12 Amazing Benefits of Traveling

Have you ever been thought about the benefits of traveling? Maybe not. But it is traveling which can make you happy, bring you a new life & crown you as a complete human. The result of traveling is really magical!

Passing your time by traveling will make your life meaningful disconnecting you from your daily hassles and stress of works, knowing different cultures and new flavors of life, developing your health, relationship with others and finally your personality.

Yes, traveling has such ample psychological benefits that I have been enjoying personally from traveling. I am pretty sure the story of the benefits of traveling rewarded me will certainly inspire you.

The Benefits of Traveling That Can Change Our Life

So, let’s know all the benefits of traveling from my own personal traveling experiences.

Traveling Gives Fun

At one stage in my life, I got stuck in frustration and sickness. I lost the spirit of my life as I was suffering from stress-related anxiety according to the diagnosis of my doctor.

I was really bored with the hustle and bustle of life. Everything became like hell. I was taking medicine but not working.

As a student of literature, William Wordsworth, a great nature poet of the Romantic age, is one of my favorite poets.

Then Wordsworth to whom, nature is the best doctor, nurse, teacher, and philosopher, peeped into my mind. Nature can heal our ailing mind.

So I took a decision to enjoy the beauty of Cox’s Bazar, the longest sea beach in the world.  It worked magically.

Saint MartinFlying into the sky

When I stood before the waves of the sea, I felt bliss in my mind. The dances of the waves danced in my mind.

Many tourists were enjoying the moment leaping with the waves. Their joy infected my mind. My mind also leaped up with joy.

In the absence of my mind, I also began to leap with them in the waves.

 Traveling Gives the Opportunity to Create New Friends

I have many friends in my country. But I had no friends out of my country before making my first trip to India.

Ranjana’s Story

Ranjana Saha from India became my first foreign friend when she was traveling to Bangladesh with her family.

It was the month of March or April 2014. Ranjana and her family came to Bangladesh to visit. After visiting Cox’s Bazar, they were coming back to Dhaka by train.

Unfortunately, their train got stuck near my town and my younger brother who was coming from Chittagong was also in the same compartment.

My brother informed me about the Indian family and their desire to stay the night in my town. They needed to book a hotel room.

I booked a hotel room and entertain them a dinner. We talked for some time. They left my town the next day.

The most interesting thing Ranjana phoned me while crossing the border and all the family members talked to me. When I made my first tour in Darjeeling, Ranjana managed my train ticket and came to Howrah station with the ticket and for this she had to make a long journey of 3 hours from her home.

Thus a keen friendship developed between us.

Then I have found more two friends from my Darjeeling tour.

Mreenal’s Story

One is Mreenal Chakraborty. I got on the train for New Jalpaiguri (a train station near Darjeeling). Mreenal was also in the same compartment.

He’s seated beside me. We exchanged greetings with each other.  He and his family were also going for Darjeeling Tour. He managed hotel room booking and car renting for me.

My tour turned into a gorgeous one and it was only for Mreenal.

DarjeelingWith Mreenal just at my right side

Now he is one of my best friends.

Utpal’s Story

Utpal Gosh, the third one. I found him as my friend at the time of my 2nd Darjeeling Tour. My 2nd Darjeeling Tour was with my family.

It was the month of December 2016. And it was again in the train compartment. Six thousand Indian banned Rupees were in my pocket but I lost the exchange opportunity from the bank as a foreigner.

Bewildering me Utpal expanded his kind helping hand to me. He offered me that he had 5000 rupees with him and if I am interested, I can exchange the amount.

I asked him how he would manage it. He told me that he would take the new notes exchanging the banned notes from the bank. I politely rejected his proposal thanking and saying that he had to undergo a tough job for me.

But he smilingly told me that above all, now you are a guest of my country. So it’s my duty to help you with a full heart.

I was astonished by his hospitality. Even he told me that if I trust him, I can handover the rest of the 1000 Rupees to him and he would exchange the notes on the next day from the bank.

I exchanged 5000 Rupees firstly and then without any hesitation I handed over the rest notes. Making me overwhelmed, he appeared at my hotel when I came back from Darjeeling to New Jalpaiguri.

He has become one of my best friends I have ever found.

Traveling Restores Health and Spirits of Ailing Persons

It was December of 2014. I made a tour in Darjeeling, India. We were a team of five members.

One of them was my colleague who regularly took an inhaler because he was suffering from respiratory diseases.

DarjeelingMy colleague who used to take the inhaler

Before going on the tour, he forgot to take the inhaler. Interestingly he didn’t take the inhaler for ten days because of his forgetfulness but he didn’t face any problem with his respiration.

