Is Cancun Safe For A Solo Female Traveler [Find Out Here]

Are you planning a solo trip to Cancun, Mexico, and wondering about is Cancun safe for a solo female traveler?

is cancun safe for a solo female traveler

Yes! No doubt to say that Cancun is one of the safest destinations in Mexico and you can safely visit the city even without having a male companion. There is no more dangerous than the surrounding parts of the city.

But still, it is a must for you to follow the general travel safety guidelines when traveling anywhere in the world. Like, consider staying in the hotel zone, being aware of your belongings, and avoiding strolling alone at night.

But that’s not the end! Sit relax and keep on reading as we are going to share all the best tips with you in this guide so that you can ensure an epic Cancun solo trip.  Let’s get to it!

Is Cancun Safe For A Solo Female Traveler?

If you’re planning a trip to Cancun as a solo female traveler, the first thing that you need to know about how safe the area is. To get a deep insight, go through the below sections: 

How Safe The Cancun Is? [A Safety Overview Of Cancun, Mexico]

Cancun is one of the most popular tourist spots in Mexico, located on the Yucatan Peninsula of Quintana Roo. The city is highly known for covering lots of picturesque sandy beaches, historical sites, all-inclusive resorts, vibrant nightlife, water sports, Mayan ruins, and many more amazing things to do. Due to that, thousands more visitors come and visit the city each year.

how safe the cancun is

When there is a large number of visitors in one location, safety concerns will certainly start especially if you’re new to solo travel. 

In general, Cancun is the safest city in Mexico State. More than 40,000 well-trained police officers are found to be stationed throughout all of Quintana Roo, making Cancun safer than most of America’s biggest cities. Also, the global travel safety program of The World Travel & Tourism Council has listed Cancun as safe for travel.

But that doesn’t mean it is free of crime cases. Some of the frequent occurred crimes in Cancun include: mugging, assaults, pickpocketing, drug trafficking, scams, and so on. Due to these, the crime index of the city reaches 55.86 out of 100. But all that can easily be prevented if you take proper precautions.

Is It Safe To Fly To Cancun As Solo Female Traveler?

Yes! While the city of Cancun itself is a safe destination to visit with a comparatively low crime rate, the airports in Cancun are typically extremely safe. Even you will find armed guards lined in the airport areas to ensure the highest security for the traveler. Thus traveling through Cancun International Airport will certainly be a safe experience for you. 

safe to fly to cancun as solo female traveler

Cancun International Airport (CUN) is the second busiest airport, located in Cancun, Quintana Roo. It is regarded as the world-class airport in Mexico and Latin America with 4 terminals featured for national and international flights.

Currently, it offers flights to more than 50 available destinations in North, Central, and South America, and Europe. 

After arrival, make sure you’ve checked the Cancun Airport Map to find out which terminal you will arrive at. Inside the airport area, there will be a lot of transportation options available that are also safe.

Even the shared shuttle transportation is far safer and there you have nothing to worry about. Also, you can book a taxi stand inside the airport. 

Is Cancun Safe At Night For Female Travelers?

Yes! As a well-planned part of Mexico, you can safely explore this beautiful city even at night time as well. You will find lots of female travelers getting around tourist places at night with male companions.

is cancun safe at night for female travelers

But overall, you need to be cautious always and use common sense while traveling. Consider staying in crowded places and avoid walking outside of the hotel zone after dark.

Cancun is one of the prettiest parts of Mexico that is featured well-lit, clean streets best good for a stroll or sightseeing. Most amazingly, almost all of the popular walking areas lead to shopping and dining options from where you can enjoy Cancun’s local life vibe.

Even all these areas get more vibrant after sunset with colorful lights. You can safely walk around the streets at night. Go through the below safety index:

Safety walking alone during daylight63.82 (High)
Safety walking alone during the night42.53 (Moderate)

So from the above statistics, it’s clear that Cancun is not exempt from petty crime, especially when it is nighttime.

Thus it is recommended to use additional caution if you’re outside of the frequented tourist areas where the security system is enough weak.  Also, it will be highly better to go out in a group if there is an emergency. 

Is It Safe To Walk On Cancun Beach At Night?

Yes! It is safe to walk on Cancun beaches at light as long as it is right in front of your hotel and there should be enough security present.

is it safe to walk on cancun beach at night

Cancun is one of the finest places that is abundant with picturesque beaches, sugary white sands, and turquoise waters. All these beaches are truly spectacular and best for enjoying the day whole.

But as a solo traveler, certainly, lots of safety concerns will come into your mind thinking about whether the beaches in Cancun are safe to explore. 

