8 Best Tourist Places in Bangladesh-Perfect Destinations for Traveler

Bangladesh abounds with many sparkling natural beauties as it is the lap of nature. Wherever you will cast your eyes, you will see greenery after greenery stretching to the horizon. Flora and fauna with bounty are the main features of Bangladesh besides being a riverine country. What you will not get here from sea to hills! 

Therefore Bangladesh is full of many tourist attractions. Here is a list of the best tourist places in Bangladesh.

Top 8 Best Tourist Places in Bangladesh

It’s not easy to make a list of the best places to visit in Bangladesh as it has many attractive tourist destinations. Yet, I have made a list of the top 8 best tourist places in Bangladesh that are very popular with the beauty seekers and always kept in their bucket to hug while thinking about a trip. Let’s know all about those best places to go in Bangladesh:

Cox’s Bazar

Once you are in Bangladesh and want to enjoy the beauty of Bangladesh, then how you can miss visiting Cox’s Bazar as it is credited with the longest sea beach in the world! No way of missing it.

Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach

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While visiting Cox’s Bazar sea beach, you can enjoy the ariel view of the Bay of Bangle, the golden rays of the setting sun and rising sun, and a sporting game between the seawater and rays of the sun from the sea beach.

You can also enjoy an unforgettable spa bath in dancing and foamy waves, walking along the sun-kissed sea beach, and enjoy palatable sea fish and Bar-B-Q.

Moreover, if you are in off mode, enjoying the sea beach sitting on the bench will uplift your mind curing your mental health.

That’s the simple reason Cox’s has already become one of the best places to visit in Bangladesh

Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach

Saint Martin Island

While visiting Cox’s Bazar, your other must-visit destination is Saint Martin Island, the only coral island in Bangladesh.

This is another best place to visit in Bangladesh. You cannot but be amazed by the serene beauty of this island as this is one of the best Eco-tourism destinations and the marine paradise in Bangladesh.

Saint Martin Island

You will feel it as of the earthly paradise walking along the sea beach under the tender morning sunlight and golden rays of the setting sun. Another attraction is to enjoy sea fishes and walking inside the island at night.

Saint Martin Island


Bandarban is another best visiting place in Bangladesh. It is called the land of cloud in Bangladesh with flora and fauna everywhere.

You can enjoy floating clouds sometimes foamy, sometimes black, and sometimes you will feel the cloud is going away touching your cheeks and hair with its airy touch.

Bandarban Nilgiri

Once you are in Bandarban, the main tourist attractions you shouldn’t miss, are Nilgiri, Nilachal, Chimbuk Hill, Shollo Propat (a crystal clear water cascade), Prantik Lake surrounded with lush greenery, Megla Parjatan Complex, Boga Lake (a beautiful natural lake inside the hill), Raj Bari, Golden Temple, and Sangu River.

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Besides all these tourist attractions, Bandarban includes the three highest mountain peaks in Bangladesh Tahjindong, Mowdok, and Keokaradong.


Rangamati is called the natural heaven of Bangladesh as it owns the magic of nature. Once you are visiting Rangamati, you will enjoy the largest man-made lake with an area of 11000 km2 in Bangladesh surrounded by a vast green hilly track.

Boating on the blue and crystal water through the deep greenery of Rangamati lake is the most enjoyable thing which you can’t forget before your last breath once you enjoy it.

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Rangamati Kaptai Lake

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There are many other tourist places in Rangamati as Hanging Bridge, Chakma Raj Bari, Rajban Bihar Pagoda, and Shubalong Fall, Naw-Kata, Muppochora, and Duppani Falls, a perfect destination for trekking in Rangamati as well as in Bangladesh.

Sajek Valley

The frequent travelers call Sajek valley the Cherapunjee of Bangladesh. There is a saying “If you wish to see how beautiful Bangladesh is, then go to Sajek Valley”.

Sports of sometimes foamy, sometimes black clouds, vast greenery, and sudden rain are the main attractions of Sajek Valley.

Sajek Valley
Sajek Valley

You can’t but be thrilled and enchanted while walking through the deep clouds and lush green. And that’s the Sajek has recently become the popular visiting place in Bangladesh to the nature lovers and passionate travelers.

Royal Bengal Tiger in Sundarban
Royal Bengal Tiger in Sundarban


Sundarban is the largest Mangrove forest in the world.

It is called Sundarban as it is credited with the most beautiful forest where you will find the Royal Bengal Tiger, a rare species with the existing 440 in number and 269 other wild species and 334 tree species.

And therefore Sundarban is declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


Sylhet is the tea capital of Bangladesh which is another best visiting place in Bangladesh. It is also called the queen of natural beauty in Bangladesh.

The lavish forests in Sylhet are full of greenery and many wild species.

The main tourists’ attractions in Sylhet are walking through the green tea garden, boating in different haor like Tanguar Haor, Hakaluki Haor, Ratargul Swamp forest, Bisanakandi,  Jaflong and Sreemongal.

Tea Garden in Sylhet
Tea Garden in Sylhet

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Sylhet is also famous for Mazar like Shah Jalal and Shah Poran Mazar where many pilgrims gather around the year.


KuaKata is another beautiful sea beach located in the southern region of Bangladesh, at Patuakhali district in Barishal Division.

People also call it the Daughter of Ocean from where you can enjoy both the mesmerizing sunrise and sunset in the seawater.

Kuakata sea beach
Kuakata sea beach

Series of coconut trees and jaw bhon along the sea beach, sailing of colorful boats in the sea, sports of blue sky with the seawater, and walking along the sandy sea beach are a few of the main attractions of Kuakata.

All these together have brought Kuakata, the credit as one of the best tourist spots in Bangladesh.

Kuakata sea beach
Kuakata sea beach

Final Verdict

If you are a passionate traveler, you can’t miss all these 8 best places to visit in Bangladesh.

I can declare visiting all these amazing places of Bangladesh will quench your thirst for beauty & nature. So, make a plane to visit Bangladesh and take away a thrilling memory with you.

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