After coming back from tour, he came to his mind and found that he did not take his inhaler with An amazing real story from my life with the healing power of Travelling is stored in the pocket of my experience.

This is the amazing power of Travelling.

When our eyes come into the contact of the gorgeous beauties of nature, the rolling waves of the blue oceans, the proud pinnacles of mountains, the mysterious wilderness of the flower-decked valleys, our hearts swell with ecstasy. Seeing the beauty of nature, our ailing mind leaps up with joy.

That’s why William Wordsworth, a great nature poet of the Romantic age, rightly wrote in his poem “I wandered as a Lonely Cloud”

“The waves beside them danced, but they

Out-did the sparkling waves in glee:

A poet could not but be gay,

In such a jocund company:

I gazed-and gazed-but little thought

What wealth the show to me had brought:”

Thus nature heals our ailing minds and then our minds shed all the narrowness and break its bondage and soar high in quest of the real values of life. Our minds can enjoy heavenly peace.

Traveling Increases Patience

Patience is the best gift earned from Travelling. In the busy world, most people do not have much patience. Travelling teaches us patience which is a great virtue in human life.

Travelling can teach us patience through my personal followings:


It was a day after Eid Day. Suddenly I took a decision to visit Mohamaya, a wonderful lake near Shitakunda, Chittagong with my family.

Without any delay, I hired an Auto-Rickshaw and went to the station. But there was no bus ticket on the counter. With strong determination, I rushed to another station but everything went in vain.

There was no direct bus ticket. Yet I did not lose hope. I hurriedly got into a local bus which is up to Feni, a district town between Comilla and Mohamaya.

But after reaching there, I became overwhelmed by seeing the crowd. There was no way to reach my destination. Moreover, there was a burning heat at noon.

We became exhausted but did not lose hope. I was waiting. It was for more than two hours. Suddenly a passenger bus stopped before me.

In which seats were available for us. We got on the bus and reached Mohamaya at 4 pm.

We enjoyed the magical beauty of Mohamaya Lake. It was the fruit of my patience. Till today it gives me joy whenever those memories peep into my mind.

Most people do not have the skill of waiting patiently. We are always in a great hurry everywhere in this competitive world. When we go to making a tour, a lot of waiting is needed everywhere.

Suppose you will make a tour by Train. The train may be late. Or if you make a tour by bus, it may get stuck in Traffic Jam. Then you have to wait for a long time patiently.

In the very beginning, it may irritate you but finally, patience will triumph your irritation.

Dealing with the people of other languages

My first tour out of my country was in Darjeeling, India. After reaching Darjeeling, I faced a great problem dealing with language.

The people of Darjeeling spoke either in Gorka language( their local language) or in Hindi. But I did not know both languages.

So I had to endure a great deal for communicating with them.

When you will travel to a foreign country, then you also have to deal with people of other languages. The languages may not be known to you.

And even your language may be unknown to him with whom you are trying to communicate.  Then great patience is a must for effective communication with the target person.

Long journey

I started my journey to Darjeeling by train from Bangladesh. To reach Kolkata, it took about fifteen hours. Again I had to make a journey of fifteen hours by train and jeep.

It was the first time for me. Before this, I never made such a long journey. The journey taught me the art of patience though it was very difficult in the beginning.

Like me, you have to go on a long journey for traveling when it is in a distant place. It may be the journey by train, bus, plane, or boat. Then you have to exercise patience.

Taking foods

It was very difficult for me to take food in India especially in Kolkata. Their menu and cooking patterns are completely different from ours.

But gradually I became habituated with Indian foods.

FoodsFoods that were hard to take

I have learned that food is not the same everywhere. Different places different foods. You may not be habituated with foods from the places that have been explored by you.

There is no way but to take the food from those places like me. Otherwise, you have to starve.

Acquainting with different cultures

Like foods, culture is not the same everywhere. Again different places in different cultures.

Suppose hospitality has great importance in your culture but the place where you have gone there may have no importance of hospitality as much as yours. You may be shocked but have to endure it.

 Removes the Monotony and Dullness of Life

Travelling brings a great change in our routine-bound life. This change can go a long way to break the dull routine of everyday life.

When we go on a tour, there comes a radical change in everything.

Enjoying the beauty of nature, eating new foods at a new place, passing time with merrymaking, sleeping without the pressure of daily routine works, meeting new faces, etc. will help you to forget the bustles of daily routine life and remove the monotony and stagnation of life.

Then you may feel like a spirit.

Solang valleyScrawling on snow, Manali

And it had happened in my life. I was bored with my daily job. Everything became lifeless to me.

Then I traveled to some beautiful places like Cox’s Bazar,  Kaptai Lake which is called a heavenly beauty, and Bandarban, a green hill station.