As previously mentioned, all are safe and you need to take enough precautions to ensure your best security. You can safely walk all day long but be aware of your surroundings and your valuables. If you are planning to swim, keep an eye on the flag system. Only a green flag will sign you that it’s safe to swim.

But we would recommend avoiding hanging out at your beach at night unless it is close to your hotel. Plus, always try to head to such beaches with lifeguards thus they will help you to know the current conditions in the water.

Is It Safe To Walk In Downtown Cancun At Night?

No! It is quite sketchy to walk around Downtown, Cancun at night. The majority of the places in Cancun City are safe for the traveler but Downtown is regarded as one of the danger zones for solo travelers.

is it safe to walk in downtown cancun at night

It is a bustling area of the city that is full of markets, local restaurants, and business sectors. Thus, during the day, exploring downtown Cancun is generally safe but you need to strictly avoid this place at night.  

Cancun is a safe town in Mexico to visit, where a majority of the places are regarding the safest destination for worldwide travelers.

But Downtown is one of the fussy parts of the city due to having lots of street food counters, restaurants, vibrant street art, and open-air markets buzzing with animated vendors. It is always busy with locals and tourists. So, you can conveniently go for a visit to Downtown Cancun during the day.

Hence, make sure you have kept all of your valuables and credit cards in the hotel room. Also, carry a small amount of cash with you as there may have pickpocketers everywhere. 

Is It Safe To Rent A Car In Cancun As A Solo Female Traveler?

Yes!  For the vast majority of travelers, it is completely safe to rent a car in Cancun as a solo female traveler. Even it will allow an easy getting around to the more remote sights.

But you have to make sure that you are renting cars from a reputable company. Also, it is safe to avoid traveling alone in a car at late night unless you are confirmed that it is a registered car. 

Several companies in Cancun are providing services for car renting throughout the city. That includes Hertz in Cancun, National, Sixt, Alamo Cancun, and so on. But in case that, you must consider a reputable one for which you may go through the reviews based on that company. 

safe to rent a car in cancun as a solo female traveler

Anyway here are a few safety tips for renting a car in Cancun that will boost your confidence while traveling:

safe to rent a car in cancun as a solo female traveler

Tip#1: While renting a car from a company, make sure you are providing the right information and details about your destination. You need to be ensured about where you are going.

Tip#2: Don’t forget to bring a cell with having local Sim card.

Tip#3: You need to purchase full overage car insurance and travel insurance as most car renting company doesn’t provide service without the insurance document. Also, it is the best way to avoid hidden or unexpected insurance costs from car rental agents that would be a scam.

Tip#4: Secure all the information related to car booking agreements. You can save them in your email and better to print them out.

Tip#5: Also to rent a car in Cancun, you need to have at least 21 years old.

Is It Safe To Travel On ADO Buses As A Solo Female Traveler?

Yes! As a female traveler, it is completely safe to use ADO buses in Cancun for getting around the city.

safe to rent a car in cancun as a solo female traveler

ADO bus transportation system is quite common in Cancun. Basically, they provide transportation services from Cancun Airport to specific places like Cancun Downtown, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum Downtown. 

The most important thing to note is that ADO buses only tend to stop at ADO BUS STATIONS. It runs between many of the Mexican Caribbean’s most popular tourist destinations but doesn’t stop at any hotel or any other location.

So, as per the ex-pat recommendation in Cancun, these long-distance buses are enough safe, budget-friendly, & comfortable especially if you are travelling alone here.  Even many female travelers noted that they feel much safer with this bus than with a taxi or van transfer. 

Thus, there is no need to worry about safety as they provide the most reliable services in the city and the staff is carefully trained in safety protocols. 

Are Ubers Safe In Cancun For Female Travelers?

No! Though Uber is technically available in Cancun, it is not safe to take it whether you are a solo traveler or traveling with your family. 

Recently, The State Department of Mexico issued a warning statement for travelers in Cuncun who are using ride-sharing apps like Uber. This is because of the incidents between local taxis and Uber drivers. 

are ubers safe in cancun for female travelers

The issue is mainly related to the local taxi unions as they are claiming that Uber drivers don’t face the same licensing fees that are ding. Due to the rising tensions and potential violence, the United States Department of State warned travelers to be careful when ordering Uber and other app-based ride-sharing services.

So, it is recommended to avoid booking Uber in Cancun until the matter gets settled. The safest way to get to your destination is to book a taxi/minivan, having a driving license to pick you up or to take you to your destination. 

How Safe Are Taxis In Cancun For Female Travelers?

