Is Belize Safer Than Mexico: Discover Which Is Safe

Belize is the safest country compared to Mexico. Even though a high tourist population, Belize is vulnerable to various crime incidents like corruption, bribery, drugs, mugging, robbery, and drug abuse. But the crime rate in this nation is lower than in Mexico City. 

is belize safer than mexico

If you are planning a trip to Belize or Mexico, safety and security should be your first concerning fact. That’s the point the query starts on “is Belize safer than Mexico or vice versa, as it is crucial to determine the safest destination.

Overall, it’s harder to dispute that both nations are quite incredible for traveling but the question lies in safety. Let’s track down the safest destination for your next trip by comparing a few major factors.

Is Belize Safer Than Mexico?

When you are planning a trip to Belize or Mexico, getting puzzled about the safety concern is quite obvious. That’s the point, you’ll need detailed information about each country. 

For instance, before heading to the final decision, let’s explore how safe is each country for traveling and living.

How Safe The Belize Is?

Belize is a popular eco-tourism destination located on the eastern coast of Central America. The city is bordered by Mexico to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the east.

how safe the belize is

Also, the city has the second largest barrier reef in the world, being the perfect go-on destination for tourists for snorkeling.

According to the stats in 2018, about 1,525,547 tourists visited Belize and the country generated around 487.00 million US dollars from the tourism sector. 

Aside from endless adventure for tourism, the country is at higher risk for increasing violent crime like sexual assault, armed robberies, home invasions, drug trafficking, shootings, stabbings and murder.

Along with the locals, foreigners come in as the first target for crime due to their perceived wealth. But Belize would be a pretty safe experience for you by applying proper knowledge and prudence for the trip here. 

Crime Rate Comparison Of Belize VS Mexico

When determining the safety of a destination, travelers may get puzzled between Mexico and Belize. For this instance, you can go through the below crime rate comparison chart between these two countries:

Murder Rate1533
Homicide rate 25 26.6 
Rape Rate6.713.2
Robberies 182.4504.7
Gun crime1015
Drugs related crime8.5%1.2%

Crime In Belize

Belize is an amazingly beautiful country in Central America, boasting with impressively diverse culture, lots of national attractions and tourist places. Aside from the charms, the city has a reputation for higher murder rates. 

crime in belize

Even it is listed as one of the highest murder rates per capita in the world. Besides murders, drug and human trafficking, street gang activity, sexual assaults and organized crime are the violent incidents here.

Here is a short list of the most common crimes in Belize that need to be aware of before you travel here:

1. Mugging 

Mugging is very common in Belize streets. According to the Ocindox, there are about 900 to 1400 gang members in Belize City in which eight of the ones are seen as highly active. 

Mugging is very common in all the districts of Belize but the majority of the ones occurs in Belize City. Few incidents of this violent crime are done at night times targeting foreigners. But when the incidents occur, it would be better to just avoid the area. 

2. Pickpockets Risk

According to statistics, Belize City is quite vulnerable to pickpocketing risk. The pickpocketing incidents are frequent here and mostly happen during spring break and winter holidays when there are high crowds in tourist places and public transport. 

Thus it is recommended that tourists take necessary precautions and remain vigilant at all times while out and about.

3. Roadway Robbery

If you are in Belize, always be aware of road robberies. It is very uncommon to have armed robberies on highways but they usually happen at night times.

They often work in pairs on motorcycles and try to harass the nearer passengers in taxis by pointing guns. Thus travelling alone in taxis and any other public transport is risky, especially at night.

To avoid this incident, it would be better not to carry large amounts of cash with you and even avoid wearing jewelry in the street.

4. Scams

There are some common scams in Belize city that you need to be aware of before travelling. Go through the below listing:

i) Taxing Overcharging:

Taxis are the reliable way to get around Belize city when Uber and its alternatives are not available for your destination.

As there is no featured meter inside Belize cities, thus you need to fix the rent cost first. In many cases, you may encounter overcharges from the driver for your trip.

ii) ATM Scams

It is one of the most common scams that you may face. When you are using the ATM for cash withdrawal, someone may approach you offering help to avoid local bank fees. 

But actually, they are scammers and have intentions to scan your debit or credit card with the card skimmer and also watch the pin that you are entering. So, be aware of that!

iii) Bird Poop Scam

Whenever you are walking through Belize City it’s very common to have sudden bird poop on your shoulder. That’s the time, a stranger may come to you and offers to help clean up.