By enjoying these tours, my mind became a spirit. Again I started to get life into everything.

 Traveling Broadens Mind

When I traveled to India for the first time, I met an Indian family on the way to Darjeeling in the compartment of my train.

The family was also going to spend the vacation in Darjeeling. When they came to know that we were from Bangladesh and it was for the first time, they not only helped us but also managed everything for the Darjeeling tour.

I have learned more about hospitality from them.

While visiting a Chakma Family at Rangamati, an attractive tourist place in Bangladesh, I couldn’t but be amazed at the hospitality of that family.

Chakma FamilySmart Chakma Family

So, why you not?

Go for a tour, surround yourself with beauty, new sights, sounds smells, and tastes, and embrace new people and colorful cultures.

Discover new passions and things that are unknown to you. As a result, you will feel kindness and happiness in your mind.

Then you will be able to behave more humanely.

Traveling Removes Prejudices

Mark Twain said ‘travel is fatal to prejudice’— and science has proven him right.

According to Mark Twain, Travelling makes us more tolerant, open-minded persons. It removes our prejudices and makes us appreciate the essential similarities that everyone in the world shares.

I agree with his point of view. Travelling enhances our knowledge. Traveling to diverse places really does broaden the mind and removes prejudices from the mind according to new research published in Social Psychological and Personality Science.

In many experiments, the researchers found that the people who traveled to more places tended to become more trusting.

Expands the Mental Horizon and Makes Creative

Before getting acquainted with Ranjana, Mrinal, and Utpal, I had a negative idea about the Indian citizen.

I always thought that the Indians is not as friendly and hospitable as we. But after visiting India and acquitting with them I was proved wrong.

And another thing I could discover in me that after getting started with traveling, I found myself more creative. Trust me. I did never write a single page in my life.

But after sticking with traveling, now I write regularly on my own travel blog. Also, I sell my writing skills in Fiverr and other market places.

I have written at least 500 articles for my clients and on my own blogs.

Isn’t the result of traveling?


Traveling Sharpens and Quickens the Mind and Enriches Experiences

It is because we have to deal with many new and sudden things like dealing with the foreign language, different cultures, new foods, new places and so on.

At the time of my first Darjeeling Tour, I fell into a tough condition. Our train tickets for Kolkata were confirmed on 26th December 2016.

We were five when we started from Bangladesh. One of my mates did not join for Darjeeling because he stopped in Kolkata because of his treatment.

Though our tickets were confirmed on 26th, we had come back on 25th instant because my mate who was in Kolkata became severely ill.

We hurriedly came back to NJP Railway Station. I talked to the station master about our problem. He advised me to cancel the booked tickets first and then to try for the new ticket for that date.

But he did not give me any confirmation of my tickets. Instantly I had to take the decision of losing the confirmation of the booked tickets for the next day.

However, finally, he managed tickets for me after a long waiting for six hours in the freezing cold. After that event, my confidence soared high and I learned no problem is permanent even the biggest one in the world.

 Opportunity to Learn a New Language, Social and Communication Skills

Before Travelling to India I had no knowledge of Hindi. I had also no knowledge of social and communication skills with a foreigner.

In India, I had to deal with them either in Hindi or in English. This dealing developed my language skills both in Hindi and English. Even my social and communication skills out of my native land had been developed.

While talking with a girl (now I can’t remember her name) in Lolegaow, a beautiful village in Darjeeling, I came to know how to deal and communicate with a foreigner for a long time using Hindi and English for the first time

Traveling Teaches Many Men’s Culture, History, and Background

While visiting India I came to know that the Indians are usually very hospitable even when poor, they go the extra miles to make a visitor feels comfortable.

Women normally adopt a deferential attitude toward men, especially to their husbands and fathers-in-law. All people tend to show deference to religious figures and government officials.

India has a tradition of medical healing, teaching, and research that goes back more than two thousand years. Their medication system is very sophisticated.

Even in Kolkata, it is up to date. I visited a hospital namely NH Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences in Kolkata.

The Medication and systems are really appreciating. I made a consultation with a doctor which brought a great healing result for me.

Click here to know more about the benefits of traveling.

Traveling Teaches Civic Rights and Duties

In India, I noticed that in Every Railway Station, there is access to pure drinking water for the passengers by the government.

It made me feel that as a citizen of a nation, getting access to pure drinking water is my right.

By traveling to different countries or places we can come into contact with different citizens of different countries. In Kolkata, I noticed that people strictly obey the traffic rules.

I was amazed at seeing their sense of duty.

Final Verdict

Now you know all the wonderful benefits of traveling.


So, why don’t you give it a try and enjoy all the amazing benefits of traveling to make your life happier and healthier?

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