Yes! Taxis are generally safe in Cancun as long as you are ensured you’ve hired the licensed one. Also, Taxis are not always a good recommendation for getting around Cancun as chances are you may encounter various harassment from the local driver. 

how safe are taxis in cancun for female travelers

After arriving in Cancun, you will a good number of taxis lined up waiting for passengers.  In general, to say, they are safe to use. As per various ex-pat recommendations, it’s better to avoid taxis in Mexico City. 

There are several reasons why you need to avoid riding a taxi here. Such as:

  • Taxis in Cancun are not regulated. There is no featured taxi meter in the vehicle for why they may overcharge you for your trip. Rather you will not get any receipt to identify that taxi later, thus it is better to avoid taxis especially when you are alone here as a female.
  • In most cases, you may find the quite rude behavior of the taxi driver that may fall you in hassle. Even many travelers complain that many of the drivers were not friendly enough to provide you with good suggestions about Cancun.

Anyway, as an alternative, you may call a local taxi company to send a taxi for you. Through this process, you can ensure to ride a registered and licensed taxi. Also, you can confirm the fact through the two license plates on the front and back of the car. 

Plus, they tend to wear an official uniform with an identification number marked on the side. But overall, we recommend avoiding taking a taxi at night.  

How Safe Drinking Alcohol In Bars And Clubs For Women?

Though it is not unsafe to drink alcohol at all-inclusive resorts, bars, restaurants, and clubs, you should always need to be mindful of your drink.

how safe drinking alcohol in bars and clubs for women

While traveling in Cancun, certainly you want to get amazed by the nightclubs and bars. There you will be served alcohol and many other drinks. As with amusement, it is crucial to be careful when drinking. 

Here are a few safety tips for drinking in Cancun: 

  • Always try to head to a licensed bar as there will be fewer safety concerns. But it is always a good recommendation to be enough moderate in drinking alcohol and know your limits, especially in places or countries you’re unfamiliar with.
  • Also, if you are at the bar, never leave your drink unattended or open for someone. Higher chances are it could be spiked with drugs or alcohol as it is really not safe for you as you are a solo female traveler here.
  • Never accept drinks from strangers and avoid unusual conversations with anyone in an unknown place.
  • Consider drinking beverages that are made from sealed bottles. Also, it’s important to drink plenty of water while drinking. 
  • Drunk driving is certainly illegal in Mexico. There are a good number of traffic checkpoints on the main roads with police on duty. So, if you’re caught drinking while drinking in a public place, you could be fined or even arrested.
  • The minimum drinking age in Mexico is 18 years old. If you are under 18 of age, then you aren’t allowed to drink in this state. 
  • Above all, avoid tainted or substandard alcohol as the consumption of this alcohol may result in illness or blacking out. Even in recent years, there have been various reports come out related to tainted alcohol at resorts.  Thus The U.S. State Department warns about consuming tainted alcohol in the “Safety and Security” section of Mexico’s travel information page

Best Resorts In Cancun For A Solo Female Traveler?

Cancun is one of the best places in Mexico where you find hotels and resorts in all ranges. Now, as a solo traveler, certainly, you are finding an inclusive resort with the best facility to stay in.

best resorts in cancun for a solo female 

Most of the resorts in Cancun are only featured for the single traveler, best recommended for you as there will be no safety concerns for you. For this instance, check the below list:

Hotels/ResortsLocationPrice Per NightRating
Hotel Riu CancunBlvd. Kukulcan Mz 50 Lt 5-Km 9, Punta Cancun, Zona Hotelera, 77500 CancunStarts from $167.4.4/5
Hard Rock Cancun Blvd. Kukulcan 14.5, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancun$4494.6/5
Temptation Cancun Resort Blvd. Kukulcan Km 3.5, Kukulcan Boulevard, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancun
Royalton Riviera Cancun Carretera Federal 307 Cancun-Playa del Carmen, Calle Manzana 102 Lote 15 Km 332, 31, 77500 CancunStarts from $864.2/5
Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancun Blvd. Kukulcan Km 12.5, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancun$4644.6/5
Golden Parnassus Resort Km. 14.5, Blvd. Kukulcan, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancun$1894.1/5
Hyatt Ziva CancunBlvd. Kukulcan Mz 51-Lt 7, Punta Cancun, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancun $6894.6/5
Grand Oasis CancunBlvd. Kukulcan Km 16.5-Lt45-47, Zona Hotelera, 77500 CancunStarts from $1043.7/5

The Safest Destination For Solo Female Traveler In Cancun

While a majority of the parts of Cancun are safe but most of the areas are the best destination for travelers who are looking for reliable places to visit. That includes Zona Hotelera, or Hotel Zone on Cancun Beach, Isla Mujeres, and El Centro or Downtown Cancun.

the safest destination for solo female traveler in cancun

Beyond any doubt, all of these safe neighborhoods in Cancun and go-on suggestions for a solo traveler due to having lower crime rates and tight security. 