Behind the help, his core intentions would be to pickpocket you. So, you need to be careful about this and better to refuse this help.

iv) Restaurant Scams

It is another common scam that you may encounter. As for travellers or foreigners, the restaurant may ask for an overcharge for their service in your bills. To avoid this scam, you can discuss all the details of that restaurant with a local. 

5. Terrorism

There’s no recent terrorism history in Belize City. But the attackers can’t be ruled out. Also, UK Counter Terrorism Policing has advice on staying safe abroad in case of a terrorist attack.

Crime In Mexico

Mexico is also in good ranking for higher crime cases throughout the country. According to the latest statistic for 2021, there are about 45,336 crimes per 100,000 people residing in this city. 

crime in mexico

Here is the survey of crime rates in Mexico City from the years 2014 to 2021. This is representing the lowest crime incidence in 2021. 

survey of crime rates in Mexico City

Nevertheless, all these crimes may affect tourists and travellers here. Thus it will be worth being cautious about all the crimes occurring in this city:

  • Drug trafficking and drug-related violence.
  • Airport taxi upcharge scam
  • Fake ATM helper scam
  • Restaurant scam
  • Vehicle theft 
  • Robbery on the street or public transportation

Safety Comparison Between Belize & Mexico

Here is the short safety comparison between Belize and Mexico City: 

i). Drinking Water

If it is about drinking water, the water from the tap in Belize city is not completely safe to drink. Tap water from certain locations is likely filled with contaminants like pesticides, herbicides, industrial waste and potential toxins.

All that will cause serious health problems if you drink that. But at times, it will safe for brushing teeth, washing food, and cooking.

use safe drinking water

That’s the point, expats in Belize recommend drinking bottled water or it will be far better if you are using filtered tap water. Most restaurants are careful about valued guests and so they provide bottled water. 

Unlike Belize, it’s not completely safe to drink tap water in Mexico as it carries serious contaminants like viruses, bacteria, chemicals, parasites and microplastics. So it is quite unsafe for human consumption but you can drink iced beverages, coffee, and fruits without any tension. 

drink iced beverages, coffee, filtered water  and fruits  in mexico

While traveling, you have to use bottled or filtered water. But use a refillable water bottle instead of using single-use plastic bottles as they are horrible for the environment. 

If you are planning to stay longer, buy a large Water-To-Go bottle of water from a Mexico grocery or convenience store, and refill your bottle as needed.

ii). Food Safety

The foods in Belize City are completely safe and delicious to eat.  Belize’s cuisines are the most diverse and delicious ones that you find hardly find in other parts of the world. 

foods in belize are completely safe

As a developed Western country, Belizeans are always concerned about sanitation in preparing food. Even street food is also safe to eat since it is been cooked up right in front of you.

Also, Belize is boasted various seafood which you can taste without any stress. If you are thinking about the freshness level, you can eat from your hotel/guesthouse only. In case you are purchasing fruits and vegetables from the local market, make sure you’ve cleaned them using bottled water.

foods in mexico

If it is about Mexican food, there is no denying that they are delicious and quite safe. No matter if you are eating street foods or culinaries from the hotel, all the safe to eat since the tap water isn’t used. But avoid taking raw seafood, undercooked eggs, or any other undercooked meal served in restaurants that are not completely cooked. 

iii). Transport Incidences Safety

Without any doubt, taxis are the best and most convenient way to get around Belize city. The taxis are available 24/7 around the city and also you will find them lined in busy locations. 

taxis are safe in belize city

The taxis in Belize are safe well since you are hiring licensed taxis. The way to sign the licensed taxis is through the green license plates. Another thing you should know is that the taxis in Belize have no fixed meter rate or consistent look.

You have to fix the rid cost first before you get in. It’s common to share taxi rides in Belize. So don’t be wondered if the driver stops and picks up more passengers. 

