My Exciting Honeymoon Story to Cox’s Bazaar Sea Beach, Best Honeymoon Destination

Today, I will tell you my exciting honeymoon story which I could enjoy in Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach, the best honeymoon destination for newly married couples & the longest sea beach in the world.

And that’s the reason Cox’s Bazar has already achieved the credit of the popular tourist destination in Bangladesh.

Enjoying the beauty of cox's bazaar sea beach
Enjoying the beauty of cox’s bazaar sea beach

Why I chose Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach as My Honeymoon Destination?

I am a hungry beach lover from my student life. Whenever I become bored with my day-to-day life or get a vacation, I rushed to Cox’s Bazar.

The peace and serenity of Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach could calm my tormented mind. So it calls me for its warm embrace 24/7.

Panoramic view of the vast Bay of Bangle, enjoying the golden rays of the sun setting from the sea beach, taking bath in the dancing and foamy waves, enjoying the fried sea fish sitting beside the sea beach, taking candlelight dinner or Bar-B-Q, walking along the sea beach and sun-kissed beach in winter- all these add to my fun factor.

Cox's Bazar Sea Beach
Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach

That’s why I could have already visited Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach more than 30 times in my lifespan.

Surprisingly, every time Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach appears before me with its same look but the fun and experience are different.

So, each time visiting Cox’ Bazaar gives me pure fun and a different experience keeping me far away from the stress of my workplace as well as the hectic life.

Visiting Cox’s Bazar to me like visiting an earthly paradise.

That’s the reason, I chose Cox’s Sea Beach as my honeymoon destination. And this longest sea beach in the world didn’t betray me.

It could make my honeymoon trip a dreamy one, simply awesome, which persuades me to write the story of my honeymoon and share it with you all.

My Better Half in the Hotel Room
My Better Half in the Hotel Room

So, Let’s Know My Memorable Honeymoon Story…

We decided to go on our honeymoon trip during our winter vacation. Though Cox’s Bazaar was an old factor to me, it was the maiden journey to Cox’s Bazaar for my newly married wife.

So, the excitement was going on all the time in her.

Starting Journey for Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach, The Longest Sea Beach in the World

Finally, the day came to start off our journey. It was on 18 December 2008.

We began our journey from Comilla by bus at night for the longest natural sea beach in the world, Cox’s Bazar.

I have no words in the world of my dictionary to express my feelings and the excitement of my wife.

Our bus began its journey at 9.30 pm. There was dense fog through which the bus was rushing towards Cox’s Bazaar.

Nothing was seen through the glass except twinkling dim light from the distance house sometimes.

My wife tried to escape bitter cold hiding in my lap and finally, both lulled into sleep.

Arriving at Cox’s Bazar, Best Honeymoon Destination in Bangladesh

We reached Cox’s Bazaar early in the morning. Getting down at Suganada point, Kolatali Road, we checked into Alom Guest House near that point.

Both we flopped onto the bed and took rest for some time as we were extremely burned out after a long journey.

Then we got fresh and took some dry foods.

The morning sun began to peep from the eastern horizon. We hurriedly went out to explore the magical beauty of the morning sea beach.

My wife became so excited that she began to behave like a child. The sea beach was within walking distance of our hotel.

Out of excitement, we straightly rushed to Suganda Beach. The golden rays of morning sun spreading over the beach and blue sea water created a spectacular view.

While walking along the Sea Beach
While walking along the Sea Beach

Breathing gentle breeze, we strolled lively along the sea beach. My wife collected as many colorful conch shells as she could.

The golden sandy beach, the reflection of golden sun rays in the blue water of the Bay of Bengal, the constant coming and going of foamy waves, the azure of the morning sky- all created a paradise-like view which made us speechless.

We walked and walked breathlessly along the longest Sea Beach in the World Cox’s Bazar but did not get tired. After a brisk walk of about two hours, we turned back to our hotel.

Getting fresh we had a delicious breakfast and relaxed for some time.

At 11 am we got ready for sea bathing. We started off for Laboni Beach on foot. There was a huge crowd in Laboni Beach. All were making fun either bathing or playing football on the beach and walking.

Taking a Refreshing Bath Jumping Through the Dancing Waves

We promptly got down into the dancing and foamy waves for taking bath. The dancing waves danced not only us but also all the bath takers. It seems that the beach became an industry of fun making.

Taking Bath in Dancing Waves
Taking Bath in Dancing Waves

No words to me which can judge the fun and merrymaking enjoyed amply by the bath takers. It was simply awesome.

Enjoying Bath in Dancing Waves
Enjoying Bath in Dancing Waves

After a fabulous bath, we enjoyed the sun basking and then came back to the hotel at 1 pm.

