My Adventurous Trekking Story to Naw-Kata and Muppochora Falls

I was mesmerized with the ariel view and beauty of Kaptai Lake several times but never been fortune to enjoy the adventurous trekking to Naw-Kata and Muppochora Falls.

But, finally, it did happen in my life on 5th July with Shopna Jatra, a travel group.

Today, I will tell you my adventurous trekking story that is pinned in my memory and I will never forget as it was exciting.

I could join Shopna Jatra being informed by my student Kowshik who was already making a trip with Shopna Jatra.

Trekking through the canal
Trekking through the canal

Why I Declare it My Adventurous Trekking Story?

To know it, you have to go reading my exciting trekking story to the bottom. I am confident, then, you will feel the logic of my declaration and agree with me. So, let’s go reading and enjoying…..

Starting for Kaptai

We were 9 from Comilla could join Shopna Jatra.

The bus was rushing towards Chittagong. Suddenly I could notice the queen moon taking her silvery throne was beckoning me.

How I can miss her sweet call!

No way.

So I couldn’t but join her to lose into the world of fantasy.

Reaching Kaptai

It was the tender morning when we got down from the bus at Kaptai. The golden rays of morning sun welcomed us with her sweet smile.

I was thrilled! I was over the moon!

Everybody was in an adventurous mood as we were going to trek a tough tunnel.

Mamun vhai was insisting to get into the CNG since we need to reach Navy ghat to be boated to reach Bilaichuri where we have to be lodged.

When we were dropped at the mouth of the vast trek of Kaptai Lake, the golden rays of morning sun with the collaboration of blue sky was playing a magic game with playful water of Kaptai Lake.

It was simply mesmerizing to look at. I got stuck! I was puzzled! I was speechless with the beauty of nature!

I think the same was happening to everybody as I could trace a wild feeling in the sphere of everybody’s eyes.

Starting Our Boating to Bilaichuri

Boarding our boat

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Somebody got their sit on the roof of the boat, some got inside the boat. We were a team of 33 where there were 3 couples.

One thing with our team could catch my attention, the participation of three virgin girls who were graduating from National University.

It was amazing to see, especially in our social perspective where the girls are not allowed to go out without escort but here they are traveling independently.

Yes, it is possible if a girl is not enough honest and courageous but if she, nothing can stop her. I salute those girls, even the guardian of them who have trusted them with their permission.

Taking Permission from the Gachkata Army Camp

Through the green wilderness of all around the Kaptai Lake, our boat could stop before the army camp. We had to take the permission to enter the Bilaichari region as the area was a protected one to ensure the security.

Natural Beauty at Gachkata Army Camp
Natural Beauty at Gachkata Army Camp

Reaching Bilaichari

When we reached Bilaichuri ghat, it was already 11 am. But still, we could not take our breakfast.

Getting into our hotel, we could somehow refresh ourselves using only two bathrooms.

Wow! What a co-operation among the group members! Everybody was taking care of each other with a sky of smile. It was amazing!

Enjoying a Palatable Breakfast

In the meantime, Mamun vhai was repeatedly calling for taking breakfast.

Wow! What a palatable breakfast Mamun vhai could manage for us!

I could take two plates of khichuri with egg omelet but my shame could control me to ask for another one, ha..ha..ha..! but in future, I will never miss asking Mamun vhai to get two plates.

Starting Our Trekking

Yet, with a satisfactory smile, I could again board our boat with others to reach the starting point of our trekking Bangalkata.

When we began our trekking, the morning was going to break down to reach noon. But all around there was a holly look as we were surrounded by the green wilderness.

Trekking through the canal and green wilderness
Trekking through the canal and green wilderness

It was nice to see we were trekking through the river, greenfield, or sometimes amid the tribal village.

Before entering into the hilly trek, Mamun vhai stopped us all to announce his instructions and guideline.

What a caring man! It’s great!

Getting his instructions, now we are trekking the toughest tunnel as the route was through a current canal with the jungle of stones.

It was more than horrific as most of the wild stones could hide under the current water.

But the villain stones and the rough path could not stop us from our march on. Especially the female section was wild to break down the all.

As everybody was extremely exhausted, our legs were not permitted to take a single step. Mamun vhai could realize it.

So he declared a break.

Everybody sat down on the flowing water. We took bath. We made fun. We became wild as a spiritual fun factor could infect us.

After having great fun, we resumed our trekking.

Trekking rest being tired
Trekking rest being tired
Trekking though the jungle of stones
Trekking though the jungle of stones

Reaching before the Naw-Kata Fall

Now we can hear a turmoil sound from a hidden place.

Mamun vhai was screaming, can you hear the gushing sound?

It is the falling sound of Naw-Kata Fall. We could make wild shout hurrah!! at last, we are here!

Finally, we could reach before the fall.

Enjoying a Natural Spa

Everybody was making hurry to get him under the mighty fall as if we got mad.

Wow! What a feeling! We got fun! We got a bath! We got a natural spa!

And I became so light as if I were a spirit. Maybe, the same was with everybody I could guess.

Enjoying bath under Now-Kata Fall
Enjoying bath under Now-Kata Fall

We had to bring an end as we were to enjoy another fall ‘Muffchara Fall’.  Everybody was in a jolly mood.

We were trekking but unfortunately, we lost our right path to Muppochora Fall.

Somehow, getting help from a local boy, we could again take our step in the right way.

Reaching before the Muppochara Fall

Now I am standing before the mighty fall ‘Muppoachara Fall’. Oh my almighty! What a big fall! What a beauty of nature!

I got stuck. I got puzzled! I tried to capture every component of the beauty of fall on my camera.

Muppochara Fall
Muppochara Fall

We again rushed under the fall to be blessed. We got a bath. We enjoyed another natural spa, again became wild and lost for a while. Mamun vhai was capturing our wilderness on his camera.

I could take a break.

Mamun vhai was shouting to serve as a snack as we could not take our lunch. We were hungry but failed to feel it as the fun factor could outdo everything.

Getting biscuits and chocolate, we were fueled enough to lose into the world of fun again.

Bringing the End of Our Fun Factor

In the meantime, Mr. Sun was beginning to kneel down to the west.

Since we had to come back before the sunset as we were inside the thick wilderness, Mamun vhai was insisting to bring an end.

And we had to do it though the mind was not permitting.

Visiting a Tribal Village

The next day Evan vhai and I failed to join the trekking to Duppani Fall as we were suffering from knee pain.

Instead, we got out to visit a tribal village.

It was simply awesome to look at the beauty of the village and the lifestyle of the tribal people. All the people seemed to be happy as they were living in the heart of nature.

Yes, nature has the power to make us happy.

Especially it was simply holly to see the playful mood of the blue sky and the white foamy clouds in the horizon from the bridge.

Sky view from the bridge
Sky view from the bridge

We roamed all around the village enjoying their lifestyle, sometimes talking with the village people.

Tribal woman knitting
Tribal woman knitting
With tribal young
With tribal young
With tribal school boys
With tribal school boys

Starting for Back

We came back and in the meantime, the rest also returned from their trekking and enjoyed a palatable dish with the lake fish in the boat.

Ariel view of the setting sun
Ariel view of the setting sun

The sun was going to set down. The golden rays of the setting sun and the black cloud created an ariel view. It was incredible, simply incredible, and holy to look at.

I got stuck and speechless to see the beauty of the western horizon.

Staying in a fantasy world, we could reach the ghat and could bring the end of our trip taking our seat on the bus.

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