Unlike Belize, there are far more reliable ways to get around Belize City like Uber and taxis. But taking a taxi on Mexico street is not the safest idea as long as you are not quite known with the proper authentication of that taxi. 

 use official taxis in mexico

Also, taxi in Mexico doesn’t use taxi meter. That’s the point, there have lots of records about passenger harassment through the drivers for the rid cost. To avoid this, always use authorized and official taxis on the road and fix the cost of the ride before getting into it.

iv). Hotels & Resorts Safety

Belize is one of the safest destinations for tourists and visitors worldwide. Thus, there is no doubt about safety while staying in this calm & beautiful city. All the resorts and hotels in Belize are safe since they are staffed with friendly locals. 

hotels and resorts safety

Also, you will find security guards at the night to ensure the highest safety of the visitors. But it’s better to check that you’re choosing your accommodation in a risk-free region in Belize. In such cases, you can contact a reliable travel agency to discuss the fact.

In recent years, Mexico was the second most visited tourist country in the world where you will find well-class hotels for accommodation. All the resorts and hotels in Mexico are quite safe to stay in for locals, travelers and visitors. Most of the ones hold a strong reputation and high good feedback from the visitors. 

But the fact depends on the area where you are staying. There are some areas in Mexico where resorts and accommodations are not completely safe.

Still, there are a few safety tips that you may follow while choosing hotels in Belize or Mexico City:

  • The foremost tip is choosing the resort’s destination within a safe area which has less number of cases. In such a case, you can check the resort’s website before reservations.
  • Also check out the safety measures the hotels that will take to protect the guests. It’s better to contact a trusted tour guide operator. 
  • Before heading to the resort, you can ask for airport pickup as most of the hotels and resorts offer this facility to the visitor. It reduces the scams happening for the most part. 

v). Beach Safety

Belize & Mexico both are the most popular destinations in America having stunning beaches and islands. All the beaches are best of the best for snorkelling, swimming in the clear blue Caribbean water and lounging in the sun. 

completely safe  to swim in the ocean in belize and mexico

Don’t think about safety while swimming in the water. It is completely safe and secure to swim in the ocean. Moreover, it will be worth it to go around the sunny beaches, perfect for feeling healthy and refreshed.

Also, you can go ahead for snorkelling or diving since you are aware of the safety precautions. 

Here we have listed some pro tips to keep safe in the beaches area:

  • It’s better to swim on the lifeguarded beaches where you will find trained professionals to keep you and your family safe. Never swim alone as long as you are not highly skilled in it.
  • Before heading to the water, it’s crucial to consider your swimming capabilities and health conditions.
  • Keep your child and toddlers under your close supervision.
  • You will find the sun and UV at times in the beach area. In such cases, make sure you have applied high SPF-containing sun cream to avoid getting sunburn.
  • Keep a water bottle with fresh water in your hand to stay hydrated in the sunny area

vi). National Parks & Historical Sites Safety 

Belize City is abundant with lots of attractive national parks, natural monuments, wildlife sanctuaries, reserves and trails that are not only safe for solo travellers but ideal in so many ways.

national parks, natural monuments, wildlife sanctuaries and trails in belize

Generally, you will find a very less crowd in such protected areas and also well-maintained with all facilities. 

national parks, natural monuments, wildlife sanctuaries and trails in belize

But you need to follow some of the safety measures while visiting the national parks in both cities. For this instance:

  • When it is about wildlife, maintain a good distance between yourself and any park wildlife. 
  • While visiting parks, make sure you are following all the rules and regulations to keep yourself and your nearer ones safe. Follow the park’s social distancing guidelines as well.
  • Avoid drinking water from the river or lake at the national park as it may be contaminated with bacteria, viruses, and parasites even if the water looks clean. Drinking this water will result in waterborne diseases like cryptosporidiosis or giardiasis.
  • Also always try to be with a tour group while visiting any reserve, park or historic site in the city. 

How To Stay Safe In Belize & Mexico City?

As Belize is one of the safest destinations in Central America, thus there will be less chance of riskiness while visiting this city. Also, Mexico is on the list of safe countries in southern North America but the crime and violence rate is higher than in Belize.

how to stay safe in belize & mexico city

Nevertheless, there are some must-to-do actions that you need to consider and some precautions you should avoid in both cities. Get details from the below points:

Things To Consider While Traveling 

Here are the general tips for a traveler to follow:

things to consider while traveling 

Tip#1: Fix Where You Will Stay Wisely

Before arrival, first, you have to know your destination in depth. Go through the traveler reviews on Google or consult with locals about what places to stay and the major incidences of crime in that place.

