Importance of Child Psychology [Know For Effective Parenting]

When you want to grow up your child in the right way, the importance of child psychology is limitless. Here, you should learn how to read your child’s psychology.

Reading your child’s personality minutely will help you to know your child’s likes-dislikes, thinking, opinion, problems, and inquiry. Thus, it will allow you to play the role of parenting effectively.

It will help you to focus on your child’s hidden talent, intellectual property, and his/her potentiality. But, remember, it’s not an easy task to read your child’s psychology. So if you fail to read your child’s psychology rightly, it can be the cause of your child’s dark future, an unhappy life.

Therefore your parenting role is a vital part of how your child would be molded mentally and physically.

Sigmund Freud says “Babies are initially driven by instinctive and selfish urges but gradually adapt to a more realistic approach by imbibing their parents’ values and rules. These play a role in the development of the child’s conscience”.

Importance of Child Psychology
Importance of Child Psychology

Importance of Child Psychology-16 Best Parenting Tips 

Looking for the best way of parenting & enhancing your parenting skills as you have become the new parent?

Here, I like to say you that parenting does not mean loving and providing comfort to your child.

It refers to a process in which you should promote and support your child mentally, emotionally, physically, socially, and intellectually.

So to support your child better, you need to know your child’s psychology minutely.

Therefore here I have some best parenting tips for new parents that will help you definitely to read your child’s psychology rightly:

Observe, Observe and Observe your Child

Observing your child’s daily activities minutely will effectively help you to learn your child’s psychology. Look at your child when he/she eats, plays and talks. You will come up with your child’s temper, actions, emotions, and expressions.

Keep in mind never expect their works like the adult. Take your child as a child and stay with their development. He has his own personality which is unique. Never try to make a change in his personality. Just co-operate with them to better it.

Listen, Listen and Listen to Your Child

To be a good parent, listen when your child talks, is very important to study your child’s psychology.

Don’t interrupt when your kids talk. Let them talk about whatever they like. Just focus on the tone, expression, and body language while talking. It will help you to know what they like, dislike and fear.

If you fail to understand your child, don’t blame them. Just ask questions but not too many. It can shut off your child.

Become Your Child’s Best Friend

Parenting remains incomplete if you fail to become your child’s best friend. A child likes to express himself/herself fully when he/she finds his/her parents not only as parents but also as a good friend.

A child always seeks security. They think their parents secured when they find their parents as good friends.

But mind it, becoming a friend does not mean forgetting parenting roles. Be open-minded but never forget to point out your child’s mistakes. Whatever is good; make your child stay with it comfortably.

Spend Undivided and Quality Time with Your Child

Now we are living in a world of maddening competition. We are always in a hurry and a compact schedule. As a result, when we stay with our children, we also remain busy.

Wrong!! Leave this habit just now. Otherwise, spoil your child’s future.

To read your child’s psychology, stay together, play together, watch a movie together, cook together, and so on without any disruption. Your child will feel comfortable and it will let you your child better.

Play with Your Child

A wise saying goes “A child is born to play, designed to play and forced to play by nature.” The urge to play in a child is instinctive.

So let your play even play with your child. You will get a glimpse of your child’s nature.

A child always wants to win. When you will play with your child, you will closely observe in which way your child desires to win and get the scope to correct your child’s state if something goes wrong with your child.

One thing I can notice while I play with my son that he becomes excited when he is lost. But, when I talk to him that win and defeat are the parts of games. Tomorrow when you will win, your opposition will be defeated. Nobody wins always.

Moreover, win always does not matter. The aim of games and sports is to develop mutual understanding, friendship, and brotherhood.

Now my son is more reasonable with his defeat than ever before. So, there are many incredible benefits of games and sports in kids’ life.

Look for a Quality School

If you are brought up in a good environment, the bad will turn into good. In the same way, if you stay in a bad environment, good things in you will turn into bad.

In a child’s life, the school’s environment is a great fact. Quality school means a gathering of quality students and this quality students and environment certainly affect your child’s nature.

You will get a good way to compare your child’s nature with other qualified students.

Talk to Your Child’s Friends

A child, particularly a teenager tends to hide many things from his parents. This is the force of nature. But they may share these things with their best friends.

So talking to your child’s friends will help you to get an idea of your child’s psychology.

But remember it doesn’t’ make the direct query for your child. It will develop disbelief in your child about you.

Read on Child Psychology

Learning child psychology is a vital fact for effective parenting. If a parent does not have any knowledge of child psychology, how is it possible for them to treat their child in the right way?


Read books and journals on child psychology and it will give you an insight into child psychology and how they grow up. Being lighted yourself will help you to light your child.

Importance of Child Psychology
Importance of Child Psychology

Never Blame Your Child

To ere is the human being. It is true for everybody. Nobody is perfect on this earth. So your child is not. Expecting your child 100% correct is a kind of blasphemy. A child will make mistakes and learn through mistakes.

Never blame your child for committing mistakes. Rather help them to correct the mistakes.

If you blame and blame, once they will become aggressive. So stop blaming and help to correct and lead to success.

Keep Your Promise

Be careful about making a promise to your child. When you make a promise, your child expects to keep it at the right time.

Keeping promises will develop a habit in your child and they will trust you.

Know Your Child’s Good and Bad

Every parent loves their child which sometimes becomes the cause of avoiding the bad in their child. Leave this habit if you exercise.

Find out the bad besides goods in your child and work for correcting the bad otherwise, it will cost you a lot in the future.

Know Your Child’s Likes and Dislikes

With the growth of your child, their likes and dislikes change.

Stay up to date with your child’s likes and dislikes of your child and try to find out their likes and dislikes.

It will help you a great deal to have an idea about your child’s psychology.

Respect Your Child’s Statement

Every child has their own state of mind. It may be right or wrong but don’t ridicule or laugh at them when they use the wrong words. It will put them to shame and eventually they will be shut up.

Rather respect your child’s words or statements and politely point out their mistake zone.

Talk to Your Child’s Teacher

A teacher is called the 2nd father of his students. A child passes a long time with his teacher next to his parents. So a teacher can give you a good insight into your child’s nature.

Talking to your child’s teacher will help you to know many things about your child which are unknown to you.

Praise Your Child

Who does not like to be praised? Every human being wants a complement of their success. So a child is not exceptional. They always crave commendation whenever they gain something.

So praise your child’s good work but not excessively. Excessive praise may make your child arrogant. Moderate recommendations will enthusiast your child.

Be a Child with Your Child

A child is far away from the adult world. Don’t act always with a child-like an adult. It will push you away from your child.

For some moment of your day become a child with your child. It will help you to know your child better and at the same time, your child will feel more comfortable, secure, and loved.

Final Verdict

I hope now you know everything about the importance of child psychology and how to develop your parenting skills.


So, follow the above ways and grow up your child properly to ensure the bright future of your beloved child. 

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