. And there is scope for more activities here as well. All those activities come at a cheaper price. 

stowe mountain lodge hotel

Though accommodation cost does not vary by a lot, it greatly impacts the overall experience. 

Best Time To Visit Killington & Stowe

It will be wise to visit Killington between November to April. During this time, there will be snowfall in Killington. With the temperature around 25°, the atmosphere stays on the point for the tour.

killington vs stowe

Similarly, you can visit Stowe anytime between November to March. In this period, the temperature of Stowe stays just on the comfortable spot. With rainfall of 52.9 inches, you may just get a romantic experience at the waterfall. 

Weather Comparison Between Killington & Stowe

Climate TypeHumidHumid
Temperature25°-12° (Jan – Jul)18°-10° (Jan – Jul)
Rainfall51.4 inch52.9 inch
Tropical storm seasonNovember to AprilNovember to March

How Long To Stay In Stowe And Killington

Studies show that the best duration for a perfect vacation is 8 days. But you don’t need to follow this rule. Extend your visit as long as you want.

But if you want to explore the whole of Killington, it won’t take you more than 5 to 6 days. 

Stowe, on the other hand, demands a more extended tour. Plan for an 8 to 10-day tour at Stowe. It will allow you the enjoy the best experience.

So, Killington VS Stowe, Who Wins 

From the discussion above, you probably have already realized that Killington is for solo travelling. Stowe is perfect for travelling with your partner.

killington reservoir vs stowe lake

Though both of these destinations have similar attractions, there are some scopes for a unique experience.

So check your wallet and check your intentions as well. You will find either one of these locations perfect for your vacation. 


What Is The Biggest Ski Mountain In Vermont?

The USGS Killington Peak is the biggest ski mountain in Vermont.

Is Stowe A Good Place To Ski?

Stowe is a wonderful place to ski. It provides activities both off and on the mountain.

Is Killington Suitable For kids?

Killington is a big playground. It is perfect for kids.

Is Killington A Good Mountain?

Killington is one of the most popular mountains. It offers a satisfying experience.

What Is The Longest Trail At Killington?

The Juggernaut trail at Killington is the longest in Killington. It is the longest trail in Eastern US. It is 6.5 miles long as well.

Is Stowe Crowded?

Yes, Stowe is crowded, especially during the weekend. There are 9,000 visitors on average during the open season.

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