Tip #2: Do Copies Of Your Important Documents

Make sure you have made 2 or 3 of hard copies all your important documentation like your passport, and form of identification. This process will help you in expediting if you lose the original one.

Tip #3: Consider Taking Public Transportation During The Day

Basically, public transportation is a convenient and affordable way to get around Belize and Mexico. You can take any of the ones- 

  • City buses 
  • Water taxis
  • Shuttle services from the road route.
  • Rail Metro
  • The Chicken Bus
  • The modern coach

But as per the expert recommendation, the buses and other public transformation is the semi-safe option as they have a few records of public harassment. So it’s better to avoid using this transportation at night. 

Tip #4: Be Cautious About Nightlife Activities

When you are at a nightclub in Belize and Mexico, be concerned about the drinks that you are taking there. In a few nightclubs, it’s very common to serve the drink to the foreigner mixed with drugs.

So, we recommend keeping yourself in control when you are partying out in the clubs. 

Tip #5: Follow The Local Laws

When you are exploring any city and its attractions, make sure you are not violating any local laws as it is crucial to maintain. You should always keep in mind that, local laws are also imposed on you as a visitor and it’s your responsibility to apply the laws properly.

If you break those laws even unknowingly, you will be held responsible and may need to pay the penalties.

Tip #6: Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

While travelling, there will be a lot of new people you meet and learn about their cultures. Here are also some safety measures that you need to follow. 

Always be aware of your surroundings and your personal belongings when you are talking to strangers. In case, you feel any suspiciousness nearer you, leave the area immediately.

Tip #7: Get Belize Travel Insurance

Research for Belize & Mexico Travel insurance. In such a way, you will be secured against health risks, delayed flights, and many more repatriation and miscellaneous travel benefits when travelling

Things To Avoid In Belize & Mexico City

Here are a few things that you need to avoid in Belize & Mexico City:

things to avoid in belize & mexico city

Tip #1: Don’t Draw Attention

When you are travelling in Belize or Mexico city, especially at night times, make sure you are not wearing conspicuous clothing that will attract attention. Try to use google maps instead of asking for directions from strangers. 

Tip #2: Consider Not Taking Cash 

It will be highly better not to take a large amount of cash in a purse or money bag as it is quite vulnerable to crime. It may leave you in danger in such an unknown city if it is stolen.

Tip #3: Don’t Do Drugs 

Keep yourself far away from drugs. You may encounter higher penalties for drug offences. Also, it may lead to life imprisonment if you will be caught offering such substances for sale.

Tips #4: Avoid Driving at Night.

In both cities, generally, you will find most of the roads are quite well-maintained that are best to drive, while many of the ones are inconsistent. The main problem starts when it rains. The roads become slick after rain due to inconsistent paving. That’s the reason, we recommend not driving at night as it may lead to serious accidents.

Tip #5: Avoid Physically Resisting any Robbery Attempt

Self-defense always proves well when you are applying it as a preventive tip. If you victim of a robber, don’t try to be a hero. They usually carry guns and will try to deadly physical force you if you are resisting them. 

Do not try to resist the robber physically as money is not worth so much by falling life at risk. Avoid the situation in silence and head to a police station later.

The Safest Destination Of Belize

When you are deciding where to visit Belize, you need to go through full research about the safest places in the city. Don’t take more hassle. Here we have listed the safest places to visit in Belize City:

1. Caye Caulker

Caye Caulker is listed as one of the safest destinations in Belize City. It is a five-mile-long limestone coral island in Belize’s Caribbean Sea. The island is the second largest of the Belizean cayes and regarding a prime stop for travellers, enough for getting a full relaxation vibe. 

caye caulker in belize

The full vibrant turquoise water with the freshest air of the surrounding, make it a perfect beach destination for travellers. Most importantly, it is a safe island for families and backpackers alike as violent crime is very rare here. 

2. Corozal

Corozal is one of the most beautiful towns in Belize, located about 84 miles north of Belize City. Incredible charms and easy and affordable accessibility makes the town a popular haven for expats and retirees from the United States and across the world.

corozal town in belize

 It is considered a very safest tourist destination. Due to many foreign residents, crime is almost non-existent in this town and also regarding the most affordable places to live in Belize. But still, you may encounter pickpocketing here but the rate of this crime is quite less. 

