My Exciting Trekking Story to Double Decker Living Root Bridge

I couldn’t think except the thought of our trekking to double decker living root bridge cherrapunjee while winding through the deep cloud and the darkness of evening towards Sohra (Cherapunjee) from Shillong

The excitement was growing more and more inside me.

Double Decker Living Root Bridges
Double Decker Living Root Bridges

Amid this thought, when I lost into the deep sleep, I could not realize. I could see absolute cloud amid the thick bush and darkness when my perfect partner for trekking, Kowshik knocked my sense.

We reached Cherapunjee. It was simply looking like a fairyland.

Reaching Cherapunjee (Sohra)

When we got down at Sohra Town, it was about 7.30. I had a plan to enjoy a homestay inside the hills and bushes in Cherapunjee where I could be able to hear the songs of cricket, fox, and many other birds.

It was late enough at Sohra to find out about such a Home Stay because the people of Sohra are accustomed to early settlement for the night.

But I could not agree to compromise with my desire to stray in a Home Stay in and around the town at least. Every shops and stall were in hurry to be closed down.

In a departmental store, I could see three girls were hanging out. So I headed to them for help and with their cordial help, I got the address of a homestay Sohra Inn and the way of going to it.

We were stepping towards the shown path by the girls while a lady was walking beside us for her home.

I asked for her help to find out the Home Stay and she cordially helped us to get the Home Stay.

Even the lady who was a school teacher from Missionary school helped us by providing some more information for Home Stay.

Checking into the Home Stay

Finally, we got the Home Stay and checked into it which was run by two brothers.

Kowshik and I was hangout till midnight making plan for our trekking to Double Decker Living Root Bridge.

It was the second time for Kowshik but the first time for me to hike such a long mountain way.

So I was a little bit scared but confident enough.

Starting for Tyrna Village

The next day morning we started our journey to Tyrna Village from where we will start our hiking.

While we were winding, suddenly we were engulfed by the thick cloud. It was breathtaking. Everything was inside the cloud.

The lifestyle of the people living there told me that the cloud never leaves them.

All around there was cloud, cloud, and cloud.

I love the cloud.

So, I lost in the thought of the cloud. I tried to record the cloud all around us. Flying through the cloud, we reached Tyrna Village, the starting point of our trekking.

With a young couple before Tyrna Village, the starting point of our trekking.
With a young couple before Tyrna Village, the starting point of our trekking.

Starting Our Trekking to Double Decker Living Root Bridge Cherrapunjee

We were in a jolly mode. Right! Yes, what can be more exciting for me than this? The first time I am going to trek through the jungle of green.

Moreover, I am going to enjoy the Double Decker Living Root Bridge Trek which is unique in the world, the fruit of the bio-engineering of Khasi People.

We found another family was getting ready for the trek. I hope it would be nice and thrilling for us. We are not alone.

Wow! A gorgeous lady was carrying a cute baby on her back.

What a brave and adventurous lady! I couldn’t but be inspired by seeing this. Now I am more confident about this long trekking.

For the trek, the bamboo stick is a must. So, we bought 2 pieces at a cost of RS 20 per one. We will feel worthy enough of it after the trek.

Yes, trekking was quite impossible for me without this stick.

Kowshik was in a thrilling mood. I could see a wild thrill in his eyes and face. Really he was excited.

“Let’s start, sir” he offered enthusiastically.

We began to descend, a historical step for me.

Trekking down to Double Decker Living Root Bridge
Trekking down to Double Decker Living Root Bridge

Kowshik warned me not to make a hurry. It is because we were stepping down for at least 3500 thousand steppes which will be 7000 thousand for the round.

So we were descending with a regular break but did not forget to take the photo of every beauty around us. The beauty around us was breathtaking.

Exchanging Greeting with Other Trekkers

We found two female trekkers from Hyderabad, India was ascending after visiting Double Decker Living Root Bridge.

“Hello, How are you?” while crossing us, I asked for their well-being.

Wow1 How enthusiastic they were! Though they were tired enough after their long trek, they were very co-operative. Smilingly they shared their experience.

One of them informed us there is another long root bridge at the right trek of the fork point. She advised us it would be worth it for us to visit this on our way first.

Nice! What a helping guy!

Thanking them, we resumed our trekking. I could see a young couple was crossing us. Smilingly we exchanged our greetings.

A few moments later we found ourselves before a house from where we had to take permission for using the Camera and for this we had to pay RS 100. The young couple from Guwahati was also there. We hang out for a moment.

Hanging out with a young couple from Guwahati
Hanging out with a young couple from Guwahati

Now we are on the right trek from the fork point to the Longest Single Decker Root Bridge (Jingkieng Ri-Tynmen). Within five minutes, we found the root bridge.

