7 Life Giving Benefits of Walking I Could Enjoy

Today, I will share with you what benefits of walking  I could enjoy. How walking every day could get back me a life-giving spark to my ailing health besides starting and reaping the benefits of traveling. Okay?

I was a young one. But, I was suffering from high blood pressure, stress-related anxiety and headache, depression, and pain in the left knee.

Walking under the magic of the morning sun
Walking under the magic of the morning sun

My bodyweight also increased drastically from 65kg to 82kg. I fell at the end of my rope and got cold feet. All these brought great discomfort to my life.

But, when being inspired and motivated by the quotation of Hippocrates “Walking is a man’s best medicine”, I began to be the early bird for the benefits of walking. To be honest, it worked magically. I got back rhythm in my life and my life is now on cloud nine.

The Amazing Life-Giving Benefits of Walking Everyday I Could Enjoy

You may be wondering what sort of benefits I got from my daily walk routine. Right? Don’t worry. It’s my pleasure to share my story with you about what health benefits I could enjoy from my regular strolling.

Dropped my Blood Pressure, One of the Magical Health Benefits of Walking

A regular brisk walk helped me to drop my high blood pressure. Sorrowfully from my tender youth, I became the victim of the silent killer known as High Blood Pressure.

When I was in my 28, suddenly I felt that my blood pressure was always in a mood of fluctuation.

A few days later I consulted my doctor and he found that I was suffering from High Blood Pressure. He prescribed me a medicine (Amdocal plus 25) and advised me to make a habit of regular strolling for an hour.

I began to act according to the quotation of Hippocrates and the advice of my doctor. In the beginning, it was a hard nut to crack for me but I continued walking regularly. I was all ears as Hippocrates and my doctor said.

On the next follow up with my doctor, he found my B.P. in good condition. He reduced my medicine Amdocal plus 25 to 2.5.

Taking a regular brisk stroll and less powered medicine backed on my feet from my sickness. Now I feel quite better than before. And it is only for my regular walking.

Reduced my Stress and Anxiety

After completing my graduation, I joined a college as a lecturer. My workplace was a very nice one. Everything was going on smoothly.

As I was enjoying, I was loaded with many extra works beyond my responsibility. So, I was too busy to take my chow timely. As a result, I was burned out after working for a long time with an irregular meal.

I began to suffer from many complications like a bad headache, left the side of my whole body (left side of forehead, neck, left hand and leg). I was finally crashed into the bed. Fighting with my bad health, I fell into a dice condition.

I met my doctor and he told me that I was suffering from stress-related anxiety. He prescribed some medicines and suggested me to be relaxed and make a brisk walk regularly.

Then, to blow off my steam, I got to bounce my gig and joined a new one. The new workplace seemed to be more comfortable than the previous one.

Besides I began to walk which instantly hit the spot. So I made a regular brisk walking which rescued me from my icky condition.

Now I feel more comfortable with my bad health. And it has been possible only for my regular strolling.

This is another one among the cool benefits of walking everyday I could enjoy.

Reduced my Anger

Since I was suffering from High Blood Pressure and a bad headache, awfully I became upset because I was always in a mood of kooky.

Often I went off the deep end dealing with anything. But I didn’t know the way to blow off steam.

But when I began to walk, I began to get guts and came out from my hanging out state. This is the best fruit among the great benefits to walking I have ever achieved in my life.

Thank you, Mr. Walking, for your kindness.

Improves my Mood

In many scientific studies, it is proved that there are many benefits of waking up early in the morning. It prevents us from depression and helps us to feel good.

And I have found the proof of those studies in my personal life. When I discover me in a bad mood, most of the time, I notice that after strolling for a few minutes in the morning, I feel better and comfortable.

And this is the magic of walking in the morning.

Creates New Friends and Improves Social Communication

I have been continuing my walking for more than ten years.

When I go for a walk, I always meet many new faces. And from this walking period, I have found at least ten to twelve good friends.

Moreover, I have been associated with many eggheads.  And this socialization gives me the courage and positive energy and helps to become friendly and some social. Isn’t it a great benefit to walking every day? Exactly!

Fights my Dementia

I was suffering from the loss of memory badly but my regular walking is improving my memory. Now I can memorize more than ever before.

Increased my Lung’s Capacity

While exercising, I found I could walk for a long time but I could not run even for a minute. But after walking for many days regularly, now I find more stamina even for running more than 15 minutes without any break. And I do believe it has been possible for walking the last 10 years regularly.

So if you wish to keep your doctors away, get ready without any delay and get the ball rolling because Charles Dickens writes exactly

“Walk to be healthy, walk to be happy”.

Some Tips for Developing your Walking Habit

1. Try to walk early in the morning. Fresh morning weather will stimulate your willpower and physical strength. or after the evening.

2. Use comfortable and lightweight keds. For this recommendation to use the keds from Lotto, Adidas and Puma brands. The keds from these brands are lightweight and comfortable. Especially I feel better using the keds from these brands.

3. Wear comfortable T-Shirt and Trousers. My experience Says T-Shirt and Trousers from Lotto Brand are very comfortable.

4. Walk-in a company. It will remove your monotony and provide you enthusiasm and spirit.

5. Walk at least for 30 minutes in the beginning and then for 1 hour.

6. While walking, carry a water bottle.

7. After walking, take a healthy breakfast.

Final Verdict

I hope now you know what are benefits of walking after reading my practical story. So, why are you doing late? Rather, start walking right now and enjoy all the amazing health benefits of walking to lead a healthy and happy life.

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