Where To Avoid In Cancun For Women?

Well! After reviewing the safest destinations in Cancun, it’s quite essential to learn about the top-rated warning areas of this city. Typically, tourists need to avoid these warning destinations while on a trip or be more cautious if anyone visits in an emergency. 

The bad neighborhood that needs to avoid is located north of Lopez Portillo, near Bonfil. Also, the vast majority of the crimes occur on the city’s outskirts. Generally, these places are not under special security & guards, thus crime incidents are frequent here. 

Anyway, as a solo traveler, you need to keep all these essential points in mind to stay safe in Cancun. 

How Can I Protect Myself In Cancun? [10 Safety Tips For A Solo Female Traveler]

While Cancun is considered generally safe, still there are a few safety tips that can follow when traveling anywhere in this city:

how can i protect myself in cancun

Tip #1: Purchase comprehensive travel insurance:

As for the first step, you need to buy travel insurance. Always try to find out reliable travel insurance that offers a high amount of medical coverage. Also, there should be a policy covering theft or loss of items.

Tip #2: Be aware of your cash and belongings

Whenever you are put out of the hotel zone, avoid carrying too much cash with you. Instead, go for pesos. Also, all shops and restraint in the Cancun accept US dollars thus you can bank cards with you. Plus, avoid wearing flashy jewelry as chances are you may encounter thieve or pickpocketers and you will lose your valuables in a newer city. 

Tip #3: Don’t walk anywhere at night 

It is a crucial point that you must have to follow. Avoid strolling anywhere in the city especially when you are alone. If you wish to walk on the beach, only go out if it is nearer to your hotel zone. Also, the hotel security should come with you. Try to stick yourself in crowded areas.

Tip#4: Be cautious while using ATMs

ATM scammers are quite common in almost every part of Mexico City. Thus when withdrawing money out of an ATM, you need to be much more cautious. Don’t talk to a stranger regarding your pin or card details. Plus, always be aware of who is around you. 

Tip #5: Consider Organized Day Trips and Excursions

While traveling alone in a new city, it will be always best to choose a day trip and excursion and obviously that should be well organized. Make sure you are purchasing the excursions from a reputable company. For this instance, go through the reviews from the customers.

Tip #6: Be pleasant and kind, but not naive

Traveling alone in a newer city makes the best opportunity to meet newer people. At times, it will be a great way to make like-minded friends for life. But it’s not a good idea to be over pleasant with a stranger. Higher chances are any of them may scammer and that will leave you in danger. Whenever you feel uncomfortable, just leave the place.  

Tip#7: Try To Connect With Other Travelers

As you are alone in a new city, it will be easier for you to meet and befriend other travelers. Especially, while visiting touristy places like Playa Del Carmen, Isla Holbox, and Tulum, you will find lots of travelers like you. It’ll be better to make friends with them to add a new safety line to your solo trip. 

Tip #8: Share your itinerary with your friends and family

Always try to give an update about your whereabouts to your friends and family. Let them where you are and where you’re going. Also, be aware of what you’re sharing with your social media platforms when you are traveling alone as you never know who else is following you.

Tip#9: Pick up a local SIM Card

After arriving in Cancun, don’t forget to manage a local SIM card for you. You will find three Mexicans that includes Telcal, AT&T, and Movistar.  Also, purchase a maximum of GB of data. 

Tip#10: Concentrate on What you are packing

Be concentrated on what you are packing. Pack all your essentials and clothes based on the weather in that city. Also, don’t forget to take a medical kit always with you as you will be alone there. 

Best Time To Go To Cancun For Solo Woman?

If you are desiring to explore Cancun city in the best weather, plan for a trip from  December to April during the peak season. It is the perfect time to visit Cancun City where you will find sunny skies and warm weather. You can expect a temperature between 75 and 90 degrees, even with a little rain. Also, you will find almost crowded in all tourist areas thus it will be the safest time to visit Cancun as a solo female traveler.

best time to go to cancun for solo woman

Keep a note that, the hottest month of the year in Mexico is May with an average temperature of 33°C whereas January is regarding the coolest month of the year. Also, avoid traveling in Mexico in June and November as the hurricane season falls in these months.

Thus overall December through April is the safest time to visit Cancun. But you will expect to have the crowds surge everywhere and the hotel room rates are at their highest.

How Many Days Are Safe To Stay In Cancun As Women?

