How to Become a Better Teacher-16 Secrets to Know

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16 Effective Tips on How to Become a Better Teacher

how to become a better teacher

Let’s know the secrets of effective teaching on the way of how to be a good student-teacher:

Having a Love for Teaching

If someone wants to be special in his own field, he or she should have a strong love and passion for that field. I mean the thing which he or she wishes to gain.

In the case of becoming a great teacher, it is the same.

You should have a strong desire to be a special teacher. Pure love and passion for teaching will let you enjoy teaching and thus students will be easy along with you.

Starting with an Effective Headline

The beginning of the class is very important. Open the class with a grabbing headline. It will create enthusiasm among the students.

As a result from the very beginning, the students will be attentive to your class.

Suppose you are going to take a class on environmental pollution.

You can declare two headlines. The first one is “Environment Pollution” and the second one is “The harmful effects of environmental pollution on human life”.

Now, look at which one is more promising.

Certainly, the second one because it directly shows the consequence of environmental pollution in their lives. On the other hand, the first one fails to do it.

Make a Preview of Benefits, Value, and Pain

Make a preview of the class at the very beginning building up the benefits and value of the topic they are going to learn.

And it will help you to create pain in students for learning.

Thus the students will be more eager to enjoy your class.

Being Up-Dated and Resourceful

There is a wise saying that a lamp can never light another lamp unless it continues to burn its own flame. Like this, a teacher can never truly teach unless he is still learning himself.

So become up to date and resourceful on your subject otherwise you will fail to quicken the minds of students and the students will feel your class flashy.

Being Motivating

In the teaching process of your students, motivation is very important. It drives the students to learn the process and makes it constant.

The famous psychologist W.P. Swift writes in his book General Psychology “Motivation is a dynamic process initiating and directing behavior continuous but fluctuating in intensities and aimed at the satisfaction of the individuals needs”.

So, while teaching, motivate your students. It will boost your students’ mentality and learning process. Certainly, they will feel comfortable with you and your class.

Good Body Language

School psychologist Ron Benner says “The successful teacher blends both verbal and nonverbal communication skills in establishing a good rapport with students and this has a direct correlation to student achievement.”

Yes, to be an effective teacher, use body language from the very beginning of your class to communicate with your students, create a bond with them.

It will make them feel more supportive and reliable.

Ralph Waldo Emerson Says exactly “When the eyes say one thing and the tongue another, a practiced man relies on the language of the first.”Ralph Waldo Emerson

So entering the class, greet your students warmly, walk around the class, smile a lot, make eye contact, adopt different poses to respond to your students, stand straight-up while standing, avoid folding your hands, and standing behind the desk.

Definitely, students will enjoy your class a hundred times better than others.

Moving Around the Class

While taking the class, walk around the class and show your interest to the students. If you remain still in the classroom, you will fail to use your body language and draw the students’ attention effectively.

Even less movement in the classroom will make you lazy which hinders your classroom performance.

So move around the class and take the command of class in your hand. Surely, you will discover your students’ are spellbound.

Having a Sense of Humor

Don’t be too rigid. Students never like it. Be easy, humble, and make your students laugh with some wit and humor in your class. It will help to remove the boredom and stress of the students.

Certainly, this is the best quality of a teacher.

But be careful; don’t be silly while using wit and humor. Nobody likes a silly person.

Be Creative

Be creative, be living. No student likes repeated lessons. It is just like the dead thing.

So if you like to create enthusiasm among students, throw the lesson before the students with creativity.

Having a Feeling of Empathy

Feeling empathy for the students is a great quality of a teacher. Come up with the student’s problems and help them to solve the problems.

It will make you popular among the students.

Exercising Strong Patience

There are various kinds of students you will get in your class. Some are good, some are bad. Some are weak, some are strong.

So to fill the requirements of the students from all classes, you just need to practice patience.

If you lose your temper dealing with the students, they will be bored and fed-up with you which will push you to the back foot.

Knowing the Students Well

Every great and successful teacher knows his students by name. Yes, good command over your subject is not enough to make your class effective.

If you know your students by their name, your students’ psychology, their likes, and dislikes,  their requirements, their families, the students will find you more reliable and they will grab away what you throw at your classroom.

So know your students well and stay a step ahead as a teacher.

Good Teacher-Students Relationship

Good teacher students’ relationship is a vital facet of being a successful teacher. If you can do this, students will feel more secure and reliable.

They will not be afraid of you and easily be able to make questions and solve their problems.

It will certainly push more steps ahead for making your classroom performance effective and making you a great teacher.

Creating a Better Classroom Environment

Every environment has an effect on its elements good or bad. So why not in the case of a classroom environment?

Definitely, a better classroom environment makes a direct and positive influence on the students’ mentality.  You can change the decoration of the classroom after some days.

You can use a subject-related poster and photos on the wall.

A neat and clean classroom has a great influence on the classroom environment and students’ mentality & mental health.

Make the classroom environment influential. Definitely, the students will enjoy your class.

Maintaining Etiquette and Manners Good behavior

Students always follow their teachers. They wish to have their teacher in skilled and polished manners.

So, a fine-tuned manner and good behavior are must to establish your reputation as a teacher.

Address your students politely, call your students by their names. While talking with them call them by their names. And use the words please, sorry, and thank you, your students will feel more relaxed, secure, and respectable.

Dress properly, speak smilingly, and avoid using negative words and favoritism, you will meet up your students” expectations.

Good Command Over the Subject or Topic

It is a must to be an expert on your subject.

If you have any lacking in your subject or subject matter, students can easily feel it which will be the cause of students’ concentration break and lose interest in your class.

So master your subject and be more confident. It will make your class unique.

Besides these above rules, there are many things to follow which will help you to become a successful teacher.

Don’t forget to concentrate on your clear and pleasant voice. Engaging habits with the students, planned with your teaching, & hard-working will take you far on your way to becoming a good teacher.

Being persistent, positive thinking, attitude, dressing professionally, being honest, knowing the limitation as a person and teacher are also the secrets of how to be a good teacher.

Final Verdict

Now you know all about good teacher quality. They are important to ensure a place for you as a successful teacher.

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