We got fresh and took a delicious lunch with the menu of dry fish, coral fish, vegetables, alo vorta (potato chatni) dhal with rice served by hotel boy Anowar who was a nice one.

Then we were off to sleep to recover the energy loss.

Enjoying the Magic of Setting Sun

We got up at 4.30 pm. I felt like a spirit after enjoying a deep sleep for about two hours. We hurriedly got ready and rushed to the beach to enjoy the magic of the sun setting behind the vast sea.

Magical View of Setting Sun
Magical View of Setting Sun

We walked along the sea beach enjoying the salty sea breeze soothing the body and mind. The western horizon gradually becoming golden and reddish mixing with the white floating clouds created an awesome view.

Reddish View of Setting Sun
Reddish View of Setting Sun

 The beauty of strike-up images of golden sandy sea beach was really incredible.

Under the Magical View of Setting Sun
Under the Magical View of Setting Sun

After enjoying the magical beauty of the sun setting, we rented beach loungers to enjoy the evening view of the sea sitting beside the roaring and foamy waves.

Enjoying the Beauty of Afternoon
Enjoying the Beauty of Afternoon

Shopping in the Beach Market

Then we headed to the market beside the beach for shopping.

There was a huge crowd of tourists shopping especially Burmese items. We did also some shopping and then backed to the hotel.

Taking a Delicious Dinner and Passing time Walking

At 9 pm. we took our dinner, walked along the Kolatali road amidst the crowds of tourists.

 Again we walked to the sea beach because I love listening to the roaring sound of sea waves in the silence of the night. In the meantime, the queen moon began to play its magic.

The silvery light over the blue ocean created a majestic view.

We walked along the beach enjoying the heavenly beauty created by the magical moon. Mind did not permit us to go back to the hotel but tiredness forced us to make the back walk to the hotel and nodded off (fall asleep) early.

Visiting Himchari Water Fall

The next morning was reserved for the Himchari waterfall. We hired a rickshaw wallah. It was really awesome riding a rickshaw through the marine-drive.

The magic play between the golden rays of morning sun and blue water of the Bay of Bengal on the right side and the red broken hill with greenery on the left side made an impression of a dreamy island. It was simply awesome.

The fall of Himchari made me sad because the waterfall was on life support with an artificial waterfall. I saw the great fall of this spring in 1999. But now it is about to die.

Dying Condition of Himchari FAll
Dying Condition of Himchari FAll

Then we stepped to the sea.

On the top of the observatory
On the top of the observatory

The view of the vast ocean from the observatory made me think of the great power of our Almighty Allah. I lost into the riddle of mighty Allah.

Then we strolled along the sea beach of Himchari. It is less crowded. We were amazed at the quietness of Himchari beach away from the maddening crowd. We came back at noon.

Again Enjoying the Beauty of Laboni Point Sea Beach

In the afternoon, we went to the Laboni point, rented beach loungers, and enjoyed the splash and play of foamy waves and the magic of the sun-kissed ocean.

Alluring View of Beach after the Sun Set
Alluring View of Beach after the Sun Set

After the sunset, we enjoyed the local folk song sung by the local beach singer in the hope of some tips.

It was really entertaining.

Then we headed for a walk along the Zow vhan and the streets of the Kolatali road. Walking through the crowd of tourists was very enjoyable especially for me.

Taking Palatable Dinner at Handi Restaurant

To take a delicious dinner we selected Handi Restaurant beside the laboni point sea beach. We ordered chicken tandoori, special nun rhuti and salad.

Oh! What a taste the menu was!

Till today I feel the spicy taste of that menu.

The tiredness of the whole day forced us to take the bed early. The next morning we left the bed early to enjoy the morning sea beach. We made a brisk walk for an hour before taking breakfast.

The whole day was spent roaming and shopping. The evening was reserved for dry fish market and magnificent candle night Bar-B-Q.

The next morning we bid Cox’s Bazar but the majestic memory of my honeymoon trip peeps till today in my mind.

Final Word

I believe my honeymoon story will help & inspire you to make your honeymoon trip outstanding.

So, when you are a newly married couple and planning for a honeymoon trip, here I will suggest you keep Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach, the best honeymoon destinations beach in Bangladesh on your bucket list.

I can declare from my experience, this longest sea beach in the world will make your honeymoon trip ever remembering and also persuade you to write your honeymoon story like me.

The beach has everything to entertain you and make your time with your beloved partner exciting.

Note: As I am writing my honeymoon story about 13 years later, most of the photos lost their grace as they were taken in 2008. So, I believe you are missing the actual portrait and fun factor glancing at the photo.

Sorry for this.

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