3. San Pedro Town

San Pedro is a popular town in Belize located southern part of the Ambergris Caye island. The town is highly known for the Barrier Reef which is the ‘second-largest’ Barrier Reef in the world. 

 san pedro town in belize

Without any denying, this charming town is one of the safest & peaceful places in the city, making it a perfect destination for solo and female travellers. The rate of crime is very less and hardly pickpocketing and any other serious crimes in this area since you are careful about looking after your stuff.

Where To Avoid In Belize City? [Top-Rated Warning Destinations To Know]

Aside from the safest destination, there are a few warning & dangerous places in Belize City that you need to avoid whenever you are there.

where to avoid in belize city

1. Stann Creek

Stann Creek is a district that is located in the southeast region of Belize. The place is listed as the 4th dangerous and risky place in Belize city due to the growing crime rate. Thus walking or travelling alone here is not recommended.

2. South Side of Belize City

The south side of Belize City is quite vulnerable to crime. There has been a lot of criminal records in recent years thus expat discourage to visit this place without any emergency. Even it is sad that the complete area is under the gang. 

3. Western Border of Belize

The Western Border of Belize is listed as the top listed warning region in this city due to the growing number of drug and people smugglers. Tourists should avoid this place as there have chances to encounter them. 

Also, you find an ongoing border dispute between Belize and Guatemala. Make sure you are using official border crossings whenever you are in that area. 

4. Cotton Tree Village 

The cotton tree village is a small village in the Cayo District of central interior Belize. The village has a high record of grisly incidents that make the place risky for visitors to visit. But you can visit the Cotton Tree Lodge here which is mostly popular for its delicious cuisine.

5. George Street

The 0.8 kilometres long George Street is a very known place in Belize, next to Collet Canal. This street and the nearer area are known for being extra sketchy thus it’s better to avoid travelling here. 

The Safest Destination Of Mexico

Mexico is a big country, having lots of the safest beaches and cities, perfect for travelling or living. Let’s disclose the safest & friendly places of Mexcio City with beautiful surroundings:

1. Tultum

Tultum is a popular tourist destination in Mexcio located on the Caribbean Sea in Quintana Roo state. as from the tourist recommendation, it has minimal violent crime incidents and is moderately safe to visit.

tulum in mexico

Moreover, it will give you a chance to get a glimpse of the endless Mayan culture in a lively atmosphere. 

2. Merida

Merida is the top 8th ranked safe Mexican city in America, that is located in Yucatan state. The crime rates are low here and you will enjoy the most impressive hospitality from the locals.

merida in mexico

Police are seen in action on practically every street corner with the flashing light.

3. Puerto Vallarta

According to the crime rates states, Puerto Vallarta is another safest destinations in Mexico City. The crime rate of this city is far lower than other major cities in the United States. 

puerto vallarta beach in mexico

Thus authorities are always concerned about local law enforcement to ensure the best safety of the travelers. Thus travelers can enjoy stunning beaches, bustling nightlife and beautiful marine life without any hassle. 

4. La Paz

La Paz is the safest destination to go, located in the Baja California Sur state on Mexico’s west coast. it is renowned for almost no violent crime or criminal organizations.

la paz in mexico

Even at night, the city is the most peaceful and safest for the solo traveler as well. 

5. Cancun

Cancun is listed as one of the best vacation cities in Mexico. Moreover, it is a far safer place compared to the other destination in this city. There are a lot of exciting things to do and you will be amazed to see the all-inclusive safest hotels and resorts here. 

cancun in mexico

Though there are no occasional records of valiant crimes like scams and pickpockets in this country, you need to take some precautions to ensure more safety. 

Note: Here if you have a plan to visit Cancun, then we recommend taking a look at our comprehensive travel guide on Belize Vs Cancun. It will help you to reach your decision.

Where To Avoid In Mexico City? [Top-rated Warning Destinations To Know]

where to avoid in mexico city

When it comes to danger in Mexico, here is the list of the most unsafe and dangerous destinations in Mexico City:

1. Zacatecas 

According to 90% of the locals’ statements, Zacatecas is the top-ranked unsafe place in Mexico City. The state is on the red alert for higher crime incidents and kidnapping cases. 

2. Colima

Avoid travelling to Colima due to higher crime and kidnapping. According to the states in 2022, there are about 181.94 murder cases occurred per 100 thousand people. 

