Camping In The Middle Of Nowhere [8 Best Sites]

camping in the middle of nowhere

Also, you can choose Past the Purple Gates, High Mountain Homestead, Camp Pondside, and Camp Tree Grove for your next camping. Stay tuned to our site if you are searching for detailed information regarding camping in these places. 

 Camping In The Middle Of Nowhere [8 Best Sites]

Our below assembled 8-best campsite and campground will provide you with a complete package of entertainment with all exciting activities.

best place of camping in the middle of nowhere

So, let’s dive into this exclusive content without any further delay.  

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 1. San Luis State Wildlife Area

San Luis state is the most beautiful park located in Alamosa country, Colorado. This former state park is the best place for experiencing wildlife areas.

Every year, a massive amount of tourists visit the site for hunting, fishing, and other wildlife recreation. Moreover, this is an ideal place doing a modern campground.

san luis state wildlife area

The top attractive activities you can do while camping is biking, boating, fishing, hiking, horse riding, swimming, wind sorts, snow sports, and watching wildlife.

Visitors get immense enjoyment from the most attractive serenity of the site. Featuring desert with wildlife area will add a newer degree to it. But to get access to hunting or fishing, you may need a valid license.

 2. Lathrop State Park

Lathrop is also a state park in Colorado, which is located 3 miles away in the west of Walsenburg. Lathrop is considered Colorado’s first state park.

 lathrop state park

Visitors mostly come to visit the place for its mild and very climate. Thus, every age of people can come here for getting a recreation.

You will be amazed to know that there is about 100 plus camping site. One can do biking, fishing, waterskiing, paddling, and hiking.

Nearby stand mountain views will add immense enjoyment to all activities. Those who are most favorable to golfing must visit the site. Horseshoe Lake, Martin Lake is great for swimming as well.

3. Great Sand Dunes National Park

Great Sand Dunes is an American national park, which is located on the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The place is renowned mainly for its huge dune, wetlands, high peaks.

american national park great sand dunes

Those who are passionate about sketching and looking for a nice viewing place can go through this site for the getting best sketching experience. 

Besides all these, one will get amazed by sandboarding, sand sledding, horseback riding, biking, off-road vehicle touring, swimming, and fishing.

great sand dunes national park

Additionally, if you are camping on this site, the incredible night experience of the place will really astonish you. There are different types of programs for viewers like free ranger programs, junior ranger programs, and many more.

 4. Mountains, Trains, And Sand Dunes

If you want to go on your next adventure living among wildflowers, this place will be the best choice for you. You will find this camping site nearby Lathrope state park.

mountains, trains, and sand dunes

Also, the place is about 45 minutes far away from The Great Sand dunes. You will get old logging maintenance roads by the side of your campground.

From there, one will get the opportunity of motorbike hiking and can round up to the newer nearby. Moreover, the nearby Mountain Home Lake is the best for swimming, fishing, and boating while you are camping.

All that moment will be your ever-worthwhile moment. Viewing a lot of wildlife animals will add a new level to your excitement.  

 5. Camels And A Yurt

Camels and Yurt is also the most reviewed place for camping in the middle of nowhere. It is one of the best sites for camping for those who like wildlife.

camels and a yurt

Viewers come to the site with their family and placer camp on the campground. They get amazed by the view of different types of animals like camels and donkeys. 

When the moon appears in the night sky, the atmosphere of the campsite turns into an overwhelming look.

The night sight will be incredible for recharging. Just a few roads away, you will get BLM/National Forest. You can enjoy mountain biking and hiking in the most beautiful weather there. 

 6. Past Phe Purple Gates 

If you want to place your camp on the 360 views of mountains, Past the Purple Gates will be an excellent pick for you. Tourists come here for camping in a larger amount. They review as like that it is the best place as a campground in the view of sunset and sunrise. 

past phe purple gates

You will just have one campsite in this area, where you have to bring your own tents. Most importantly, you will be allowed to carry pets while camping.

You will get almost all types of opportunities that ensure more excitement in your camping while. The place states near the Carson National Forest. Meanwhile camping, you can go walking there. 

 7. High Mountain Homestead

Near San Luis State Wildlife Area, there is also a fantastic campsite named High Mountain Homestead. It is basically a small firm state in the high mountain valley.

high mountain homestead near san luis state wildlife area

The campsite is most famous around the area for having amazing natural viewing. Also, one will get all types of facilities for taking a camp with their friends and family.

Mostly, wildlife viewing surrounding the site is enough to mesmerize anybody. In this open sagebrush area, there are two campgrounds available. The most amazing part is the fire pit placed on the site.

Also, fishing at the Mountain Home Reservoir and Zapata Falls is more attractive than in other places. Moreover, you will get a lot of mountains around the site. Thus, hiking will be much easier for the visitor there. 

  8. Camp Pondside And Camp Tree Grove

camp pondside and camp tree grove
 camp pondside and camp tree grove

On the site, you don’t have to tense about the parking of your vehicles. The pace is featuring with a parking lot as well.

Now have some glimpses of top activities on this site: Biking, boating, fishing, climbing, paddling, wind sports, swimming, and wildlife viewing. Here campfire and pets are allowed. 

4 Things to Consider Before Going for Camping

Camping is the most amazing activity which enables to refresh you for so long. It is enough to connect much closer with nature.

But while planning for camping, you must have to prepare for this first. Check out our flowing suggestions before going to your next camping:

1. Check The Weather

The first thing that you have to know is the right time for camping. Camping is enjoyable in both hot and cold weather. So, if you want to go out in colder weather, plan for December to April.

Also, if you’re going to enjoy mild weather with a bit of heat, you may go from May to October.

2. Take Your Tent

Most of the camping offers tents, and most are not. So, it will be best to take a perfect tent by yourself. But choose a large and sturdy tent.

3. Take Your Essentialities

Don’t forget to take your essential things before going to camp. Some of the wanted things are:

  • First Aid Kits
  • Compass
  • Enough cloth depending on the weather.
  • A hand-held torch
  • A lantern
  • A portable charger
  • Portable camping chair and table
  • Things for preparing foods
  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Head Torch

4. Must Do Campfire

Campfire adds a newer degree to camping enjoyment. Without doing the campfire, there will be a lack of camping excitement.

Don’t forget to take the required thing for doing campfire. You may cook your meal at the time campfires. 


Camping is such activity which brings you much closer to nature and far away from technology. But there have many queues about the best campsites having maximum facilities. 

Our comprehensive discussion will really much informative for them. Still, if you want to know some things, just hit a comment. We will reply ASAP to rectify your queries.

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