At fork point
At fork point

Found the Single Decker Root Bridge (Jingkieng Ri-Tynmen)

Before the bridge, the gigantic stone could attract my attention and I couldn’t miss it. I could hear the roaring sound of flowing water through the stones.

Trekking over the giant stones
Trekking over the giant stones

Inside the stones, we found two tribal girls were washing their clothes and taking a bath. It induced me to enjoy a bath into the crystal clear blue water.

After crossing the root bridge, we discovered a thin cave. We tried to explore it but it was difficult to do. But we did it.

Before the cave with a young lady and her son
Before the cave with a young lady and her son

Enjoying an Ever-Refreshing Bath, the 1st Memorable Thing

At the foot of the bridge, the flowing water was as crystal that I could not manage my lust to enjoy a bath in natural water.

So, why late!

I got down into the flowing spring. Wow! I have no words in the world of my dictionary to express my feelings. It was simply spiritual feelings.

Enjoying ever refreshing bath in a natural pool under the bridge

What a refreshing bath!

Enjoying a bath in a natural pool under the bridge

Observing my feelings, Kowshik also couldn’t manage him. He also joined me. We were enjoying and enjoying ourselves as if we became a spirit. The mind was not permitting me to leave the bath but Double Decker Living

Root Bridge was waiting for us.

So we had to bring the unwilling end.

Resuming our trekking to Double Decker Living Root Bridge

We were fully charged and briskly resumed our trekking towards Double Decker Living Root Bridge.

In the meantime, there was a flow of trekkers and it was really enjoyable to exchange greetings with each other.

With a young couple
With a young couple

While crossing the two iron bridges, I could feel thrilling inside me. The flowing of the turmoil crystal water under the bridge was breathtaking. The sound of the flowing water could make harmony all around as if it were a place outside of the earth.

On the hanging iron bridge
On the hanging iron bridge

While we were crossing a small root bridge, I could trace the Double Decker Living Root Bridge through the window of greenness. A sensation hit me. Oh, my Almighty! Was it in reality?

The view from there was cinematic. I hurriedly stepped forward as if I were going to lose the scene.

But another thing made me stopped for a while. The indigenous traps for collecting honey were hard to miss. It was amazing to look.

Trap for honey collecting
Trap for honey collecting

Found the Double Decker Living Root Bridge in India

However, now we are before the Double Decker Living Root Bridge. I got stuck seeing the architecture of the tribal people, the flowing of crystal water, and the wild sprung the spring in front of the Bridge.

I stood still for a while. Suddenly one thing caught my attention. Thousands of fishes were playing under the crystal water as if I were watching it on Television.

Enjoying the FREE Fish Spa, the 2nd Memorable Thing

Ha! Ha!…. Again the thought of bath hit me. So, why should I late? No!

Enjoying fish spa in the natural pool under double Decker root
Enjoying fish spa in the natural pool under double Decker root

I jumped into the pool. Wow! I could feel something was kissing!

Oh! I was not wrong. A crowd of fishes was doing the natural spa of our leg kissing the very point.

What a feeling! I have no capability to convey it. Simply amazing.

I could feel it was cold enough to bear. So, I had to leave the bath though the mind was expecting more.

Enjoying a Whole Body Spa, the 3rd Memorable Thing

Some naughty boys were enjoying a bath under the wild spring. I could see they became one with the spring. They also turned wild.

Should I miss it? Never!

I couldn’t but join them. The feeling under the wild spring outdid all previous feelings.

Enjoying whole body spa under the natural pool in front of double Decker root bridge the bridge
Enjoying whole body spa under the natural pool in front of double Decker root bridge the bridge

I welcomed Kowshik to join us but he refused my proposal. But after a few moments, I could discover Kowshik beside me.

Yea! It was hard to miss. And it happened with Kowshik. Again we could enjoy a whole-body spa. We were enjoying and enjoying and enjoying ourselves. We completely forgot we have to back.

Thinking of the back journey, we could somehow manage our mind to bring the end of it. But the memory of this fantastic moment will remain evergreen in my mind forever.

We were badly hungry.

Suddenly we discovered a Khasi woman was smiling at us showing her colored teeth. We found she could color her all teeth successfully chewing betel leaves tirelessly.

Infect, all the Khasi people enjoy chewing betel leaves all the time.

Taking a Palatable Tribal Food

Yes, she was offering to take the lunch at her home-served hotel. We were also looking for such. So it was a great opportunity for enjoying a tribal meal and we made the best use of it.

And after taking a palatable lunch, we began our back journey. It was hard to ascend but successfully we could complete it before dusk at regular intervals.

I left the trek behind me but I could not leave the awesome memories with that day. It always makes blissful.

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