3. Guadalajara

Guadalajara is considered one of the insecure destinations of Mexico City. about 87.1% of the population feels unsafe here due to Violent crime, shootings and gang activities. 

4. Puebla

For about 87.1% of locals of the Mexico state, Puebla is the most dangerous place in Mexico city. Corruption, attacks, and vandalism are very common here. 

5. Michoacan 

The travel state of Mexico City warns about Michoacan city due to increasing crime and kidnapping cases. There are a major amount of armed groups that are always committing organized crime activities.

6. Tamaulipas 

Tamaulipas state is highly rated for gun battles, murder, carjacking, kidnapping, and armed robbery cases. so, it is quite dangerous to travel alone here. 

Which Is Safer To Travel Alone?  Belize Or Mexico?

Belize and Mexico both are completely safe for solo travelers to travel since you are cautious about how to avoid minor crimes in these cities. 

which is safer to travel alone belize or mexico

Belize is a wonderful destination for adventurous people who want to explore the Mayan ruins. But much solo travel take is challenging to travel alone here as the city has few records on the web about crime incidents. 

But the term can easily be tackled if you are careful and paying pay attention to your surroundings. Keep yourself away from those areas which are dangerous or sketchy, especially Belize City.

Also, it’s better to have a downloaded map with you thus you can go to your destination quite easily.  

On the contrary, if you are in Mexico,  you need to take precautions as well. Such as it will be better to take an Uber instead of a taxi or walk at late night. Avoid taking cash or wearing flashy jewelry and valuables.  Also, always try to stick in a crowded place. 

Which Is Safe To Visit For Female Travelers [Mexico Or Belize] 

To most people, Belize is a safer option for a female traveler to visit alone.

which is safe to visit for female travelers mexico or belize

Nevertheless, Mexico is also safe for a solo female traveler for the most part as well as long as she is aware of their surroundings and maintains all the precautions to stay safe.

For this instance, you can go through the following:

  • If you are female and travelling alone in an unknown city, be careful when talking to a new male stranger in restaurants and bars. You can take help from a reliable tour guide or make female friends like you. 
  • Don’t share your all credentials with a stranger as it may bring great danger to your trip.
  • Avoid buying food and drinks from any store which is completely unknown to you.   
  • Keep a watchful eye out when you are in rural and metropolitan locations alone. 
  • Always try to travel in safe areas and use the main road to get around your destinations. Stay away from the dark street and better not to go out alone at night. 
  • If you are planning a trip to Mexico alone, learning Spanish is crucial to stay safe in this city. In such a way, at least you would understand what is being said around you.
  • In case you are exploring the nightlife activities, be careful that you are getting drunk in the clubs.
  • To avoid pickpocketing, it will be better to take a cross-body purse instead of a flashy hand purse. 

Which Is Safer To Travel With Families? Belize Or Mexico?

Belize and Mexico both are the perfect destinations to travel with families. But when you are hunting for the safest destination with minimal crime incidents, Belize is the go-on suggestion for you.

which is safer to travel with families belize or mexico

Belize is far safer than Mexico as it is a small nation and the crime rates are low compared to Mexico City. Go through the below crime index and safety scale of these two major countries to get a clear idea:

crime index and safety scale of belize and mexico
IndexMexico Belize
Crime Index54.2753.48
Safety Scale45.7346.52

So it is obvious to choose Belize if you are looking for the safest place for touring with your family. Though the city is safer, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful. 

By applying precautions, you will certainly enjoy the diverse culture, diving opportunities, ancient ruins, incredible caves, and many more in the laid-back atmosphere of Belize without any hassle.

In Closing!

Belize is an amazingly beautiful country in Central America and certainly well worth visiting. The beauty of this non-Latin city lies in its unspoiled beaches, pristine reefs, friendly locals, mouthwatering cuisines coral islands and many more natural attractions. 

Aside from all these beauties, Belize is constantly ranking in crime incidents as well due to its geographical position on the border with Guatemala. The same factor foes the neighborhood of Mexico City as it has a high crime rate. 

This factor may lead to you deep thinking Is Belize Safer than Mexico?” Hopefully, you have got the right answer here. 

Still confused? Let us know through comments. We’ll give our level best to rectify all of your queries. 

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