Exciting 4 Hours in Garden by the Bay, Magic Child of Nature & Technology

Mother Nature and Technology got married a few years ago and gave birth to a magic child in Singapore. And they gave its name “Garden by the Bay” which has stretched its two wings to be the futuristic version of beauty seekers, something out of this earth.

As a beauty seeker, I had a plan to kiss and embrace this amazing child. But, fortune was not permitted though I was in full swing traveling to many beautiful places Darjeeling, Manali, Shimla, Cherapunjee the land of cloud and so on.

Finally, I got a chance t to explore the Garden by the Bay in Singapore when I was there by the invitation to my uncle last year.

Stuck by the Beauty of the Garden by the Bay in Singapore

Skipping through the gate, yes, I could realize why it has already raised a storm in the mind of the beauty seekers. It seemed that I could enter into a fairyland out of our mundane world.


What was not there to spellbound me? Two Magic Domes, Flower Dome and The Cloud Forest along with Skyway, Heritage Garden, Garden by the Bay Supertree, garden by the bay light show, grove, and Children’s Garden were enough to bring me a thought that I was in heaven.

Garden by the Bay children's garden
Garden by the Bay Children’s Garden

I got fluctuated on which one I should first explore. My uncle Titu offered me to explore the Flower Dome first. Since he was there several times, I did not oppose him.

Garden by the Bay Flower Dome

Getting tickets for two domes which cost us $17 per one, we headed to the Garden by the Bay Flower Dome.

Wow! What an exhibition of different flowers! It was mesmerizing. Truly I did never see such a flower garden in my life.

Garden by the bay flower dome
Garden by the Bay Flower Dome

Especially the beauty of orchids was breathtaking. It is beyond expression. I haven’t got any word in my dictionary to explain the beauty of orchids and so many flowers. We strolled and enjoyed; we strolled and enjoyed. I got drowsed by the smell of flowers.

flower dome
Flower Dome

Sometimes I tried to capture the beauty of the flowers on my camera but I am dam sure my camera could not bring the exact beauty. We could pass one hour there but it seemed to me it was just 6 minutes.

Garden by the Bay Cloud Forest

Then we were off for the Cloud Forest. Wow! What a waterfall! Is it man-made or natural? It was hard to distinguish.

cloud forest
Cloud Forest

However, it was manmade, the tallest man-made waterfall in the world which is known as Cloud Forest in Singapore. Though it was man-made, it could bring a sense of natural fall. Really impressive!

Plus, The Cloud Forest has already gained the prestige of being the biggest glass greenhouse. We were walking as if we were walking through the rainforest-like environment. Honestly, the ecosystem was incredibly stunning.

cloud forest garden by the bay
Cloud Forest, Garden by the Bay

The mind was not allowing me to come out from the Forest Dome but time was not permitting me. Many things remained to enjoy.

Skyway and Garden by the Bay Supertree Grove

Then we were on the aerial walkway. We were walking upward and it seemed to me that I was floating in the sky.

sky way

The walkway which was 25 meters high was linked with the Garden by the Bay Supertree. I could see the whole garden from the top of the walkway which was simply a panoramic view.

Garden by the Bay Light Show

It was about to sunset. We began to wait for the light show. Wow! What a fabulous lit-up it was! It was at 7.45 pm. The light display began to show its magic. The color of the lighted supertree was changing frequently.

Truly I was carried away to fairyland.

Light Show
Light Show

After the end of the display show, I couldn’t leave the ground floor. I was waiting for the second show. Yes, again I could enjoy the magic display at 8.45 pm.

Now it is time to leave the garden but I was not completely happy. Many things were remaining to enjoy. But reality made me leave the Eden Garden I call Garden by the Bay.

Next time when I would be in Singapore, I must visit again this majestic garden to enjoy the rest beautiful attractions inside the garden.

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