On average, three to five days are enough to explore the entire Cancun city and to experience most of its best sights. Or, you can split your trip day into 7 days.

This will give you ample time to visit the significant sites and enjoy some more activities in Cancun and the neighboring areas in a relaxed mode.

how many days are safe to stay in cancun as women

Before planning a vacation, the first thing you need to decide how long to spend in Cancun. The factors depend on a few different things like what you want to see, arrival time, and so on.

To figure out all these factors, first, make a list of the things you want to do.  But clearly saying, 3-5 days will be the ideal length for you to see the city’s highlights safely.

How Do I Get From Cancun Airport To My Hotel Safely?

If you are wondering about getting from Cancun airport to your hotel destination safely, here are a few transportations options that you can choose from:

TransportationDurationOne way cost
Private Shuttle3o minUS$ 39 (from 1 to 3 p)
Car Rental3o minUS$ 30 – 70 (per day)
Shared Shuttle30 min – 60 minUS$ 10 (per person)
Private Stretch-limo30 minfrom 85 USD
ADO Bus 1- 2h$US 5 (per person)
Taxi30 min$US 80 – 100 (per taxi)
Colectivo1 hour $2 USD (approx.) for one-way service

Advantages Of Travelling Alone In Cancun, Mexico As Women

If you are planning for your upcoming holiday in Mexico, it will definitely be an unforgettable and unique experience as a solo traveler. Besides amusement, there are advantages you will be offered that you can’t imagine ever. Wondering what are those? 

Let’s walk through why Cancun Mexico is the perfect destination for independent traveling:

1. You Will Meet Interesting People

Generally while traveling with others, you will get stuck with your group. There will fewer chances of meeting newer people in the city.

But when you are traveling alone, there will be one type of forced to talk to other people for various purposes. And that’s the point, it will be easier for you to strike up new friendships in a new place.

2. Chances To Improve Language Skills

If you are traveling alone, it will be enough to catch up to a newer language so quickly. For example, the official language of Mexico is Spanish and more than 90 percent of the people speak this.

chances to improve language skills

Thus when you are traveling in this city, you certainly need to learn fewer Spanish phrases to make your conversation easier with the locals.

chances to improve language skills

When you are traveling with others, you will more likely to rely on your companions. But solo travel is offering you this opportunity to constantly practice a new language.

3. You Will Experience Warm Hospitality From Locals

Mexico City is worldwide popular for having a great diversity-friendly vibe from the locals. You will be amazed to see their genuine hospitality.

you will experience warm hospitality from locals

They are always welcoming and very inviting to the travelers or newer who come to visit their country. Even at a time, you will feel like you are better welcomed and taken care of than the locals. Thus all of this is going to be a newer experience for you. 

4. Makes Chances To Open Up To New Challenges

When you are traveling alone, you will get chances to come out of your comfort zone and open up to new challenges. This will give you the empowerment that you can do anything by yourself. 

makes chances to open up to new challenges

You will learn the best ways to deal with pressure and that will develop your self-confidence. Also, it will make you realize that there is nothing to burden on others.

5. You Will Learn More About Yourself

This is one of the greatest benefits that you will get while traveling alone. As you are Stepping outside of your comfort zone, it’ll be a great way to know yourself better.

you will learn more about yourself

When you spend time by yourself, you will learn to make decisions or solve problems by yourself. Through this process, you can discover your true self and come to know how much you are capable of


Can I drink tap water in Cancun, Mexico?

No! Tap water in Mexico is not considered safe for human consumption. Instead, consider drinking bottled purified water while traveling there. Take a water-to-go bottle with you and fill it whenever you need. 

Should I buy Mexico travel insurance?

Yes! As a traveler, you should consider their travel insurance options whenever you are planning a trip here. It will provide you with a great advantage starting from medical emergencies and all the coverage related to trip cancellation, lost baggage, and so on. 

Is it safe to drive in Cancun?

Yes! It is quite safe to drive in Cancun as long as you are completely known to the area. Otherwise, you wouldn’t feel comfortable driving. After arriving at the airport, rent a car to drive and consider driving onto the highway instead of downtown Cancun.

Is it safe to go out of the all-inclusive resorts in Cancun?

Yes! You can conveniently go out of the resort zone to explore the city without having safety concerns. But make sure you’ve researched before heading out and be cautious always whenever you are going. 

In Closing!

Still puzzling about “Is Cancun safe for a solo traveler?” Hopefully not! Our comprehensive guide is enough to ensure the best and safest trip in Cancun, Mexico.

Just make sure you’ve followed all of the travel tips mentioned above. Do let us know if you want to know more about this Mexico destination in the comment section. Our travel experts are always for your assistance.

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